2023 Ward Rummel Engineering Excellence Award Recipient


Shant Kenderian, PhD

Shant Kenderian received a PhD in materials science and engineering from the Johns Hopkins University in 2002. His studies were focused on advanced NDT methods for materials characterization and resulted in two US patents on using a laser-air hybrid ultrasonic technique for railroad inspection applications. He also holds a European patent in this field. In the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, Kenderian joined the NASA Super Problem Resolution Team (SPRT). In 2004, he held a senior engineer position with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and in 2005 he became a Member of the Technical Staff with The Aerospace Corp., where he is currently the Director for the Materials Processing Department. The Aerospace Corp. is tasked to support the US Air Force space program, now the Space Force.

Kenderian served six years on the ASNT Board of Directors and chaired several committees and the Research Council, as well as a number of US and international symposia. He has been the recipient of corporate awards by The Aerospace Corp., Lockheed Martin, and NASA. He was also the recipient of the ASNT Fellowship (2001), Research Award for Innovation (2005), Outstanding Paper (2011, 2020), Fellow (class of 2013), Mentoring Award (2013), Mehl Honor Lecture (2015), and Robert C. McMaster Gold Medal Recognition (2017).