ASNT Policy

Policy G-11 A

Issued: 18 Jul 1991

Revised: 19 Jul 1991

Employment Recruitment Practices at National Sanctioned ASNT Meetings

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide an avenue whereby conference attendees may post resumes and employment opportunities at Society national conferences. No other type of employment recruitment practice is allowed or may be openly displayed in any Society controlled exhibit during a national meeting.

2.0 Scope

The policy applies to members and non-members alike.

3.0 General

The Society does not act as an employment service. The Society operates and maintains a confidential employment service in Materials Evaluation for members seeking employment opportunities and also provides an opportunity for employers seeking employees.

This policy does not affect personal conversations of a private nature regarding employment opportunities or use facilities outside the control of the Society.

4.0 Policy

4.1 Employment Opportunities Board - An Employment Opportunities Board may be placed in the registration area. Only this board shall be used by conference attendees to post potential job openings.

4.2 Resume Board – A Resume Board may be placed in the registration area. Only this board shall be used by conference attendees to post resumes.

5.0 Responsibility

5.1 Set-up – The Conference Department shall ensure that an Employment Opportunities Board and Resume Boards be placed in the registration area or other suitable area at each national conference, if required.

5.2 Format – The Conference Department shall provide a standard format to be used in posting employment opportunities and resumes.

5.3 Maintenance - The Conference Department shall maintain the Employment Opportunities and Resume Boards to ensure that all posting have complied with an established format and each posting has been done in a professional manner so as not to detract from surrounding Society activities.

5.4 Comments – The Section Operations Council will be the group responsible for receiving comments from membership on the value of this service and reporting this information.

6.0 Exception

Exception to this policy is accomplished by the ASNT Board of Directors.