Welcome to ASNT - Lewis and Clark Section

The Lewis and Clark Chapter of ASNT serves the Pacific Northwest, and is centered around Portland Oregon. This section was established in XXXX.

ASNT or American Society for Nondestructive Testing, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make the world a safer place. ASNT is committed to helping the NDT/NDE (Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation) community.


What is NDT?

NDT is testing that is performed on items that we use, and our nation relies on every day, from Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, and our Military Defense, to our Critical Energy Infrastructure Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines and Storage facilities, Nuclear and Electric Power Grid, Roadways, Bridges, Hydropower Dams, Buildings, Ships, Submarines, and even Disneyland® rides! We perform different types of non-evasive testing to ensure the safety of many items. Some such methods are X-Ray, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant (Dye Test) just to name a few!

Why is NDT a good career?

NDT, much like welding, is one of the last trade jobs out there. One where you can learn your career as you go and make great money doing it! Many NDT employers will even pay to further your education.

How much does it pay?

Check out www.pqndt.com for the most accurate, and thorough salary surveys for the NDT/NDE community.


Have a look around! You can find information about our upcoming events, membership, and more. Let us know what information you'd like to see posted here for a more informative ASNT Local Chapter Site!