Joshua de Monbrun

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ASNT Membership

Member since 2015


  • ASNT: NDT Level III – ET, MT, PT, RT, UT, VT
  • American Welding Society: CWI
  • Chartered Engineer – Engineering Council
  • API 570 – Pipeline Inspector 
  • DCBC Surface Supplied Supervisor  
  • DCBC Air Diver  
  • NACE Coating Inspector
  • EMI ICS-200 / NIMS 700

Joshua de Monbrun, CEng, has been a member of ASNT since 2015. He holds multiple certifications, including ASNT NDT Level III in ET, MT, PT, RT, UT, and VT, as well as AWS CWI. De Monbrun is also a Chartered Engineer, an API 570 Pipeline Inspector, a DCBC Surface Supplied Supervisor, a DCBC Air Diver, a NACE Coating Inspector, and has completed EMI ICS-200/NIMS 700 training.

De Monbrun’s educational background includes a bachelor of science degree in engineering (nondestructive testing) from the University of Northampton. His professional experience is extensive, having spent 10 years with MISTRAS Group Inc. in various roles, from commercial diver to project manager. He has served as technical authority since 2021. His military service includes time as a nondestructive inspection specialist (SRA) in the US Air Force and as an aviator (W01) in the US Army.


Within ASNT, de Monbrun has served as chair of the Underwater NDT Committee and co-technical editor of the upcoming NDT Handbook on Ultrasonic Testing, as well as a member of the Technical & Education Council, Engineering Council, and Certification Management Council. His involvement in other industry organizations includes serving on the AWS B2 and D3.6 Committees and the ASME BPV Code Working Group.


De Monbrun’s career in NDT spans over two decades. His professional journey has provided him with a deep appreciation for the integration of new technologies into traditional sectors. With the accelerating pace of digitalization, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, he is a staunch advocate for embracing innovation to keep ASNT at the cutting edge of the industry. He is passionate about bridging the gap between traditional methodologies and modern advancements, ensuring that ASNT remains a leader in NDT.


In his pursuit of this vision, in his role on the Board of Directors de Monbrun aims to promote the incorporation of emerging technologies into ASNT’s practices and standards, believing that the inclusion of younger, tech-savvy professionals is vital for a dynamic and progressive approach. He is dedicated to attracting a new generation to the field of NDT by highlighting the exciting opportunities for innovation and problem solving.