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John Iman

John T. Iman is the 2022–2023 Chairperson of the ASNT Board of Directors. Iman previously as a director on the ASNT Board for a three-term ending in 2015. He also served as vice chair of the Technical and Education Council from 2017 through 2019. In addition, he has held various capacities within the Greater Houston Section of ASNT. He is an ASNT Fellow (class of 2015). 

Iman faithfully serves and is a champion for the NDT industry. He is the former chair of NDTMA and has served on various API committees. He is a member of AWS and a former committeeman of PRCI. He remains very active within the Greater Houston Section of ASNT, previously serving as board chair and president. In addition, Iman has been active in the international ambassadorship for ASNT as well as the NDT industry for the past decade. 

Iman resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife Dana and his dog, and enjoys volunteering, family, traveling, competitive tennis, recreational golf, and mentoring professionalism within our industry. He is experienced in both services and sales of multidisciplinary technologies including X-ray, UT, PMI, RVI, and a host of other emerging technologies. 

John Iman