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News items submitted by local sections for the month of May 2014


Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Section had a great turnout, with more than 20 guests. David Laffler gave a rousing presentation with a focus on where the end product ends up, a great boost for morale and ethics. Speaking on all sorts of items he has gotten to work on, including parts for the Space Shuttles and Mars Curiosity rover, Laffler showed great excitement and enthusiasm, which came through in his presentation.

Arizona Section Chair Dale Lynn (left) and David Laffler.

Central Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The Central Ohio Section held a meeting at ASNT headquarters in Columbus, Ohio on 20 February. There were 10 members, guests and vendors in attendance. L. Terry Clausing gave a presentation on “ASNT NDT Level II Certification in Infrared Thermography for Building Diagnostics.” Clausing currently serves as the vice president for ASNT and also chairs the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Enclosures technical subcommittee. In the presentation, Clausing explained how ASNT and RESNET have worked together to develop a Level II certification program in infrared thermography for building diagnostics to improve inspection quality and performance. Currently, there are no regulations or certifications for home inspectors in this area. Many home inspectors claim they can provide energy auditing for home inspection using an infrared camera. However, most lack basic infrared thermography training and fundamental knowledge. Clausing highlighted the basic requirements and training of technicians and the equipment. He also gave a live demonstration on how to use an infrared camera. After the presentation, Clausing received a gift and certificate from Section Vice Chair Yicheng Pan. The Section would like to thank Clausing for this informative and knowledgeable presentation. The Section would like to thank the evening’s vendor, Drysdale & Associates, Inc. for its continued support.

Central Ohio
The Central Ohio Section met in February for a presentation by ASNT Vice President L. Terry Clausing.


Chicago, Illinois

On 9 December, Mike Kelley, of Olympus, gave a presentation to 12 members and guests on “Components for ASME and Radiography Replacement” at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant in Elmhurst, Illinois. The discussion centered on the use of phased array equipment for inspection of piping components. Kelley highlighted some of the major advantages for using phased array compared to radiography. Some of the major points were the reduced cost, less time for inspection and elimination of any radiation dose in the work area. This also equated to no down time, since the work area and surrounding locations do not have to be evacuated for inspection. Kelley also showed some depictions of weld scans and ultrasonic layouts for inspection.

Chicago Section board member Stuart Kleven (left), of Alloyweld Inspection Co., Inc., extended congratulations to Mike Kelley, of Olympus NDT, Inc., for his fine presentation.


Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Section meeting for February was held at the Shriners Event Center in Broadview Heights, Ohio. More than 25 members attended the meeting, of which two lucky people won the monthly raffle. Paul Ellis, of Comet Technologies USA, Inc., gave a very informative presentation on the “New Developments in NDT X-ray Tube Focal Spot Measurement.” The Section would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Forty members and guests attended the Connecticut Yankee Section’s joint meeting at the Groton Elks Lodge in Groton, Connecticut, on 12 March. Guest Speaker, ASNT Secretary/Treasurer Kevin D. Smith entertained fellow ASNT members and associates from the American Society for Quality, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and professors and students from Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut. While promoting conversation from the audience, Smith discussed the role of the nondestructive testing (NDT) professional in today’s society, how this role supports product safety, reliability and cost, and how ASNT serves the NDT profession and its advancement. Section Chair John Moran presented a Deck Pyramid to Smith in appreciation of his visit and presentation.

Connecticut Yankee
Attendees at the Connecticut Yankee Section joint meeting (from left): Mike Tsao, of ASNT; Keith Gagne, of the American Society for Quality; Barb Johnson, of ASNT; Kevin Smith, of ASNT; Matt Andel, of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Beth Peterson, of the Society of Women Engineers; and John Moran, of ASNT.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

Thirteen members of the Greater Houston Section’s board, committee chairs and members met at Brady’s Landing on 12 March for an executive committee meeting. A review and approval of the meeting minutes and financials from February were conducted. The Standing Committee chairs reports were submitted and discussed. The main topics included Captain of Industry Night, Vendors Night and the Annual Golf Outing.

The March meeting was also the Section’s annual Awards Night. The winners of the Section’s Charles N. Sherlock Memorial Scholarship Award were: Nwankpa Jude Chukwuma, Juan Peralta and Christopher Sands. The Gerald E. Smith Memorial Scholarship Award winner was Joshua White. The first annual Jerry Fulin Technician of the Year Award recipient was Tim Reedy. The Section congratulates the winners and thanks all of the students and technicians that submitted applications for this year’s awards. The Section would like to encourage all who qualify to submit applications next year. 

A plaque was presented to Jerry Fulin in acknowledgement of his unselfish dedication to the Section and to commemorate the first annual Jerry Fulin Technician of the Year Award.

The Section’s many thanks go out to the March sponsors: DTM Enterprises; Fugro Consultants, Inc.; Houston Analytical; HTS Advanced Solutions, LLC; NDT Seals, Inc.; and Olympus NDT, Inc.

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

The North Carolina Student Section held its monthly meeting on 18 March at the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Harper Campus nondestructive testing (NDT) lab, with 18 students and faculty attending. As a pizza lunch was served, Section Chair Rodney Stephens welcomed the students and talked about the status of the Section’s fundraising campaign to help send as many students as possible to the 2014 Annual Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. Also discussed were the steps being taken to prepare for the Section’s upcoming events, such as the George Pherigo Memorial Golf tournament in September.

Following that, guest speaker John Turner, president and CEO of FlawTech, Inc., was introduced. FlawTech is one of the larger manufacturers of NDT discontinuity specimens internationally and also one of the biggest supporters of the NDT program at CPCC. Turner gave an interesting presentation, sharing insights from a CEO’s perspective about how newcomers should approach and prepare for new careers, as well as tips and stories. His valuable advice and personal insights were well received by all.

North Carolina Student
Guest speaker John Turner (left) and North Carolina Student Section Chair Rodney Stephens.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The OKC Section met on 27 February. The themes of the meeting were proposed changes to Section management and nondestructive testing personnel training and qualification. Section Vice Chair Mark Stowers presented the body of information on both topics.

Section Chair Walter R. Matulewicz presided over the meeting, which was attended by 10 members. Other topics discussed included the Section’s 501(c)(6) status, Section banking requirements and Section sponsorship opportunities. Finally, a call for volunteers to fill the vacant treasurer position was made.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

The Old Dominion Section held its seventh meeting of the planning year on 24 March, at the Italian Kitchen restaurant in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Eleven members and guests gathered for the business portion of the meeting in which Section Treasurer Gary Schepker and Past Chair Ed Darby spoke about the progress of the Section to this point in the year.  The presentation, on guided wave inspection of industrial pipelines, was delivered by Section member Keith Erk, of Olympus NDT, Inc. The presentation provided the audience an overview of the capabilities of this technology and the requirements for the operator and environment to deliver accurate results. At the conclusion of the meeting, Darby presented Erk with the Section’s typical speaker’s gift, an engraved silver Jefferson Cup.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At the Pittsburgh Section’s February meeting, attendees honored the Section’s past chairs at the annual Past Chair Social. Turnout was small, but four past chairs were in attendance. The meeting was held at the Rivertowne Pour House, in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

San Diego

San Diego, California

The San Diego Section hosted a meeting on 4 March at the Best Western Seven Seas hotel, with 27 members and guests in attendance. The guest speaker was Randy Jones, from Inspection Technologies. Jones’s presentation was titled “Practical Parlor Tricks with Ultrasonic Testing.”

The presentation was on practical uses of ultrasonic testing (UT) and those types of inspections, which would normally be difficult to complete. This was a great topic for the UT students in attendance who just completed Level II training, as well as for the experienced UT technicians who were in attendance. The presentation sparked several questions, not only on discontinuity detection, but also on thinking outside the box of normal test techniques. As usual, Jones had very descriptive answers.

The Section wishes to thank Jones for his very interesting presentation.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its ninth technical dinner meeting for the fiscal year 2013–2014 on 17 March at the Dhahran Palace Hotel, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The Section-sponsored meeting was attended by 150 members and guests.

Section Board Chair Mohammad A. Al Salih began the meeting with a welcome and announcements. He mentioned that anyone interested in taking the Level III exams, which took place in April, should contact Membership and President Award Program Chair M.J. Anjum for details.

Section Chair Mohammad Abu Four talked briefly about the Level II exams, which were held for the first time under Section sponsorship in April at the Dhahran Palace Hotel.

After announcements, Frederick Haught, of Al Rushaid Technologies, and Mark Rosa, of Saudi Aramco, were invited to start their presentations. The two presentations were titled “Integrated Solution for Remote Monitoring of Pipelines” and “Use of MWM Array Eddy.”

After the presentations, there was a question and answer period, and appreciation plaques were presented to the guest speakers. Also, ASNT lifetime member Pablo J. Acelajado, from National Pipe Co., Ltd., was presented an appreciation plaque in honor of his longtime membership and retirement.

The last part of the meeting included the door prize raffle. After the prize distribution, all in attendance retired to a buffet dinner served by the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Section meeting attendees: (from left) Section Vice Chair Fathi Al Qadeeb, Section Board Chair M.A. Al Salih, guest speaker Frederick Haught, guest speaker Mark Rosa, Section Chair M.A. Abu Four and Section Program Chair Mohammad Jamil Anjum.

Section Highlight

There was a great turnout at the Greater Houston Section meeting to listen to the nondestructive testing related presentations by the eight student winners of the Section’s Charles N. Sherlock Memorial Scholarship Award. The panel of judges awarded the top three candidates with scholarships.

Jeff Hocker (left) presented the Greater Houston Section’s Charles E. Sherlock Scholarship winners: (from left) Nwankpa Jude Chukwuma, Juan Peralta and Christopher Sands.