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Internet Resources for Nondestructive Testing

The following are information resources available on the Internet. We've divided them into sources that are directly related to NDT, and more general sources that may be useful to NDT practitioners.

NDT Information Sources

PQNDT, Inc.: publishes NDT salary data and invites participation in the data collection

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance and Inspection: an FAA site

NDT Resource Center (Iowa State CNDE)

Nondestructive Evaluation at the Southwest Research Institute

Pressure Equipment Directive: the European pressure vessel standard

Radiography in Modern Industry: full text of the classic reference

U.S. Army Repair, Evaluation, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation Research Program

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration NDE Validation Center

Ressuage Magnetoscopie: liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing topics (in English and French)

General Information Sources

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Code of Federal Regulations: includes Title 10 regulations guiding radioactive materials

Energy Citations Database: at the Department of Energy, database of citations to articles in energy science journals, includes many NDT-related articles

Exploring Materials Engineering: at San Jose State University

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

MatWeb: materials information database

NSSN: a database for locating standards by title or document number

Periodic Table of the Elements: at the Los Alamos National Laboratory

Scirus: science-specific Web search engine

US Government Printing Office: includes links to many online government resources

US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Databases: records of all past US patents are available