ASNT Policy

Policy F-09

Issued: 20 Mar 2009

Policy on the Process for Determining Compensation

1.0 Purpose

This Policy establishes the process for determining the compensation of the Executive Director.

2.0 Scope

This Policy applies to the ASNT Executive Committee determining appropriate compensation for the Executive Director.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Policy J-04.06, Executive Director

3.2 ASNT Policy J-05.01, Executive Committee

3.3 Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 4958

4.0 Procedure

The process includes all of these elements: (1) review and approval by the ASNT Executive Committee; (2) use of data as to comparable compensation; and (3) contemporaneous documentation and recordkeeping.

4.1 Review and approval

The compensation of the Executive Director is reviewed and approved by ASNT Executive Committee, provided that persons with conflicts of interest with respect to the compensation arrangement at issue are not involved in this review and approval.

4.2 Use of data as to comparable compensation

The compensation of the person is reviewed and approved using data as to comparable compensation for similarly qualified persons in functionally comparable positions at similarly situated organizations.

4.2.1 Compensation and benefits will be assessed based on comparison to associations having the following similar attributes to ASNT:

a. Membership type (professional association)

b. Budget size

c. Staff size

d. Geographical scope

e. Geographical location

4.3 Establishment of compensation adjustment

ASNT Executive Committee will make its determination of the compensation offer to the Executive Director based on the totality of information gathered in the performance evaluation and compensation review process. That is, it will consider the Executive Director’s performance review and comparable compensation data as applied by the ASNT Executive Committee in reaching a conclusion about compensation. Any compensation adjustment shall be consistent with the Executive Director’s employment contract.

4.4 Contemporaneous* documentation and recordkeeping

4.4.1 ASNT Executive Committee shall submit documentation of deliberations and decisions regarding the compensation arrangement to the Senior Manager of Finance and accounting for record keeping purposes.

* Contemporaneous – Originating, existing, or happening during the same period.