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Mentor Information

Wanted: ASNT Members Dedicated to the Future of the NDT Profession

As a mentor, you’ll be in the unique position to help NDT students and professionals reach their career potential, find the right niche in the industry, and gain insight from your professional experiences. You will have the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and helping to further the NDT profession. What do mentors in similar programs say about what they get from mentoring?

• Mentors consistently report the personal satisfaction they receive from knowing they helped someone else.

• Building a better professional community. Mentors identify the contribution they are making toward increases in levels of commitment to their field and their employers.

• Creating opportunities for personal growth. Mentors realize opportunities for their own self-reflection and self-renewal that the experience brings.

About e-Mentoring

Accessible to ASNT members only, e-mentoring simply requires an e-mail address. By mainly using electronic communication, you have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of the industry anywhere in the world. Once you join the program, you will be placed in our pool of mentors. We match you with a mentee based on the information you provide about yourself and the criteria selected by the mentee. While we encourage electronic communication, if you and your mentee agree, you are welcome to meet by phone or in person.

Requirements of an ASNT e-Mentor:

• Willingness to mentor via e-mail and exchange messages regularly.

• Willingness to offer constructive feedback that encourages rather than criticizes.

• Accepting of ideas and points of view that may differ from your own.

• Respectful that the mentee has the right to make his or her own choices.

• Willingness to provide feedback to the ASNT International Service Center on an as needed basis.

Meet the Mentees

The mentees in this program can be students deciding if nondestructive testing is a fit for them, students close to graduation trying to find and understand real world opportunities in the industry, professionals in the first years of their career seeking guidance on navigating the workplace, or more experienced young professionals looking for advice on making career path choices. Each mentoring experience is unique to the individual needs of the mentee and the effort made by both parties.

Become an ASNT e-Mentor

Choosing to mentor is an important decision. Volunteering to mentor means that you are willing to provide information on your areas of expertise, your work experience, and your education with the mentee you are matched with.

Won’t you share your skills and experience to help a young adult while building a better NDT community? Complete the application below and click the submit button. Should you have further questions regarding the ASNT e-Mentoring program contact the Membership Department at 800-222-2768 or 614-274-6003 or e-mail at .

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