ASNT Policy

Policy G-18 B

Issued: 02 Aug 2007

Revised: 02 May 2017

ASNT Spokesperson Policy

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to enjoin ASNT officials, who are fully responsible for the actions of the membership when acting under "apparent authority", to observe the policy.

2.0 Scope

This policy impacts those who have been authorized to speak on behalf of the Society in accordance with ASNT Bylaws, Policies, Procedures, Rules of Conduct and Job Descriptions. It also impacts those not in a position to speak for or act on behalf of the Society. It also requires conformity with established procedures concerning the development of standards.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Bylaws

3.2 ASNT Policy G 14 Use of ASNT Name and ASNT Marks

3.3 Section Leadership Manual

3.4 The legal doctrine "apparent authority" which holds a nonprofit organization fully responsible for the actions of its members when acting under "apparent authority.”

4.0 Definitions

4.1 “Apparent authority” means that a principal, such as an employer, can be held liable for the wrongdoing of an agent, such as an employee, when the employee is acting in the ordinary course of employment and “appears” to be authorized by the employer.”

5.0 Policy

5.1 It is the policy of the Society that:

5.1.1 Only those persons who have been authorized to speak for, or act on behalf of, The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc., in accordance with ASNT Bylaws, Job Descriptions, Policies, Procedures and Rules of Conduct may so speak or act and shall so speak or act only with respect to those matters on which they have been authorized to speak or act.

5.1.2 No individual shall represent or hold himself/herself out to any other person as possessing or exercising authority on behalf of the Society without express or implicit authorization.

5.1.3 No person shall have the authority to bind the Society either orally or in writing, without the prior, written, approval of the Board of Directors.

5.1.4 In the case of establishing and/or interpreting Society Standards, the Society shall conform to its established procedures as approved by the Board of Directors.

6.0 Procedures

6.1 In keeping with the above policy, the Board of Directors requests a disclaimer statement be made by ASNT, members to include committees and Sections when speaking or writing to individuals or groups, to prevent any chance of statements being mistaken or representing those of the Society.

6.2 A recommended disclaimer for such purposes is, "The opinions and statements I express are my own and do not represent those of The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc."