Display Rules and Regulations

Display rules and regulations have been with us since expositions began. Each of us recognize the need for certain limitations; but many have never taken the time to understand the intent of such rules, why the rules were written, what the rules are expected to accomplish and most importantly, how you as an exhibitor can use them effectively.

The tenet on which all show management is based can be summed up as follows:

“All exhibitors are equal regardless of size and should be given an equal opportunity, within reason, to present their product in the most effective manner to the audience.”

Show Management must establish rules or guidelines to make this possible while allowing the greatest flexibility within each exhibit. Remember that you are our customers. We want you to be successful.

The exhibitor’s responsibility can be surmised quite simply as:

“Be a good neighbor.”

With these thoughts in mind, please review the rules and regulations outlined in the following pages. There are sections which explain the actual rules or guidelines, followed by a section explaining the intent of said rules and guidelines. By recognizing the importance of the intent of the guidelines, you can be reasonably sure that you will always be “a good neighbor.”

Display rules and regulations are a part of ASNT’s Rules Governing Expositions.

Rules & Regulations Governing Expositions

Addendum to ASNT Quality Testing Show Exhibit Space Application and Contract

All Exhibits and Exhibitors are subject to the following Rules Governing Exposition. The word “Society” used herein refers to the Exposition Management and to ASNT, acting through its officers, directors, committees, agents or employees in the management of the exposition.

  1. Regulations: Rulings of the Society shall in all instances be final with regard to use of any exhibit space. Exhibitors will comply with all federal, state and local laws as well as the rules and regulations of the venue hosting the event. ASNT reserves the right to determine eligibility of and final placement of exhibitors.
  2. Labor: Union labor rules and regulations are made by the local unions. Therefore, these rules may be changed at any time. If union labor is required, Exhibitor agrees to comply with the established regulations. Exhibitor shall employ only accredited labor personnel for all work other than property handled by their own personnel. Labor required for move-in, installation, dismantling and move-out must be ordered through the proper service contractor. Advance work order forms are found in the ASNT Exhibitors Service Manual (Quality Testing Show.)
  3. Installation, Showing and Dismantling of Exhibits: Hours and dates for installation, showing and dismantling shall be specified by the Society. Exhibitor shall be liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from failure to remove exhibit material from the Exposition before conclusion of the dismantling period as specified by the Society. All exhibitors are required to maintain their exhibit during the exhibit hours. Exhibitors must utilize the associations’ provider to handle drayage and are responsible for all costs of shipping, cartage, carpeting and handling.
  4. Fire, Safety and Health: Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with local, city and state ordinances and regulations covering fire, safety and health. All exhibit equipment and materials should be reasonably located within the booth and protected by safety guards when necessary. Only fireproof materials must be used for decorative purposes. All exhibit, display or demonstration installations must meet the requirements of all regulations and inspections by the local Fire Department or any other regulatory departments required by the equipment displayed. Such permits or approvals from regulatory departments are required to be submitted to the Society prior to opening of the show. All requests involving hazardous/radioactive materials must be submitted in writing to the ASNT Technical Services department for review prior to the show.
  5. Film, Sound Devices, Lighting and Signs: If video pictures are used, Exhibitor agrees to comply with union requirements for the operation of the equipment. Sound movies will be permitted if tuned to conversational level and if not objectionable to neighboring exhibitors. If loudspeakers of sound devices are used, they should be tuned to conversational level and must not be objectionable to neighboring exhibitors. The Society reserves the right to restrict the use of glaring lights or objectionable lighting. The exhibitor is solely responsible for obtaining any licenses that may be required to broadcast, perform or display any copyrighted materials.
  6. Fumes and Odors: Operating equipment that emits excessive noise, vibration or fumes must be run intermittently for specific demonstrations only. The Society requests that such demonstrations are limited to five minutes each half-hour and further requests that the Exhibitor provides a sign stating when the next demonstration is scheduled to begin. Exhibits producing objectionable fumes and odors will not be allowed. This rule is enforced in consideration of neighboring exhibitors.
  7. Sales: IRS Regulations permit sales on the exhibit floor by 501 (c) 3 corporations. Exhibitors are required to furnish buyers with bills of sale or security passes from service contractor for equipment sold from the floor; else Security will not permit exit from the show.
  8. Decoration: The Society shall have full discretion and authority in the placing, arrangement, and appearance of items displayed by the Exhibitor, and may require the replacing, rearrangement or redecorating of any item or any booth and no liability shall attach to the Society for any costs that may devolve upon Exhibitor thereby. Exhibitor promotional signs are prohibited on all public premises within the exhibit facility and the host hotel. Exhibitors who build special background or side dividers must make certain that the surfaces of such dividers are finished in such a manner as not to be unsightly to exhibitors in adjoining booths. If such surfaces remain unfinished, the Society may, at its discretion, authorize the official decorator to effect the necessary finishing and Exhibitor must pay all charges incurred.
  9. Eligible Exhibits: The Society has sole right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the Exposition.
  10. Exhibitor’s Admittance during Non-Show Hours: Booth representatives will not be permitted to enter the Exposition earlier than two hours before the scheduled opening time each day of showing, and will not be permitted to remain in the Exposition after the closing hour each night, with the exception of the final night. Exhibitors having special problems that require additional time should check at the Society’s Show office in advance.
  11. Floor Load: Under no circumstances may the weight of any equipment or exhibit material exceed the Exposition facility’s maximum floor load. Exhibitor accepts full and sole responsibility for any injury or damage to property of person resulting from failure, knowingly or otherwise, to distribute the load of his exhibit material in conformity with the maximum floor load specifications.
  12. Admission: The society shall have sole control over admission policy at all times.
  13. Booth Representatives: Exhibitor’s booth representatives shall be restricted to employees of official exhibiting companies. Booth representatives shall wear badge identification furnished by the Society at all times; the Society may limit the number of booth representatives at any time. All Booth Representatives including demonstrators, models, and receptionist will be dressed in a dignified manner. Undignified methods of attracting attention are prohibited.


  1. Soliciting Business: Exhibitors or their representatives shall not solicit business in aisles or booths other than their own.
  2. Subletting Space: Exhibitor agrees that it will not assign or sublet any portion of its space, nor have representatives or equipment from other firms in the exhibit space without written consent of the Society.
  3. Liability: All items that can be hand-carried away from the rental space should be put in safekeeping when the exhibit is unattended. The Society will not be liable for loss or damage to the property of the Exhibitor, its representatives or employees from loss by theft, fire, accident, water or any other cause beyond the control of the Society. Exhibitors’ equipment is to be brought in, maintained, and removed at the sole risk of the Exhibitor. Exhibitor is advised to obtain property damage insurance covering its exhibit and exhibit materials.
  4. Force Majeure: If the Society is prevented from holding the exposition, or having commenced the exposition and is thereafter precluded from continuing it, due to acts of God, fires, strikes, or any other causes beyond its control, proportionate refunds of the rent paid will be made to the Exhibitor. Upon payment of the proportionate refunds (which amount shall be determined by Society), Society shall have no further obligation or liability to the Exhibitor. If Exhibitor had not made its rental payment, it is still obligated to pay its proportionate share of such rent.
  5. Indemnification: Exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and save harmless the Society, the Headquarters Hotel, and exhibit facility (if other than the Headquarters Hotel), its employees and agents against any public liability, fines, imposed by governmental agencies, including court costs and attorneys' fees, which may arise or accrue by reason of the use by the Exhibitor of the rented space, its installation, removal and/or maintenance of all or part thereof.
  6. Storage: It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to make arrangements for the storage of packing boxes and crates during exhibit hours. Crates and boxes should be stored under cover during exhibit hours. If is necessary, the Society may endeavor to cover the packing boxes and crated with tarpaulin of other materials. However, the Society assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of boxes or crates.
  7. Utilities: It is mutually understood and agreed that the Society shall use proper and reasonable care to have all utility services installed in time for the opening of the show. Proper and reasonable care shall also be taken to prevent the interruption of these services during the exposition; however, the Society shall not be held responsible for late installation or any interruption of services that may occur.
  8. Unoccupied Space: In the event that Exhibitor fails to occupy the space rented to it on opening day, or should Exhibitor fail to make proper payment for said space, the Society, at its sole discretion, may rent said space to any other exhibitor, or use said space in any other manner whatsoever. This provision shall not relieve Exhibitor of its contractual obligation to pay the full amount specified in its invoice for rental of space.
  9. Contractual Obligation for Payment: Exhibitor is obligated to pay the full amount specified in its invoice for rental of space prior to exhibiting. Exhibitor acknowledges that its failure to occupy the space rented to it may result in additional administrative expense and inconvenience to the Society. Therefore, any funds realized by the Society in excess of the contract for that rental space shall be deemed to be liquidated damages and not penalty or forfeiture.
  10. Hospitality Suite Policy: Hospitality Suites will be made available to Exhibitors only. Hospitality Suite hours are limited to hours other than scheduled, published events conducted by the Society. Hospitality Suites will adjourn according to policy set and enforced by the Headquarters Hotel. Enforcement of these rules for the benefit of all conference show attendees and the Exhibitors will be accomplished in cooperation with the hotel management. Violation thereof may be cause to close exhibition.
  11. Sponsorships: Only exhibiting companies may be sponsors of said conference; with benefit agreements made through ASNT.
  12. Damage to Property: Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building structure, floors, walls, columns, standard booth equipment or to other exhibitors’ property. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive or other coating to building structure, floors, walls, columns, standard booth equipment or to other exhibitors’ property.
  13. Arrangement of Exhibits: All exhibits shall be arranged in accordance with Display Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is appended hereto and is made a part of these Rules. Display material height limitations vary according to type of booth and the facility. Prior approval is required for special displays, and requests must be submitted in writing, with drawings, to the Society 60 days prior to the exhibitions.
  14. Alcohol Policy: Exhibitors will not serve or provide alcoholic beverages without the association’s prior written consent.
  15. Violation of Rules: Any violations of the contract or rules on the part of the exhibitor will constitute cause for termination of the contract and removal of the exhibitor from the show; at the association’s option. In the event of termination of contract, the exhibitor forfeits all fees paid to the association.


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