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Choose NDT Video

The first step to an exciting and rewarding NDT career starts here. Watch Choose NDT created by ASNT to introduce people to the nondestructive profession. See it now by pressing the Play button above, or download it.

Choose NDT is an invitation to people exploring careers to learn about nondestructive testing (NDT) and the variety of jobs available in this dynamic field.

What is NDT?

For those who are not familiar with NDT, we’ve provided information intended to provide a basic description of NDT and the most common methods and techniques used when performing NDT.

NDT Pathways

Discover Potential NDT Careers

Deciding on your career path or advancing your career can be overwhelming. With the insight into skills and competencies a career in NDT require, you can make an educated decision as to what NDT career path you want to follow.

Advance in your NDT career

ASNT Certification

For nearly half a century, ASNT certification has been the standard for the nondestructive testing industry. For employers, ASNT certification is an impartial validation of the competence of NDT personnel in the field.

There are four ASNT certification programs currently available: ASNT NDT Level III, ASNT Central Certification Program (ACCP), ASNT NDT Level II, and Industrial Radiography and Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP).

This video was produced by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. ASNT is a great place to learn more about NDT and to find information about entering the nondestructive testing profession. See what the training, educational and certification requirements are and where to find those programs and resources to start an NDT career.

For people who are interested in high tech, hands on careers where what they do really makes a difference, invite them to take the first step by watching this presentation. It could be the first step to helping them choose the career that is right for them, NDT.

The nondestructive testing profession offers:

  • Unlimited potential for growth and advancement
  • Rapidly growing demand for technicians, engineers, researchers and managers
  • A variety of education and training resources
  • Rewarding work that is critical to public safety
  • The opportunity to work in high tech dynamic environment

There is a career that impacts the world every day. Want to make the world a safer place? Choose a career in NDT.