ASNT Policy

Policy G-06 D

Issued: 31 Jul 1992

Revised: 16 Jan 2020

Publication Policy

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to Society officers, Councils, Committees, other groups, and International Service Center staff, regarding publications activities.

2.0 Scope

The policy defines publications goals, identifies publications types, and lists the responsibilities of those involved in the Society’s publications activities.

3.0 Publication Goals

The publications of the Society serve as a means of communication between the Society members and other interested members of the technical community. These publications should, as a minimum, satisfy needs for the dissemination of technical, educational, and Society business. Included among the types of content that should be published are the following:

3.1 Technical papers

3.2 Announcements of technical meetings and educational courses

3.3 News of particular interest to members including local, national and international news, and general interest feature content

3.4 Reviews of books and papers

3.5 Educational materials

3.6 Business and financial reports as required in the Bylaws

3.7 Research papers

3.8 Conference, symposium, and topical materials

3.9 Honors lectures

Specific items not listed, as typical types of materials, which should be published, are not excluded from publication. Additional items that satisfy publication goals may be added.

4.0 Publication Media

The present publications of the Society include the following:

4.1 A monthly journal, Materials Evaluation

4.2 A quarterly journal, Research in Nondestructive Evaluation

4.3 A quarterly newsletter, The NDT Technician

4.4 A bi-annual product guide, NDTMarketplace

4.5 Nondestructive Testing Handbook Series

4.6 Educational materials

4.7 Personnel training and qualification publications .and standards documents

4.8 Personnel qualification documents, procedures, and testing material

4.9 Paper summaries and extended abstracts

4.10 Society promotional and sales materials including brochures, calls for papers, and conference and membership information


4.12 Electronic media

Copies of commercial company newsletters, correspondence or any other non-ASNT material which could be perceived as an endorsement of that company, its products and/or services, and any statements which reflect a bias toward a specific company or product, shall not be published by ASNT.

Additional publication media may be considered at any time.

5.0 Responsibility for Publications

5.1 Assembly, production, and distribution of Society publications shall be supervised by the Executive Director.

5.2 The various committees through the Publications Division of the Technical and Education Council along with ISC staff supervise the publication of Materials Evaluation and NDTMarketplace, The NDT Technician, The Nondestructive Testing Handbook series, personnel training and qualification publications and standards documents and all educational materials as specified in the Technical Publication Division Procedures document and as administered by the Technical and Education Council. This includes assisting in identifying publications needed, the development of writing outlines, and completing peer reviews to determine the acceptability of technical material for publication.

5.3 The Research Council, through the Executive Director, supervises the production of Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, as specified in the Research Council Rules of Conduct. An outside Editor-in-Chief utilizes a peer review system to determine the acceptability of material submitted for publication.

5.4 The ASNT Board of Directors will consider additional publications as needs for these are demonstrated