Practitioner Profile

Marc Hunter

Marc Hunter is a recent ASNT member who decided to start over in a new career field after 10 years as a math teacher and 17 years working in the IT industry. He is achieving goals in his budding career in NDT with the help of his mentor and support from his local ASNT section.

In August 2017 Marc left his job because of the level of stress was causing him to have weekly migraines. With his wife’s support, Marc had his heart set on becoming a welder. It was then that his father, a master welder, suggested NDT. In January 2018 he started the NDT program at Lone Star College.

He is currently a Level II Fluorescent Penetrant Inspector and works for a major aerospace manufacturer in Texas. He inspects aircraft components for surface cracks and discontinuities using a water washable liquid penetrant method.