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Certification Management Council

The Certification Management Council (CMC) is responsible for managing and overseeing implementation of all ASNT certification programs, and has sole responsibility for the determination of certification outcomes in those programs. The CMC is made up of ASNT NDT Level III volunteers from industry that serve as subject-matter experts in the development and maintenance of the content of all NDT certification examinations.

Certification Management Council Members

(elected chair and vice-chair, Ex Officio secretary without vote)

John Kinsey, Chair
Donald Didion, III, Secretary
Martin Anderson, Division Chair
Robert Feole, Division Chair
Joseph Mackin, Division Chair

Full Members

Mohammed AbuFour
Edward Briggs
KSR Chandra Murthy
James Churchwell
L Terry Clausing
Gary Elder
Robert Henchar
Danny Keck
Prakash Pahilajani
Timothy Roach
David Vigne

Associate Members

Motlaq Al Motairy
Lance Armistead
John Z Chen
Bahman Chobak
Uchenna Duaka
Sebastian Fernandes
Mirmajid Ghaemi
Lawrence Gill
Markus Hagen
Morteza Jafari
Marcus Keiser
Akin Koksal
Brian Laite
Walter Matulewicz
Jerome Mehal
Thomas Mullen
Adalberto Ruiz
Hussein Sadek
Rosemarie Sanders
Jay Schraan
Michael Sens
Ronald Smith, Jr
Kenneth Starry
Robert Woodward

Certification Management Council Divisions

ACCP Examination Division - Kurt Steinhagen, Chair
NDT Level II Examination Division - David Bajula, Chair
Predictive Maintenance Division - Kenneth Starry, Chair