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News items submitted by local sections for the month of November 2014

Central Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The Central Ohio Section held a meeting at the ASNT International Service Center in Columbus, Ohio on 23 September. There were 16 members, guests, and vendors in attendance. James R. Hannahs gave a presentation on “Welding and Driving NASCAR Racing Cars.” He presented a brief overview of NASCAR history and explained why the cars are fabricated the way they are today. He also presented on how the cars are built, as well as the materials used and the welding processes applied. He explained the actual race procedure and rules of NASCAR. At the end of presentation, Hannahs shared a racing video that he took at a race at Talladega Superspeedway in 2012. He then shared the racing experience in the racing class. After the presentation, Hannahs received a gift certificate from Section Chair Brian Frye. The Section would like to thank Hannahs for this knowledgeable and interesting presentation.

Central Ohio
Central Ohio Section Chair Brian Frye (left) presented guest speaker James Hannahs with a gift certificate.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section hosted 71 members and guests at its 26 September meeting at FlawTech, Inc. in Concord, North Carolina. Section Chair Roy Duce welcomed everyone and thanked FlawTech, the meeting sponsor and host of the 20th Annual Charlotte ASNT Shrimp Boil. The honored guest was incoming Chair L. Terry Clausing. The presentation was on ASNT’s current status and the future of nondestructive testing. ASNT Interim Executive Director Betsy Blazar also addressed the meeting.

The 20th Annual Charlotte ASNT Shrimp Boil was followed by the North Carolina Student Section’s 7th Annual George Pherigo Memorial Golf Tournament. Guests enjoyed a Cajun shrimp boil and beverages while listening to live music performed by Route 66. A Hawaiian shirt contest was held at the meeting; the winners were ASNT Chair of the Board Raymond Morasse and his wife, Wendy Morasse.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section met on 8 September at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge, in Elmhurst, Illinois with 16 members and guests in attendance. The speaker for the evening was Kevin Kupitz, of Tank Consultants, Inc. The topic was “Tank Inspection: A Case Study and Resulting Regulations and Standards.” Kupitz highlighted several tank failures and leaks that prompted further legislation on state and federal levels. He then proceeded to discuss tank inspection schedules and what type of discontinuities the inspections targeted for the various types of tanks such as oil storage, chemical, small tanks, water tanks, and fiberglass-reinforced vessels. The different types of nondestructive tests used were also addressed. Tank floors are typically inspected using magnetic flux leakage systems to identify leaks, and then manual ultrasonic inspection is used to characterize the discontinuities detected. Liquid penetrant and wet fluorescent magnetic particle are also used along with ultrasonic wall thickness checks and ultrasonic corrosion studies. Floating roofs also present special problems during inspections, and robotic crawler devices have been used extensively as have penetrant testing for leaks between sections of the roof edge by filling the individual pontoons with penetrant and watching for leaks. Leaks between each isolated edge section can cause a roof to become unbalanced and possibly fail. Studies of corrosion rates and establishing baselines are important factors in the development of standards. API 653 and Steel Tank Institute rules are commonly used to guide inspections.

Kevin Kupitz (left), of Tank Consultants, was presented with the speaker's plaque by Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson, of Karden Sales and Consulting.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Twenty-four members and guests attended the Connecticut Yankee Section’s 10 September meeting at the Groton Elks Lodge. During the social hour, Section Chair John Moran introduced the first PAL (principles, applications, and limitations) program to the attendees. He explained the difference between grades of a casting and how reference radiographs (for example, ASTM E 446) are utilized during inspection, giving a hands-on view of the severity of the reference radiographs and how they apply. Prior to the presentation on “Focal Spot Testing in Radiography,” college students from Norwich, Connecticut’s Three Rivers College, visiting members from the Boston Section, and the new officers for the coming year were recognized.

The speaker of the evening was Paul Ellis, market development manager – nondestructive testing, from Comet Technologies USA, Inc. Ellis covered the anatomy of the X-ray tube and the activity occurring during X-ray generation, while providing images of the actual focal spot. Ellis elaborated on upcoming changes to ASTM E 1165, highlighting several tools already available to the radiographer that will permit alternate ways of determining measurements for computing unsharpness in the radiographic image. Ellis was presented a deck pyramid as a gift for providing this educational study.

Connecticut Yankee
Guest speaker Paul Ellis with a deck pyramid at the Connecticut Yankee Section meeting in September.

Golden Gate

San Francisco, California

On 11 September, Yun Chung, a seasoned engineer, gave an extensive overview of the Bay Bridge eastern span to 31 members and guests of the Golden Gate Section, titled “The New Bay Bridge: Is it Safe and Built to Last?” He commented on the bridge’s projected life expectancy of 150 years and noted how he could not substantiate this claim. Chung’s presentation was filled with wonderful illustrations and pictures of bridges all around the world and what it has taken to ensure that these bridges are safe. He poked fun at the emphasis on aesthetics on the new Bay Bridge and the obvious overlooking of some critical preventative maintenance to ensure its longevity. In conclusion, Chung would not argue that the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge is safe, but because of the lack of attention to detail he does not expect it to last 50 years, let alone the projected 150-year life expectancy.

Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah

On 16 September, the Great Salt Lake Section met at the Joy Luck Restaurant. Seventeen members and students were in attendance to listen to a presentation given by Wayne Weisner and Tommy Bourgeles, from Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas. A strong showing of students from the Salt Lake Community College was a welcome sight to the Section, as the leadership has set a priority to get the students involved in ASNT. Bourgeles gave a presentation discussing the capability and functionality of the OmniScan MX with eddy current testing module. With the use of two modules, the instrument has the ability to perform eddy current testing, eddy current array testing, and C-scan bond testing. After the interesting presentation a demonstration of the instrument on test panels was given.

Salt Lake
Tommy Bourgeles (left), from Olympus, and Great Salt Lake Section Secretary Con Christoffersen.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

The Lewis & Clark Section met on 9 September at Flying Pie Pizzeria to elect officers and discuss operational plans for the upcoming year. Individuals who were voted in as board members are: Trever Sprouse (chair), Kristine Solarez and David Harris (vice chairs), Curt Powell (secretary), and Blair O’Connell (treasurer).

The group discussed plans to focus efforts this year on: increasing member participation, education development and support, as well as speaker and tour requests. The group has set the second Tuesday of each month as its regular meeting date. The board will meet again, before the next group meeting, to set plans to meet this year’s Section goals. The Section is looking forward to an active year ahead.

North Atlantic

Leeds, United Kingdom

The North Atlantic Section took advantage of some members visiting the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing annual conference at the Palace Hotel in Manchester, England on 10 September. There was the usual lively discussion between the attendees and it was good to see some new faces.

North Atlantic
Members of the North Atlantic Section attended the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing conference in September.

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

On 26 August, the North Carolina Student Section held its first meeting of the fall semester at the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) laboratory, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Section Chair Bradley Brandt stated the importance and details of the golf tournament, which helped raise funds to take students to the 2014 ASNT Annual Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as all the necessary efforts the Section had to go through to organize the event.

Instructor and Section Counselor Rand Ernst took the floor and talked about the importance for students to attend the Conference, where they will have the chance to interact firsthand with the companies and people who make the nondestructive testing world move, and also learn about new equipment and techniques being deployed in the field. Ernst also stated the responsibility of the students to market not only themselves, but CPCC’s NDE program as well, in a professional manner. Instructor Rudy Paillaman gave tips to the students on how to interact with potential employers at the Conference.

North Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

On 18 September, the North Texas Section kicked off its new year. The 2014 Section chair, Ernie Vandergriff, introduced the new board and gave the vision for the 2014–2015 year. The attendance was good at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Ft. Worth, Texas. The members were in good spirits, happy to be meeting and taking care of the business of the Society. After hearing input from each member in attendance, the consensus of the membership was to continue its focus on scholarships for technicians, getting into schools, and motivating youth to pursue a career in nondestructive testing, as well as a greater focus on industries outside of aviation and acquiring quality speakers for the year.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

On 22 September, the Old Dominion Section held a meeting at the Italian Kitchen in Mechanicsville, Virginia. The meeting was attended by 14 members and guests. Attendees discussed current Section business and received a presentation on the “Status of Membership in the Society” by Senior Manager of Member Relations and Services Heather Cowles, from ASNT headquarters. Additionally, Regional Director Bill Via was the recipient of the coveted Beaver Club Award. Overall, it was a successful meeting.

Old Dominion
Bill Via (left) accepted the Beaver Club Award from Past Old Dominion Section Chair Ed Darby.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

The first technical meeting of the 2014–2015 program year for the Pacific Northwest Section was held on 8 September following the popular Section golf event. A new venue, the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport – Southcenter, was host to 22 attendees. The speaker for the evening was Chris Black, of The Boeing Co.. His presentation provided the audience with information on “Stereo Measurement using Borescopes” of discontinuities found during jet engine inspection. Since this is inspection of rotating elements the discontinuities are very small. Dinner was enjoyed prior to Black’s presentation. At the conclusion of the presentation, Director Kathy Ferguson presented Black with some of Seattle’s finest Starbucks freshly ground coffee.

Thirty dollars is donated at each meeting for a year-end drawing of $240 from those who sign the guestbook at each meeting.

A new venue hosted 22 attendees for the Pacific Northwest Section’s first technical meeting of the 2014–2015 program year.


Greenville, South Carolina

The first Piedmont Section meeting of the 2014–2015 program year was held on 16 September at Bailey’s Sports Grille, in Greenville, South Carolina. There was a strong turnout for the first meeting, and the food and atmosphere were very good. The meeting covered the objectives and goal for the Section for the year. After the brief discussion about upcoming possibilities, Tommy Boyers, from Sonatest, gave a great presentation on “Ultrasonic TOFD and Phased Array Application and Advantages.” The next meeting was announced for 21 October.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its third technical dinner meeting for the fiscal year 2014–2015 on 15 September at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The meeting was attended by 165 members and guests and was sponsored by the Section.

Section Chair Fathi E. Al Qadeeb inaugurated the meeting and started with a warm welcome to everybody. He elaborated on some of the announcements, especially the Level III exams and the short course on radiographic testing film interpretation, which were held in November.

A representative from NACE International, with whom this meeting was jointly arranged, introduced NACE briefly to the audience attendees. After the NACE introduction, Al Qadeeb invited Dhrar Zeyada, from Sadara Chemical Co., start his presentation on “Aluminum Welding Inspection: Common Defects and Indications.”

After the presentation, the normal question/answer period was held, and an appreciation plaque was presented to the guest speaker.

Finally, all the members and guests of the Section and NACE retired to have an excellent buffet dinner specially prepared by the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel.

Saudi Arabian
The audience studied the new 2014–2015 Saudi Arabian Section yearbook, which was distributed during the September meeting.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

In September, the Southern Africa Section joined up with the South African Institute for Non-Destructive Testing to have a family fun day. Everyone met at the party venue in Benoni, South Africa, to enjoy a barbeque, entertainment, and a day of social sports including sack races, potato and spoon races, egg tossing, balloon tossing, and wheelbarrow races. The Level IIIs and their families had a wonderful time, even though some went home covered in mud and broken eggs. The committee has decided to make it an annual event.

Southern Africa
The Southern Africa Section met in September for a family fun day.

St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Section held its second meeting for 2014–2015 on 9 September in the Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) Aviation Technologies Department. This event was a tour of the state-of-the-art SIUC Aviation Technologies and School of Transportation facilities. Eight members and three non-members attended this event. The tour lasted approximately 1.5 hours and was given by Professor Keven Mitchell, of SIUC Aviation Technologies. At the end of the tour, Mitchell was honored with a St. Louis Arch by Section Chair Steve Fults.

Southern Illinois Airport (SIA) ranks the third busiest airport in the State of Illinois, only after Chicago O’Hare International and Midway. According to the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Activity System, SIA had 15 679 instances of itinerant activity and 45 343 in local traffic for the first part of 2013.

SIU Aviation Instructional facilities include a 5574 m2 (60 000 ft2) hangar and classroom building. Additionally, a 1115 m2 (12 000 ft2) helicopter laboratory houses the helicopters used in the helicopter specialization. The recently completed $63 million state-of-the-art facility, the Transportation Education Center, includes three new buildings housing SIU’s nationally renowned aviation and automotive degree programs. The brand new test cell building has testing labs that combine industrial machinery with precision control and laboratory-quality measurements to replicate real-world environments for individual engines or complete vehicles. Not only for engine testing, SIU test cell labs contribute to alternative fuel development as well, especially for unleaded aviation gasoline.

St. Louis
The St. Louis Section met for a facilities tour in September.

Section Highlight

The Charlotte Section has had a busy start to its year, with a shrimp boil, visit to FlawTech, and golf outing hosted by the North Carolina Student Section.

Charlotte Section meeting attendees (from left): North Carolina Student Section Chair Bradley Brandt, Wendy Morasse, ASNT Chair of the Board Raymond Morasse, FlawTech President and CEO John Turner, Incoming ASNT Chair L. Terry Clausing, and Charlotte Section Secretary/Treasurer John Burke.