Nomination for Director at Large 2020

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing is seeking nominations for Director at Large for the 2020 term. Three Directors will be selected in the upcoming election, each for a three (3)-year term on the ASNT Board of Directors.

As trustees and leaders of the Society, the members of the ASNT Board of Directors are selected to bring breadth and depth of experience and understanding, coupled with qualities of character, vision, leadership, and responsibility to justify the faith of the members in electing them to lead and guide the Society.

ASNT sections are encouraged to seek and solicit qualified members to ensure a strong group of candidates.

Please download and refer the following key documents:


To qualify as a Director of the Society, an individual must receive the following kinds of support from his or her employer:

  1. support of Director activities for a minimum of three (3) years;
  2. attendance at Board of Directors' meetings, up to four (4) different times and locations each year;
  3. visits to at least three (3) Section meetings other than the home Section each year;
  4. required travel and related expenses for the above meetings not included in Policy G-16; and
  5. reasonable secretarial, telephone and postal services for the three (3)-year period.

Submitting Nominations

Nominations must be submitted online to Roger Engelbart, 2019 Selection Committee Chair, in care of Michelle Thomas, Executive Assistant, ASNT International Service Center, no later than 1 February 2019.

Complete the online Nomination Form by downloading the form and saving it to a local disk. Use the TAB key or click in the box to move throughout the document.  Upload your completed form and required documents by clicking the link below.

Submit Nomination for Director-at-Large


If you have any questions, please contact Roger Engelbart by e-mail: or Michelle Thomas, ASNT Executive Assistant, at (800) 222-2768, extension 223 or e-mail: