Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year Award

This award was renamed in 1995 to honor Louis R. DiValerio, who remarkably impacted the society in his 23 years of membership with his dedication and willingness to serve. He was a member and past chair of the Connecticut Yankee Section. He was also a Regional Director and was heavily involved in the Sections Operations Council.

The Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year Award acknowledges those ASNT members who are deserving technicians, encouraging their continued participation in the Society.

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Applicants must be current ASNT members and NDT technicians. In general, the individual’s duties and responsibilities should be similar to those described by SNT-TC-1A for NDT Level I, II, and III personnel.  No single definition of a technician will be adequate in all cases. However, some general rules shall apply:

  • Primary job function is to perform ‘hands-on’ inspection and evaluation of various products through the application of one or more NDT methods.
  • Has no supervisory or managerial responsibilities other than ‘on-the-job’ training or guidance as described in SNT-TC-1A. 
  • Has no responsibility for the development of the criteria used for product acceptance.
  • Normally would not hold an educational degree higher than a two-year (associate’s) engineering diploma



Nominations for this award should be made jointly by the technician’s employer and local sponsoring section.  Nominees applying for the award must submit the following:
  • Letter of support from the nominee’s supporting local section, verifying membership and meeting attendance.
  • Letter of support from the nominee’s employer that includes a detailed description of the nominee’s primary job responsibilities. 
  • Photocopies of certificates or awards shall be included with the nomination form if not verified by the employer’s letter

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The Awards and Honors Council selects up to one award per year, using established guidelines and rating categories including; 

  • ASNT membership
  • Service to Local Section
  • ASNT sponsored education program
  • Service to National ASNT
  • Technical Papers
  • Technical meeting presentations
  • Job-related accomplishments
  • Other NDE related certifications
  • Continuing education units in related subjects
  • Endorsements from Employer and Local Section

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For any questions regarding the award process or timeline, please contact ASNT’s Program Specialist at awards@asnt.org.