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News items submitted by local sections for the month of July 2015


Anchorage, Alaska

Twelve members and friends of the Anchorage Alaska Section held their May meeting at the Lone Star Steakhouse restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. Section Chair Marty Anderson welcomed everyone and gave some highlights of ASNT national and certification programs. This was the last meeting of the year. Anderson then introduced the guest speaker, ASNT Past President and Regional Director Hussein M. Sadek, who also welcomed everyone and thanked them for their support to ASNT. Sadek then presented his speech for the evening, titled “Applications of Latest Technologies in Electromagnetic Testing,” which included eddy current testing, remote field testing, flux leakage, and alternating current field measurment inspection.

The Alaska Section met in May for a technical presentation.

Central Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

On 27 April, the Central Alabama Section welcomed ASNT Vice President Kevin Smith. There were 10 members in attendance at the meeting, which took place at the Engineering and Business Complex at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It is worth mentioning that one member drove all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to attend the meeting.

Smith gave a lecture about the recent ASNT strategy and gave valuable information about different strategies to keep the Section running. In addition, he also gave a technical talk about the United Airlines Flight 232 accident.

Central Alabama
ASNT Vice President Kevin Smith spoke at the April meeting of the Central Alabama Section.

Central Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The Central Ohio Section held a meeting at the ASNT International Service Center (ISC) in Columbus, Ohio on 21 April. There were 14 members, guests, and vendors in attendance. ASNT President L. Terry Clausing, who also chairs the RESNET Enclosures Technical Subcommittee, gave a presentation on “Temperature Measurement with Emphasis on Infrared Thermography for NDT and Current Direction of ASNT.” Clausing is a licensed Professional Engineer specializing in thermal and spectral analysis. He is certified ASNT NDT and PdM Level III in thermal and infrared analysis and NAS 410 certified NDT Level III in thermal and infrared for examination of aerospace materials.

Clausing presented a summary of infrared thermography approaches for nondestructive testing (NDT) and shared his experiences on infrared camera and temperature measurement to perform NDT for different applications. He also presented on how to use an infrared camera correctly, which a lot of home inspectors need to learn. After the presentation, Clausing received a Section exclusive gift and certificate from Section Chair Brian Frye. The Section would like to thank Clausing for his knowledgeable and interesting presentation. The vendor for the evening was Drysdale & Associates, Inc. The Section would like to thank Drysdale & Associates for its continued support.

The Section held a meeting at the ASNT ISC on 12 May. There were eight members and vendors in attendance. ASNT Board of Directors member and a Regional Director Brenda Collins gave a presentation on “Facts and Fallacies of Multidirectional Magnetic Particle Testing.”

Collins presented a summary of magnetic particle testing (MT) approaches for NDT and shared her experiences on multidirectional MT. She also presented the basic principles of MT and vector dentition of magnetic fields. After the presentation, Collins received a certificate of appreciation from Vice Section Chair Yicheng Peter Pan. The Section would like to thank Collins for her knowledgeable and interesting presentation. The vendor for the evening was Magnaflux. The Section would like to thank Magnaflux for its continued support.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section hosted 11 members at its 11 May meeting at Big Al’s Pub & Grubberia in Charlotte, North Carolina. Section Chair Roy Duce welcomed everyone and thanked honored guest speaker Hussein Sadek, ASNT past president and president/CEO at TCI, Inc. Sadek presented “Electromagnetic Testing Techniques,” focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of eddy current testing, remote field testing, and alternating current field measurement. The discussion included brief theory and advances in each technique. Sadek also swore in the Section officers for the 2015–2016 calendar year.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section met on 11 May, with 21 guests and members in attendance at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant in Elmhurst, Illinois. The guest speaker, Justin Graf, of Magwerks Corp., from Danville, Indiana discussed the manufacture, characterization and use of helmholtz coils for calibration of magnetic particle equipment. Graf brought along an actual coil and had a small camera mounted on the coil. This allowed the audience to view the calibration check of a magnetometer (field indicator) as it was driven to various gauss readings within the helmholtz coil on the screen in real time. There was quite a disparity between manufacturers when checking new magnetometers. He also displayed the requirements for calibration of gauss meters and magnetometers from ASTM E 1444. It became evident that even a simple tool that has been around for years can create a problem if not properly calibrated. Graf then demonstrated a number of permanent magnet fixtures that can be used to check magnetometers if they have been dropped or subjected to large magnetic fields that could affect their accuracy.

Justin Graf (left), of Magwerks Corp., was thanked by Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson, of Karden Sales, for the excellent presentation.

Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah

On 21 April, the Great Salt Lake Section met at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). Twenty-two members and students were in attendance to listen to an eddy current presentation given by Mark Sabolik, an instructor at SLCC. Sabolik started with a brief overview of basic eddy current theory, and then demonstrated pencil probe functionality. The equipment demonstration then progressed to a sliding probe, which allows more inspection surface area and an easier scan technique. Finally, the presentation concluded with a demonstration of the UniWest ECS-3 eddy current scanner. The ECS-3 is a handheld scanner that allows for fast nondestructive testing (NDT) while producing detailed real-time C-scan imaging. An impressive tour of the SLCC NDT facility followed the equipment demonstration.

The SLCC NDT curriculum, in conjunction with required general education requirements, provides students with an associate’s of applied science degree in approximately four semesters. The student capacity of 35 is full, which demonstrates the excellence of this program.

The Salt Lake Community College nondestructive testing program has the following state-of-the-art equipment: 12 phased array ultrasonic instruments; 12 ultrasonic instruments including USMGO, Sonic 1200, and USN60; two X-ray cabinets capable of both film and digital X-ray; 12 Nortec 500C eddy current instruments; two magnetic particle benches, one of them being a multidirectional unit; and one customized penetrant booth that allows reconfiguration to teach the various techniques.

The Section greatly appreciates Sabolik and SLCC for the presentation and campus tour.

Great Salt Lake
Mark Sabolik presented at the Great Salt Lake Section meeting in April.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section dedicated its last meeting of the year to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Jerry Fulin—member since 1983, the Section Technician of the Year 1995, Section chair 2002 to 2003, and ASNT director 2014—was the speaker for the evening.

The Section hosted 37 members and guests including seven past Section chairs the evening of 13 May at Brady’s Landing restaurant. Fulin began with a look at the Section charter, dated 6 June 1965, and showed photos of all Section chairs and the years they served. Several stood to share comments from their tenure including Syl Viaclovsky, Joe Mackin, Skip Hoyt, and Greg Hudkins. Fulin recounted the Section’s annual golf outings and the scholarship funds raised over the years; a brief history of the International Chemical and Petroleum Industry Inspection Technology (ICPIIT) Conferences; the Research Symposia and Annual Conferences hosted in Houston, Texas, with rodeos; and a look at the Section’s long history of awarding scholarships. The presentation ended with special recognition to the oldest and newest members present and a photo of all attending Section chairs.

Section Chair John Chen announced the Spring Educational event at San Jacinto College on 30 May, the free Level II examinations at South Shore Harbour on 2 June, the ICPIIT XIV Conference 3–6 June, and the Section’s 50th anniversary luau, “A Night to Remember,” poolside at the South Shore Harbour on 5 June.

Greater Houston
Past Greater Houston Section Chairs: (from left) Jeff Wagner, Deal Moore, Syl Viaclovsky, Skip Hoyt, Greg Hudkins, Joe Mackin, and Jerry Fulin.

Hampton Roads

Newport News, Virginia

The Hampton Roads Section met on 12 May at the Buffet City Mongolian BBQ, in Chesapeake, Virginia, with seven members in attendance. The guest speaker was Bob Anderson, sales manager, Inspection Technologies of GE Oil and Gas Measurement & Control. Anderson gave a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of “Remote Visual Inspection Equipment,” including past, present, and future technologies, followed by a hands-on demonstration of GE visual equipment.

Hampton Roads
Dave Finke (far left) and Jason Kamies (far right) held the ASNT banner while Bob Barnett (second from left) presented the speaker’s gift to Hampton Roads Section guest speaker Bob Anderson (third from left).

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

The North Carolina Student Section held its monthly meeting on 28 April in the lab area at Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, North Carolina. There were 12 people in attendance who enjoyed a pizza lunch prior to the business portion of the meeting. The topic of discussion for the meeting was fundraising for the Section. Responsibilities were discussed for the annual George Pherigo Memorial golf outing as the primary fundraising event. Also discussed were the pluses, minuses, and lessons learned from the newly implemented monthly bowling event to help fund the Section’s trip to Salt Lake City, Utah for the ASNT Annual Conference. Attendees discussed various possibilities for increasing awareness of, and attendance at, these events. The next topic was to appoint/elect a member to serve as a webmaster to optimize the Section’s presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. Lastly, attendees agreed on the design of a nondestructive testing themed T-shirt that will be offered for sale through the Section to help reach its common goal, the ASNT Annual Conference in Salt Lake City.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

On 18 May, more than 15 members and guests of the Old Dominion Section met at the Italian Kitchen in Mechanicsville, Virginia for a technical meeting. Daniel Coon, Jacquelyn Keeney, and Harley Marrocco, all engineering physics students at Randolph-Macon College, presented their capstone project, “Cost Efficiency: A Bolt Design Problem,” to the Section. They were joined by their professor, Deonna Woolard, and mentor, Ed Darby, both members of the Section. Each student was presented with the Section’s challenge coin, and the students presented Darby with a sextant (due to his work with Boy Scouts of America) in appreciation of his guidance. New officers were nominated, and the June social discussed. Overall, it was a successful meeting.

Old Dominion
Old Dominion Section meeting attendees (from left): presenters Daniel Coon, Harley Marrocco, and Jacquelyn Keeney, as well as Section members Deonna Woolard and Ed Darby.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest Section gathered at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel at Southcenter, Tukwila, Washington on 13 April. The group of 13 members and students from Clover Park Technical College, along with special guest John Iman, from Houston, Texas, enjoyed dinner and presentations. This evening featured two local members of the Section who stepped forward after the scheduled speaker had to back out. The featured speaker for the evening was Flynn Spears, of Laser Technology, Inc., supported by Dave Hall, of L&W Research, Inc., and Chris Black, of Chris Black Inspection. Spears provided an update on happenings at the ASNT International Service Center in Columbus, Ohio. Black presented some photographs of what can go wrong with inspection when the acceptance criteria for a project exceeds what can reasonably be produced and verification of project setup standards is not performed. Both presentations were informative, and attendees listened intently and asked a few pointed questions as each presentation was given.

Elections for the 2015–2016 program year were held with the following results: Chair Jeff Siegel, Vice Chair Flynn Spears, Treasurer Luke Puckett, Secretary Emery E. Roberts, and Two-year Directors Richard Bossi, Dave Hall, Chris Black, and Scott Marczynskia. Current two-year directors, who will become one-year directors, are: Kathy Ferguson, Tim Burkholder, and Dylan Thorp.

A drawing was held for those members who signed the guestbook at each meeting. Thirty dollars was contributed for each meeting by the Section. The first name drawn was for T.J. Peraza but since he was not present another name was drawn. Roy Goodall was chosen for the incentive drawing.

Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Section meeting attendees (seated, from left): Luke Puckett, Dave Hall, Chris Black, guest John Iman, and Flynn Spears.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The April meeting of the Pittsburgh Section was held at Bocktown Beer and Grill. The 14 ASNT attendees listened to Paul Ellis, president of Alpha Tron-X, who presented on “A Brief History of NDT X-ray Generator Development.” The Section thanks Ellis for taking time from his busy schedule to be its speaker.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 5 May, the San Diego Section hosted its ninth technical meeting of the 2014–2015 year. The meeting was held at the Best Western Seven Seas hotel, with 32 members and guests in attendance.

The evening began with Section Chair Hans Weber welcoming the past chair in attendance, along with a short description of ASNT and nondestructive testing to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair students, advisors, and families in attendance. Weber then introduced each of the Science Fair award-winning students and invited them to give their presentations to the attendees. Shani Levy presented “Peripheral Vision,” the purpose of which was to see whether the color of an object has an effect on peripheral vision. Jasmine Flores presented “Magnetic Fluid,” in which the ferrofluid senses a magnet and spikes up. Finally, Nuha Pagarkar presented “Radiation Evaluation,” testing which actions on a cell phone emit more radiation at varying distances. Each student answered several questions on their projects. Weber then thanked the students and presented them with a gift from the Section.

Weber then introduced Mark Stowers and Mark Warner, who provided a brief description of the NDT Awareness Campaign.

The evening concluded with the customary gift raffles.

San Diego
Past San Diego Section chairs in attendance: (from left) Juan Diaz, Denise McKay, Larry Olsen, Hans Weber, and Joseph Wilkins.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its 11th technical dinner meeting for the fiscal year 2014–2015 on 18 May at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The Section-sponsored meeting was attended by 128 members and guests.

Section Vice Chair Abdullah M. Al Khalifah introduced the guest speaker, Alireza Akhlaghi, GM Proceq Co., who sponsored the technical meeting. Because of logistical reasons, Akhlaghi could not travel from UAE to Saudi Arabia; hence, a telephone presentation, titled “Validation and Verification of Portable Hardness Testing Parallel to International Standards and Guidelines,” was arranged. This was the first experience for the Section to show a presentation from another country using Wi-Fi and high-tech telephonic equipment. This was really a fantastic experience, which the audience greatly enjoyed.

Saudi Arabian
Saudi Arabian Section members and guests watched a presentation during their May meeting at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

On 15 April, the Southern Africa Section had a very well attended meeting. Past Section Chair Ben Beetge chaired a discussion on EN 1435 and ISO 17636/1. Everyone was invited to bring their thoughts and interpretations to the table. Everyone present was most active and thoroughly benefitted from the meeting. It was decided that similar meetings would be held in the future to discuss codes and specifications that are used by local South African industry.

Even though the country is experiencing extensive load shedding at the moment, current Section Chair Garth Appel brought along his personal generator to make sure that there was power for the meeting.

Section Highlight

Presenter Brenda Collins is currently employed by Magnaflux Corp. as a regional sales manager. She is an ASNT NDT Level III in MT and PT. Collins has served for many years on several ASNT committees including chair and vice chair of the Section Operations Council.

Central Ohio
Brenda Collins (left) received a gift certificate from Central Ohio Section Vice Chair Yi-Cheng "Peter" Pan.