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Common NDT Terms

NDT Methods:

  • AE: Acoustic Emission Testing
  • ET: Electromagnetic Testing
  • DR: Digital Radiography
  • GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar
  • GW: Guided Wave Testing
  • IR: Infrared/Thermal Testing
  • LM: Laser Testing
  • LT: Leak Testing
  • MFL: Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing
  • MT: Magnetic Particle Testing
  • MW: Microwave Technology Testing
  • NR: Neutron Radiographic Testing
  • PT: Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • RT: Radiographic Testing
  • UT: Ultrasonic Testing
  • VA: Vibration Analysis
  • VT: Visual Testing

BOD: Board of Directors

CEU: Continuing Education Unit

ME: Materials Evaluation

NDE: nondestructive evaluation; nondestructive examination

NDI: nondestructive inspection

NDT: nondestructive testing

PdM: predictive maintenance

POD: probability of detection

R&D: research and development

RNDE: Research in Nondestructive Evaluation

ROC: Rules of Conduct

STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math

TNT: The NDT Technician

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