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Standing Board Committees consist of active members selected by the Board of Directors to lead specific initiatives for the Society. Members that have demonstrated involvement and dedication to ASNT are selected based on their expertise. To take the first step at joining a standing committee, get involved in one of our volunteer-based councils.


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Advocacy Committee

Supports and promotes the interests of the nondestructive testing profession and industry.

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Audit Committee

Serves as a liaison with the external auditors, management, and the Board of Directors, and oversees the financial and reporting process and results.

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Business and Finance Committee

Recommends policies for the investment of funds, reviews budgets, and advises the Board on new initiatives or business plans.

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Ethics Oversight Committee

Enforces the ASNT Code of Ethics with Society members and individuals engaged in Society activities.

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Leadership Development Committee

Ensures the Society has an effective Board of Directors to govern ASNT and to plan for current and future needs.

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Operations Committee

Oversees Councils to ensure implementation of Board-approved programs and communicate guidance, progress, and concerns between the Board and the Councils.

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Strategic Management Committee

Leads and coordinates the strategic planning process and implementation, evaluating progress to ensure success and recommend corrective actions when necessary.