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ASNT Leadership Development Program

Tomorrow’s Leaders in NDT

RISE is ASNT’s exclusive leadership development program, made for young NDT professionals to give them the tools they need to guide the industry into the future.

An exceptional program that gives you exceptional skills, in RISE, you will:

  • Develop and refine NDT professional skills and job knowledge
  • Learn essential leadership skills and preparation for career advancement
  • Gain valuable knowledge and guidance from a personal mentor
  • Increase knowledge of ASNT (history, programs and services, operations, & governance systems)
  • Network with ASNT Board and industry insiders
  • Earn more than 160 contact hours

Program Overview:

RISE is a 15-month program designed to build strong and mindful NDT leaders of tomorrow. Combining in-person classroom training, team projects, and personal development exercises, with a series of online learning modules, the curriculum will also include three required in-person retreats held at ASNT Conferences.

In addition to traditional learning opportunities, RISE will match each participant with an experienced, trusted mentor from within the ASNT volunteer corps. Your personal mentor will provide invaluable knowledge, industry connections, and personal support to facilitate your success throughout the program and beyond.

Participant Commitment:

As a RISE participant, you will agree to maintain your ASNT membership during your tenure in the program and for no less than 3 years following graduation. You agree to attend all in-person sessions and complete all required work to graduate. And because ASNT volunteer leadership is the foundation upon which our Society was built, participants agree to actively engage in volunteer roles for ASNT or their local sections for three years following graduation from the program. The RISE leadership team will coordinate your volunteer activities to take best advantage of your skills, interests, schedule availability, and to meet the greatest needs of the Society.

Should I Apply?

RISE is intended for individuals who are in the beginning of their NDT careers (preferably no more than ten years’ experience) and have a genuine interest in shaping the future of NDT and ASNT.

Applicants can apply either with full employer support (including time away from the office and travel expenses), or with limited support (their time away only) requesting ASNT grant funds for travel expenses.

Successful participants will be graduated with a Leadership Development Program certificate respected for future resumes and armed with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure they are prepared and capable to confidently lead ASNT and NDT into the future.

If you have any questions about RISE or your candidacy, please email

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