Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

Sign into the ASNT Learn learning management platform using the same login credentials that you use to log into MyASNT. The direct link is: Links are also available from the Learn menu of the ASNT website; for example, when you click on Webinars or Online Instruction. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot password?” and you will be redirected to the MyASNT forgot password page to set up a new one.

What does My Activity show?

When you first log in, you will see the My Activity area. This shows the courses and sections you have accessed or registered for. It also shows a percentage completion for a course or section, as well as the number of certificates you have earned.

How do I access courses?

Simply click on the Courses tab at the top of the webpage. Up to six Courses or Course units are featured on the homepage. When on the Explore Courses page, you can choose to view a list of All courses, Free courses, Courses that you Purchased, and ones that you have Not Purchased. You can also browse by category and conduct a search for relevant courses based on keywords.

How do I access live webinars or on-demand events?

Click on the Events tab at the top of the webpage. There is a dropdown selection for each type of event.

What is the difference between Courses and Events?

The Events tab shows only Live Events such as webinars and On-Demand Events such as recordings of past webinars. The Courses tab includes a variety of items, such as e-courses, conference videos, as well as webinars. For example, webinars in the “NDT Innovations” series are listed in that feature area under Courses as well as appearing in the Live Events area.

Webinar listed in Courses area:

Same webinar listed under Live events:

How do I register for Webinars?

Simply go to the live event you are interested in joining and click Register (for free events) or Add to Cart for purchase at checkout (for fee-based events). You may also register for webinars through the listing of webinars under the Courses tab based on whichever series it falls under (e.g., Innovation in NDT or NDT Applications).

Add to cart:

Item added:

Why are Webinars listed under both Live Events and Courses?

The difference is that in Events, you can only access the live webinar. In Courses, there is a webinar “package” that includes the webinar, a survey to be completed when the webinar has been attended, a certificate of attendance that is generated, and an opportunity to register recertification points earned with MyASNT.

If I register for a webinar under Live Events, do I need to register under Courses?

No. Once you register under one area, you are automatically registered for that same event under the other area.

Registered under Live Events:

Also registered under Courses:

How do I join a Webinar for which I registered?

Once you have registered, there will be a “Join” button. Your computer speakers are automatically activated. There will also be dial-in instructions if you would prefer to listen to the webinar by phone. You can join the webinar from the Live Events page or from the Courses section where that particular webinar is listed. An email confirming your registration with a Join button will also be forwarded. You may choose to add the event to your calendar as a reminder.

What Webinar platform does ASNT use?

Webinars are hosted by GoToWebinar. However, registration, email confirmations, webinar surveys, attendance certificates, and recertification points are all processed through the Blue Sky learning management system.

Are prices the same for Members and Nonmembers?

It depends on the course or event. Currently, ASNT webinar prices are $49 for Members and $99 for Nonmembers. Site licenses are also available for $129.

How do I become an ASNT member?

Go to the Membership tab on and click on Join/Renew in the drop-down menu to find the membership plan that is appropriate for you.

What does a Site License for a webinar enable?

A site license enables more than one member of an organization to attend a webinar from one viewing location for one group rate of $129.

How do I register my group for a Site License?

Contact Bob Conklin, Educational Materials Developer, at for details.

How do I request a refund for a Webinar or Course?

Requests for refunds are processed by ASNT Customer Service. A request for a refund may be made only before a Course that has been purchased is opened or a Webinar that has been purchased begins.

Which payment types are accepted and what is the refund policy?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 


Requests for refunds are accepted up to two business days after course purchase as long as the course has not been started. If learners begin process in a course, refunds will not accepted. Email for refund requests. Email for requests.

What is the difference between On-Demand Webinars and Past Webinars for Credit?

Past webinars are listed in two places. Under the On-Demand tab, past webinar recordings are available free of charge. This is a service provided for attendees of past webinars, as well as interested newcomers. If you did not attend a live webinar but still wish to participate for attendance credit and/or recertification points, you can access a Course “package” of that same recorded webinar in the Past Webinars for Credit block of the Courses page. In this area, for each webinar, you would pay the same fee (if any) that attendees of the live event paid in order to obtain an attendance certificate following submission of a short survey about the webinar. Certification renewal points are also available for viewing the recording in this area.

Past Webinar for Credit:

Same webinar as an On-Demand recording free of charge:

Once the above is clicked:

How do I earn CEUs?

Each course and webinar for credit has an associated credit value for contact hours and certification renewal points for Level III members. The attendance or completion certificate will show contact hours only. The registrant may submit their certificate to the certifying body of their organization for conversion into CEUs. Typically, 1 contact hour of professional development equates to 0.1 CEU.

How do I record recertification points under MyASNT?

Each course and webinar that awards renewal points for attendance or completion has a link called “Update Your MyASNT Record with Recert Points.” The conversion is already established in the link. For example, under Category D of ASNT’s certification renewal system, 3 contact hours = 1 recertification point. Thus, for a course worth 1.5 contact hours, 0.5 recert points will be uploaded to your MyASNT membership record. To facilitate the process, eligible members are asked to complete a simple “assessment” by answering one question: “Do you want [number] recert points added to your MyASNT record?” By answering “yes,” the point or points are automatically uploaded.

Can I get attendance credit for watching a video?

If an event or course contains videos, these may or may not be viewable for attendance or completion credit. For instance, videos of presentations from the 2019 ASNT Annual Conference are available for viewing free of charge. However, these videos are of informational value only.

How do I download an attendance or completion certificate?

Once you complete the requirements for a certificate, you will be able to generate the certificate showing your name, the event title, the date of attendance or completion, and the contact hours for credit. An email will also be sent to you notifying you that you have a certificate ready for download. The contact hours earned for the course or event will show once the required items for the certificate are completed.

Certificate troubleshooting: If your certificate fails to "load" properly, try logging out of your MyASNT account and logging back into the ASNT Learn website at: Go to the course for which you earned a certificate and click on the certificate from this area

Is it necessary to complete a course or event survey?

Yes, to earn an attendance or completion certificate, completion of a short survey about the course or event (e.g., webinar) is required.

Who do I contact if I have questions about courses, webinars, or other offerings?

ASNT's Education Department at or 614-274-6003, select option 7.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with the ASNT Learn platform?

The ASNT Learn site is managed by Blue Sky. For technical support, call 888-705-6002 or +1-858-201-4136 between 8 am and 8 pm ET. You can also email