Eligibility Instructions for Granting CEUs for NDT Courses

ASNT Policy on Granting CEUs

ASNT will grant organizations and individuals the ability to issue ASNT CEUs for any NDT-related course which meets the criteria listed below. A new request must be made each time a course is offered.

Course Criteria

The following criteria must be established by the course provider and must be reviewed and approved by the Accounting Department of ASNT before CEU can be given. ASNT does not accredit, audit, or approve the content of any NDT training program. Authorization to award CEU indicates that the course meets the minimum requirements established by ASNT. The items below address specific criteria for CEU.
  1. Intended Audience
    The target audience for the course must be clearly defined.
  2. Learning Outcomes
    What the learner will gain from this educational experience and how the need for these learning outcomes was assessed must be defined.
  3. Instructor
    The qualifications of the instructor who will actually teach the course must be decribed, specific to the course material.
  4. Content and Methods
    An outline of course content describing the subject matter that will be covered must be supplied, including instructional methods that will involve the student in the learning process.
  5. Demonstration of Learning
    Specific attendance and performance requirements for course participants and how they will demonstrate that they have attained the learning outcomes must be described.
  6. Satisfactory Completion Requirements for CEU
    Based on intended learning outcomes of the course, requirements for student performance level must be established prior to the beginning of the course.
  7. Facilities
    The proposed facility must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and have a good learning physical environment (e.g., lighting, sound, seating, etc.).
  8. Intellectual Property and Financial Interest Disclosure
    Any financial interest the instructor or organization holds in technologies or techniques that will be part of this course must be disclosed. Participants must be notified prior to the course about this financial interest.

CEU Specifics

One continuing education unit is awarded for each 10 contact hours of instruction. A contact hour is one clock hour of interaction between a learner and an instructor, or between a learner and materials that have been prepared to cause learning. Contact implies a connection between a learner and a learning source. For purposes of the CEU, that connection is two-way; that is, the instructor or learning source must monitor the learner's progress and/or provide some sort or feedback to the learner. CEUs will not be awarded for activities that do not include learning. Such activities include breaks, meals, socials, introductions, or meetings. Study time is not counted unless the instructor monitors it and the student receives feedback.

CEU Request Form (pdf)

To grant ASNT CEUs at your course, download this application and forward it to ASNT with payment. ASNT must receive your application at least three weeks prior to the course dates. No approval will be given after the course has been given. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.