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ASNT Policy

Policy J-05.03 E

Issued: 14 Nov 2008

Revised: 14 Nov 2008

Governance Committee

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the Governance Committee’s purpose and responsibilities, the rules governing its operations, and the committee’s composition including membership qualifications.

2.0 Scope

This policy covers the responsibilities and membership of the Governance committee in the formulation and drafting of revisions and amendments to the ASNT Bylaws and Board policies.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Bylaws

3.2 ASNT Policy G-28, Board Policy Guidelines

4.0 Responsibilities

4.1 Primary Responsibilities

4.1.1 Periodically review the ASNT Bylaws and assess its effectiveness.

4.1.2 Develop proposed revisions to ASNT Bylaws for submission to the Board.

4.1.3 Conduct reviews of Board policies and develop proposed revisions when appropriate.

5.0 Chair and Membership

The ASNT Secretary/Treasurer shall be a member. Six other members shall be appointed, two each year, for three-year terms. The majority of the members shall have at least one-year experience as a National Director, the remaining members shall have prior experience as a Council Officer, and/or Standing Board Committee leadership experience. The Governance Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Board from the appointed six (6) committee members. The ASNT Executive Director shall be a voting member and serve as Recording Secretary.

6.0 Reporting Requirements

A written report of committee activities shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.