ISQ Prep Courses

Welcome to ASNT's cutting-edge ISQ Prep Courses designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for industry sector qualifications in ultrasonic testing (UT). Our courses cater to specific needs, offering specialized training for ISQ UT Thickness (UTT) and ISQ UT Shear Wave (UTSW).

About the ISQ UTT Prep Course

Our ISQ UTT Prep Course is meticulously crafted to prepare candidates for ultrasonic testing on various specimens and product forms, aligning with the thickness and corrosion scanning ISQ exam requirements. Participants engage with real or artificially induced discontinuities that mirror those found in the relevant industry sector, enhancing their ability to locate, interpret, and evaluate discontinuities. Through hands-on experience, candidates learn to document test results effectively in an environment that simulates actual testing conditions.


Evident Transducer Rentals for Course Participants

Registered ISQ UTT participants can take advantage of the option to borrow one of Evident's state-of-the-art Evident D798-SM transducers. This invaluable resource is available on a day-to-day basis and can be utilized during the onsite exam week. Transducer rentals are complimentary for registered and paid class attendees.


About the ISQ UT Shear Wave Course

ASNT's ISQ UT Shear Wave Course is tailored to prepare candidates for ultrasonic testing on diverse specimens and product forms, aligning with the shear wave pressure equipment weld ISQ exam. The course encompasses real or artificially induced discontinuities, enabling candidates to develop skills in detecting, positioning, characterizing, and sizing discontinuities. Additionally, participants learn to meticulously document test results and create scaled weld defect plot drawings for prescribed sound paths, refracted angles, and thicknesses.

Convenient Location and Accommodations

All in-person classes are held at our state-of-the-art ASNT Houston facility, located at 912 Gemini St., Houston, TX 77058 (directions). For participants' convenience, ASNT has secured a corporate rate with the nearby Homewood Suites by Hilton Houston Clear Lake NASA. This hotel, in close proximity to ASNT Houston, offers complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast. Take advantage of our special rates for a comfortable stay during your training.

Reservations can be made through the scheduling link to get the rates below.

One-bedroom Suite

1–6 nights: $114.00 + tax/night

7–29 nights: $104.00 + tax/night

30+ nights: $94 + tax/night



Upcoming Classes

Stay updated on our upcoming classes to further enhance your UT skills and advance your career. Join us at ASNT Houston for engaging and immersive learning experiences. All classes listed below, except where notified, are 8:00am–5:00pm CT. Houston, TX is located in the Central Time Zone.



ISQ Prep Course Pricing

  Duration  Member  Nonmember 
ISQ UTT 3 days $1,200 $1,400
ISQ UTSW  4 days $2,500 $2,700
ISQ PAUT* 3 days $1,200 $1,400


*Please note that ISQ PAUT not offered at this time.

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How to register for an ISQ class

Ready to elevate your skills? Register for an ISQ class with ease. Follow the simple steps outlined below to secure your spot in these dynamic and career-enhancing courses. Don't miss this opportunity to excel in ultrasonic testing and advance your qualifications with ASNT. Join us on the path to success!