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Call for Webinar Speakers

ASNT is recruiting speakers for its 2023 webinar calendar, and we invite you to participate as a presenter. Webinars are 1 hour long with 10 minutes embedded for Q&A. Presentations are typically on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 3 pm ET. Below are the themes and topics we are considering for each month.

January 11 – NDT of Bridges and Infrastructure

Target audience: Level I and II inspectors

Purpose: demonstrate various NDT methods and techniques used

February 8 – Interpreting/Implementing SNT-TC-1A

Target audience: Level IIIs, managers, owners 

Purpose: How to develop a written practice in terms of SNT-TC-1A guidelines

March 8 – Women in NDT (Council for Women in NDT)

Target audience: managers, owners

Purpose: how to recruit more women into the field of NDT (STEM, college courses, training)

April 12 – NDT of Composites

Target audience: Level I and II technicians, Level IIIs

Purpose: explore challenges of inspecting composites

May 10 – Digitization of NDT (NDT 4.0)

Target audience: academics, researchers, engineers, managers, Level IIIs

Purpose: highlight the latest developments with digital displays of data

June 14 – Phased Array (PAUT)

Target audience: Level II technicians, Level IIIs

Purpose: challenges of PAUT that make extensive training necessary

July 12 – Robotics

Target audience: academics; researchers; engineers; managers; Levels I, II, and III

Purpose: demonstrate the use of robotics to complement the role of technicians

August 9 – Level III Roles and Career Advancement

Target audience: Level II technicians

Purpose: outline a path for Level IIs seeking to advance their NDT careers; explain the traits and qualities necessary to be an effective Level III

September 13 – Eddy Current/Eddy Current Arrays (ECAs)

Target audience: Level I and II technicians

Purpose: explain and demonstrate the uses and applications of ECAs

October 11 – Magnetic Particle Inspection

Target audience: Level I and II technicians

Purpose: review the fundamentals of MT and explore some of its applications

November 8 – How to Conduct Audits (Nadcap, EBC)

Target audience: Level IIIs, managers, owners

Purpose: provide a step-by-step guide for internal audits; explain what to expect from external audits

December 13 – Aviation/Aerospace

Target audience: Level IIIs, researchers, engineers

Purpose: highlight some of the recent developments in aerospace inspections


For more information about becoming a presenter or to submit a proposal, please contact Bob Conklin at Your proposal should specify the topic, define the intended audience, and provide a paragraph description including key takeaways for attendees.