ASNT Policy

Policy J-04.04 F

Issued: 01 Jul 1983

Revised: 01 Jul 2022

ASNT Secretary

1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to the Secretary.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Bylaws

3.2 Policy J-05.01 Executive Committee

3.3 Policy F-12 Risk Management

4.0 Eligibility and Appointment

4.1 To be eligible to serve as Secretary, the appointee shall be a staff or volunteer member of the Society who has the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

4.1.1 Awareness and understanding of the ASNT mission, and its members and stakeholders.

4.1.2 Expertise in non-profit governance and administration practices, including but not limited to parliamentary procedures contained in Robert’s Rules of Order and Board and Committee operations.

4.1.3 Knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations, and specifically to document and record management.

4.1.4 Outstanding communication, relationship management, and organization skills.

4.2 The Chair shall nominate and the Board of Directors shall appoint the Secretary at any time and for such duration as the Board determines.

5.0 Duties

5.1 Ensures compliance with all laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to document and records management.

5.2 Ensures there are effective systems and controls for creation, retention, and disposal of records, including but not limited to records pertaining to governance and management of the Society.

5.3 Ensures the Society’s annual elections and member ballots are conducted in accordance with ASNT policy.

5.4 Ensures meeting notice requirements as required by law or policy are issued in a timely manner.

5.5 Serves as recording secretary for the Society. Coordinates the preparation and distribution of meeting agendas and minutes for the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and other meetings as assigned. Records attendance and ensures a quorum is present.

5.6 Manages the general communications of the Board of Directors and Board Committees.

5.7 Maintains a list of Board and Committee charges and provides reports as requested by officers, directors, committee members, and staff.

5.8 Ensures the ASNT Policy Manual is maintained in a timely and accurate manner. Coordinates proposed policies with appropriate committees, councils, staff, or other individuals and ensures policies do not conflict with the ASNT Bylaws and policies before submission to the Board of Directors for consideration. Updates the ASNT Policy Manual no later than 15 days following Board of Directors approval of policies.

5.9 Ensures an information system is maintained for governance purposes which provides secure and effective communication, document sharing, and document archives for the Board and committees.

5.10 With the Treasurer, ensures there is an effective risk management program.

6.0 Committee Membership

The Secretary shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee, and other committees as assigned by the Board of Directors. If the Secretary is not a Director, they shall serve as a non-voting member of these committees.

7.0 Reporting Requirements

The Secretary shall report as follows:

7.1 Draft minutes for meetings of the Board of Directors shall be distributed to the Officers and Directors within 15 days of meetings.

7.2 Reports of Board of Director and Committee charges shall be provided as requested by Officers, Directors at large, Committee members, and staff.