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2021 Engineering Excellence Award Recipient

Ward Rummel 

Ward D. Rummel graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemical Engineering. He continued graduate work in Biophysical Chemistry, with original work in DNA and RNA. He joined The Glenn L. Martin Company in 1972, where he started his career in nondestructive testing. His first NDT paper was published in the Journal of Nondestructive Testing where he applied first principles of science to X-radiography.

Rummel grew as an engineer and is a well-known and recognized NDT engineer. He has lectured and published in ASNT and internationally. He was member of the small BOD committee who developed the ASNT Level III program. He wrote the first Basic and Eddy Current Examinations. He proctored Level III examinations in South Korea, in Taiwan, and India.

Rummel is best known for the development of the Probability of Detection (POD) analysis methods. In developing and applying POD he identified a major gap in NDT discipline and technology, that gap is in NDT Engineering. He has worked to close that gap, including a successful proposal to the ASNT BOD to establish an NDT Engineering Council.