ASNT Policy

Policy J-05.22 A

Issued: 31 Jul 2021

Revised: 13 Jul 2023

Advocacy Committee

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the responsibilities of the Advocacy Committee.

2.0 Scope

The Advocacy Committee shall advocate for the Society’s purposes as stated in the ASNT Articles of Incorporation, the ASNT Bylaws, and policies. Advocacy is the process of supporting and promoting the interests of the nondestructive testing profession and industry through public relations and government affairs.

3.0 Reference

3.1 ASNT Articles of Incorporation

3.2 ASNT Bylaws

3.3 Policy G-43 Committees of the Board

4.0 Responsibilities

4.1 The Committee’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

4.1.1 Supporting and promoting the interests of the nondestructive testing field and industry.

4.1.2 Promoting and advancing scientific findings and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing.

4.1.3 Promoting the importance of nondestructive testing to the general public, industries, education institutions, governments, and other organizations.

4.1.4 Cooperating with other organizations toward common purposes. 

4.2 In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Committee shall:

4.2.1 Work with the Board, committees, councils, advisors, and staff to develop and implement effective advocacy strategies and plans.

4.2.2 Monitor world events to identify opportunities for increasing awareness of nondestructive testing and to determine appropriate response actions.

4.2.3 Monitor and evaluate government policies and industry codes which impact the nondestructive testing field and develop positions and action plans which represent the interests of the nondestructive testing field.

4.2.4 Collaborate with other organizations to increase awareness of nondestructive testing.

4.2.5 Recommend advocacy policies to the Board of Directors.

4.2.6 Maintain and ensure compliance with all advocacy policies.

4.2.7 Ensure the Society’s lobbying activities, if any, do not exceed IRS

5.0 Chair and Membership

Appointments shall be made in accordance with Policy G-43 Committees of the Board.

6.0 Reporting Requirements

The minutes of each Advocacy Committee meeting shall be provided to the Board of Directors within fifteen (15) days following each meeting.