ASNT Policy

Policy G-35 A

Issued: 17 Oct 1998

Revised: 18 Jan 2019

Writing and Approving Standards, Recommended Practices and Codes

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to promote the writing and development of nondestructive testing standards, recommended practices, and codes, that are the essential elements in the application of nondestructive testing.

2.0 Scope

This policy establishes the criteria for which nondestructive testing standards, recommended practices and codes shall be written and revised and not impact other standard writing code bodies as aforementioned in this policy.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Policy J-05.18 Standards Development Policy

3.2 ASNT Position Paper 07

4.0 Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the ASNT Board of Directors to insure that proposed written, revised, or modified standards, practices, and codes complete the consensus process by the board.

5.0 Procedure

5.1 Standards and Recommended Practices

ASNT, through its Councils and Committees, will develop and approve Standards and Recommended Practices related to Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. When such documents are considered for National or International Standards, they shall be presented by the council or committee to the ASNT Board of Directors for approval. When approved by the ASNT Board of Directors, that council or committee shall be charged with developing that standard in accordance with an approved ANSI consensus process

5.2 NDT Standards and Recommended Practices

NDT Methods Standards and Recommended Practices are developed and approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Except as provided for in Sections 1 and 4, ASNT shall not develop such documents for publication. Where ASNT Councils and Committees identify the need for additional NDT Standard Practices, Test Methods, and Guides, they shall request such activity to be undertaken by ASTM. Should ASTM decide not to undertake the activity, ASNT Councils and Committees may, with ASNT Board of Directors approval, undertake the development of such documents.

5.3 NDT Codes and Evaluation Criteria

The American Society of Mechanical Engineering, The American Welding Society, the Federal Government, and others issue codes which involve the use of nondestructive testing. It is the position of ASNT that writing, approving and issuing of such codes does not fall under the scope of ASNT activities. However, with ASNT Board of Directors approval, Recommended Evaluation Criteria to be used with a recognized NDT Method Standard or Code may be developed and published by ASNT where ASNT Councils and Committees feel there is a need for such documents.