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ASNT Strategic Plan: Goal 3

Develop and integrate a pathway for meaningful volunteer engagement and for members to become leaders in ASNT.

1. Engage, manage, and group our volunteer resources to grow and facilitate participation.

Increase volunteer satisfaction.
Provide volunteers with written roles and responsibilities as well as resources, training, and other support.
Incentivize, acknowledge, and show appreciation for volunteers with letters of support, certification points, participation certificates, and so on.
Expand ways in which NDT members and nonmembers can communicate, learn, research, and collaborate across industries, professions, and skill levels.
Create social networking opportunities for members and volunteers.
Create a first-time conference attendee program where first-time conference attendees are recognized and paired with experienced members to help answer questions about the conference, offer guidance in organizing their visit, and create an enriching and lasting experience.

2. Evaluate ASNT Council and Committee structure for effectiveness.

Board of Directors
Operations Committee
  1. Certification Management Council (CMC)
  2. Research Council (RC)
  3. Section Operations Council (SOC)
  4. Technical & Education Council (T&E)

3. Develop a pathway for Society leaders to promote involvement in national, Board, and officer positions.

Expand travel support, establish reporting mechanisms, and develop a schedule of section meetings and list of active sections.
Engage sections in conference events with a welcome at keynote, hosted reception, specific giveaways, and other benefits and opportunities.
Develop a recognition and rewards program for sections that successfully submit a section member for consideration for a Board position.

As an organization, the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) is committed to carrying out its mission to create a safer world by advancing scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing.

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