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News items submitted by local sections for the month of June 2015


Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Section held two events in March. The first was a tour and demonstration at Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co. (PSEMC). The Section was able to collaborate for the first time with three other societies, with 20 Section members and approximately 50 people attending in total. PSEMC expressed gratitude for the attendance and feedback and is strongly considering making this an annual event.

The second event, a Vendor’s Night, had a great turnout with more than 17 vendors in attendance and just as many members walking through the exhibits. The Section heard lots of great feedback during and after the event, which also helped members get in touch with potential vendors.

The Arizona Section held a Vendor’s Night in March.

Central Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

On a regular basis the Central Alabama Section conducts outreach events at the University of Alabama Birmingham to educate high school students about engineering fields in general, as well as materials science and engineering specifically. Section Chair Ahmed Arabi Hassen coordinates with the department to include nondestructive testing (NDT) awareness as part of these outreach tours. Members talk with the students about what NDT is and how it contributes to daily life and personal safety. Students are also introduced to ASNT and encouraged to join.

The Section plans to reach out to different colleges and universities in the Birmingham area.

Central Alabama
On a regular basis the Central Alabama Section conducts outreach events at the University of Alabama Birmingham to educate high school students about engineering fields in general, as well as materials science and engineering specifically. Section Chair Ahmed Arabi Hassen coordinates with the department to include nondestructive testing (NDT) awareness as part of these outreach tours. Members talk with the students about what NDT is and how it contributes to daily life and personal safety. Students are also introduced to ASNT and encouraged to join. The Section plans to reach out to different colleges and universities in the Birmingham area.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section, along with the North Carolina Student Section, hosted 45 members and guests for its 13 April Vendor Night at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The North Carolina Student Section did an outstanding job cooking and serving chicken wings to the guests. Vendors set up booths to display their goods and services. All proceeds from the evening were donated to the North Carolina Student Section to help fund its members’ attendance at the ASNT Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Both sections would like to thank all the vendors for making the evening a success: Sean Alexander, Advanced Inspection Technologies; Tom Flaherty and Tim Flaherty, Detek, Inc.; John Turner, FlawTech, Inc.; Bill Williams, Newco, Inc.; Dusty Moore, Alice Zhou, and Will Dryden, Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas; Roy Duce, Sonaspection International, Inc.; Jeff Milligan, Structural Integrity Associates; and Bradley Brandt, representing Terry Clausing, Virtual Spectrum.

Section Chair Roy Duce and Section Treasurer/Secretary John Burke, of CPCC, discussed Section affairs and outgoing North Carolina Student Section Chair Bradley Brandt introduced the new Student Section officers.

James Bardyn is now the Student Section chair, Brandon Moore is Student Section vice chair, Clara Herran is Student Section treasurer, and Ron Long is the incumbent Student Section secretary.

The Charlotte Section and North Carolina Student Section hosted a Vendor Night at Central Piedmont Community College.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section met on 13 April, with 21 members in attendance at Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant in Elmhurst, Illinois. The guest speaker, Stephen Garrett, of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., discussed nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques for infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, and concrete pilings. Garrett was a research assistant at the University of Illinois, where he taught NDT at the graduate level. He demonstrated principles and methods and developed applications for students to confirm their understanding of the practices.

Since joining Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Garrett has been involved in a variety of structural and material investigations. His presentation first addressed the inspection of steel structures. He shared examples of visual, penetrant, and ultrasonic indications that required further examination and analysis to determine whether they could remain in place or required repair. His second topic highlighted the inspection of a concrete bridge deck, where spalling of the concrete had begun. The ASTM D 4580 chain drag test was employed as a chief means of characterizing discontinuous areas of the bridge deck concrete. The sound emanating from the concrete is an indication of either satisfactory or discontinuous areas. These areas were mapped out and further verified using half-cell techniques that verified whether water and salts had penetrated the concrete and were present at the reinforcing bars inside the concrete. These data were then mapped over the chain drag data and verified the initial findings. The third inspection technique involved a hammer test that is used to evaluate the concrete surrounding pilings deep in the ground. Areas of concrete that bulged or were not properly bonded yielded data that helped the engineers determine whether the piling was sound or required replacement before further construction continued.

Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson, of Karden Sales (left), presented a plaque of appreciation to Stephen Garrett, of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates.


Cleveland, Ohio

On 16 March, 25 members and guests met at the Willoughby Brewing Co. for the Cleveland Section’s monthly meeting. Cleveland Section Chair Mike Sparrow announced that member Dave Morgan received an Honoree Award from his employer, NASA Glenn Research Center. This is one of the highest employee awards, recognizing Morgan’s dedication to quality of work and flight safety above his normal work requirements, achieving significant impact on a particular human space flight program goal.

Luke Banks, president of Digicon, LLC, spoke on backscatter in computed radiography systems when using iridium-192 as the radiation source. His presentation included scenarios and situations showing many types of backscatter and how to combat it. There were many questions throughout Banks’s presentation, and all were answered to the satisfaction of everyone.

Tony Sansavera was the lucky raffle winner at the meeting.

Sixteen members and guests met at the Shriners Event Center in Broadview Heights, Ohio in April to hear Terry Tamutus, director of infrastructure business development with Mistras, speak on “Structural Health Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing for Bridges.”

Frank Sattler, Sattler Consultants Co., Inc., and Kirk Mooney, Churchill Steel Plate, Ltd., were the monthly raffle winners.

Golden Gate

San Francisco, California

On 9 April, Randy Fong gave a presentation on new developments with green energy and the evaluation of these systems. He spoke about how wind turbine generators are being constructed all over the countryside as a new efficient energy source. To meet the growing demand and a diminishing number of favorable wind sites, wind turbine blades have grown taller, longer, and lighter in size. Fong’s talk focused on the manufacturing and automated ultrasonic testing of these immense blades. Fong’s presentation comprised original pictures and video and was interesting and informative.

Hampton Roads

Newport News, Virginia

The Hampton Roads Section and the Old Dominion Section hosted a joint meeting on 10 April at the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Midtown Tunnel construction project. Stephen Meyers gave a slide and video presentation, followed by a tour of the VDOT project.

Hampton Roads
The Hampton Roads and Old Dominion sections joined up for a tour of the Virginia Department of Transportation Midtown Tunnel construction project.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Kuwait Section organized its fourth technical presentation of the current program year (July 2014 to June 2015) on 17 February at M/S Kohinoor Restaurant, Fahaheel, Kuwait. The Section-sponsored meeting was attended by approximately 30 professionals. Farukh Nasim anchored the meeting and S.S. Murugan introduced the speaker.

The presentation, “Hydrogen Induced Cracking Inspection,” was delivered by Sangli Gunasekaran, a valued nondestructive testing (NDT) professional. Gunasekaran’s presentation emphasized hydrogen induced cracking inspection in the oil and gas sector. He further discussed various aspects of initiation, propagation, and failure of piping equipment and pipelines with case studies from his experience.

As a token of appreciation, Section Chair Nayef Al-Enezi presented a memento to the speaker. Mohammed M. Rajput proposed a vote of thanks and expressed appreciation for the speaker’s effort to deliver the presentation in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

Section committee members then attended the monthly meeting under the direction of Al-Enezi, who stressed the need to continue in the same spirit to keep up the objectives of the Section.

Section Vice Chair Abdul Wahab Al-Ahmad thanked members for their active role during the current program year and highlighted the need to involve top management from various oil and gas industries to get sponsorships for various events. Section officers further stressed this need for NDT awareness. Al-Ahmad also announced that a delegation from the Section would soon meet the top management of Kuwait Oil Co. to appraise the Section objectives and activities to garner the company’s support.

Kuwait Section meeting attendees after the technical presentation.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

On 14 April, 12 members of the Lewis & Clark Section attended a presentation by Michael Fisher, instructional dean of Central Oregon Community College, about the new nondestructive testing (NDT) program that is being rolled out to the community. Fisher explained the partnership between Central Oregon Community College and the community it is chartered to serve. They are focused on a balance of providing vocational training to community members while providing an educated and trained workforce for NDT-using industries. Scholarship opportunities were discussed, as were the best techniques of introducing NDT as a career to residents who are interested in entering the workforce and to others who may be changing career paths. There is also sensitivity to ensuring returning veterans are made aware of NDT as a career path. Test Equipment Distributors, LLC hosted the dinner at Flying Pie Pizzeria.

Lewis and Clark
Lewis & Clark Section co-chairs Kristine Solarez (left) and David Harris (right) presented Michael Fisher (center) with an appreciation plaque and a book on the scenery of Oregon as a token of thanks for his presentation.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

L. Terry Clausing, president of ASNT, spoke at the 24 April meeting of the Mohawk Hudson Section. There were 17 members and guests in attendance at the Van Dyck restaurant in Schenectady, New York. Clausing presented on the future of ASNT and gave an interactive demonstration on thermography.

Mohawk Hudson
The Mohawk Hudson Section met in April for a presentation by ASNT President L. Terry Clausing.

North Atlantic

Sheffield South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

On 22 April, the North Atlantic Section held a meeting at the Sonaspection International, Inc. manufacturing facility in the U.K. The meeting was well attended with some new faces.

After the meeting, Mark Dowell, of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, gave a presentation on the company’s background, followed by a tour of the facility. It was fascinating to see all the steps involved in the manufacture and verification of what is basically a faulty part. Attendees who were used to seeing standard training and examination samples were surprised by the size and complexity of some of the parts. One part had more than 70 individual discontinuities.

A big thanks goes out to Steve Berriman and his team for their hospitality and providing such an interesting technical tour and presentation.

North Atlantic
Members of the North Atlantic Section toured the Sonaspection International manufacturing facility in April.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Twenty-one members and guests attended the OKC Section’s meeting on 16 April at the Crossroads Institute, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tilley Pressure Test sponsored the catered dinner for the 18 Section members and 3 guests who attended.

Section Chair Mark Stowers welcomed everyone and thanked the event sponsor. After introductions, Stowers spoke about the ASNT beta exams that the Section was planning to host in June or July. He answered questions from interested Section members and guests. Stowers, who is the director of Crossroads Institute, volunteered the use of Crossroads Institute facility for not only the exams, but also refresher courses for those who wish to take the beta exams. By the end of the meeting, there were five Level III volunteers to teach the refresher courses. Walt Matulewicz and Stowers agreed to organize the exams.

Stowers presented his NDT Awareness campaign and explained the opportunities for sponsorship. He expressed concern that there are not enough inspectors to take the place of the aging nondestructive testing (NDT) inspectors in the field. He stressed the need to get more young people involved in NDT. Visiting ASNT section meetings across the U.S. with a trailer sponsored by NDT companies and suppliers, Stowers has been making presentations to increase awareness of the need for NDT technicians around the world. He has also been making presentations to local schools/colleges with science, technology, engineering, and math education programs.

People can keep up with the travels of Stowers on his NDT Awareness campaign at Sponsors are welcome.

Members and guests of the OKC Section met at Crossroads Institute in April.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

On 10 April, 13 members and friends of the Old Dominion Section and Hampton Roads Section met at the headquarters of SKW Constructors for a tour of the Downtown/Midtown Tunnel project currently underway. The tour was led by Stephen Meyers, community relations coordinator at SKW. Conveniently, the tour happened to coincide with the arrival of the final section of concrete tubing, fabricated in a dry dock at Sparrow’s Point, Maryland, and attendees were able to watch it being moored to the wharf for final preparations. Afterwards, coordination took place between the leadership of both sections for October’s joint meeting. This was a very successful and informative meeting.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The March meeting of the Pittsburgh Section was a joint meeting with the American Welding Society (AWS) at the Comfort Inn and Suites meeting room, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The 17 Section members and 16 AWS members in attendance listened to System One Services speaker Jesse Groom’s presentation on the topic of “Linear Phased Array Inspection.” Following the presentation, Groom held a question and answer period for everyone. The Section thanks Groom for his presentation.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 25 March, the San Diego Section participated in the 61st Annual 2015 Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. This was the Section’s 18th year participating in the Science Fair. The Section was one of approximately 100 professional societies and other organization that presented awards to deserving students from grades 7 to 12. Each organization provides its own judges and sets its own criteria for the awards. The Section had Sarah Olsen, Aaron Siggins, Larry Olsen, and Denise McKay as its judges, splitting the duties between previewing and interviewing students during the fair.

Together, the judges evaluated more than 600 Science Fair projects, 15 of which were related to nondestructive testing (NDT). The Section judges spoke with these 14 students and from there narrowed them down to three projects that were chosen for their diversity to the field of NDT.

The selected students, who were asked to speak at the Section’s May meeting, are as follows: Shani Levy, grade 8, from Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School, with advisor Matt Bessler. Levy’s project was titled “Peripheral Vision,” the purpose of which was to see whether the color of an object has an effect on peripheral vision. This project was chosen because of how important vision is to inspection.

The second student was Jasmine Flores, grade 7, from Corfman/McCabe Union School, with advisors K. Mayo and K. Wells. Flores’ project was titled “Magnetic Fluid,” in which a ferrofluid senses a magnet and spikes up. The purpose of this experiment was to see how the strength and size of magnets affect the way a ferrofluid spikes.

The third student was Nuha Pagarkar, grade 8, from the Islamic School of San Diego, with advisor Najwan Neserelddin. Pagarkar’s project was titled “Radiation Evaluation,” testing which actions on a cell phone emit more radiation at varying distances. If the results were correct, it would be proven that talking on a cell phone at a distance of 0 mm on the front side would emit more radiation than texting, hibernating, and web surfing. The project questioned how much radiation people absorb.

The Section thanks the numerous judges active over the years. The Section has had only three Science Fair chairs—Therese Dougherty, Sarah Olsen, and Denise McKay—involved for the entire 18 years. This year’s chair, McKay, was responsible for recruiting judges and reporting their selected winners to the Science Fair.

On 7 April, the Section hosted its eighth technical meeting of the 2014–2015 year at the Best Western Seven Seas hotel in San Diego, California, with 18 members and guests in attendance.

The evening began with a principles, applications, and limitations (PAL) presentation by Ramon Thomson on “PAL of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements.” Included in the presentation were handouts and a hands-on activity. Attendees welcomed the activity and requested that it be continued at future meetings.

The guest speaker for the evening was ASNT Executive Director Arnold “Arny” Bereson. Bereson spoke on the current state of ASNT, what the future holds, and upcoming changes within the Society. For one, the ASNT building in Columbus, Ohio, which had been known as ASNT headquarters, is now being called the ASNT International Service Center (ISC). Bereson also spoke on making membership matter. He asked what should be done to improve membership and member activities. Everyone knows how important the work is that the members do on a daily basis, but why is it one of the best-kept secrets today? The answer to this and other questions are just some of the things that ASNT is working on at the ISC.

Hans Weber thanked Bereson for his presentation and presented him with a speaker gift on behalf of the Section. The evening concluded with the monthly raffle, along with recognition of Region 15 Regional Director David Mitchell and incoming Region 15 Regional Director Michael McGloin.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its 10th technical dinner meeting for the fiscal year 2014–2015 on 13 April at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The Section-sponsored meeting was attended by 96 members and guests.

Section Vice Chair Abdullah M. Al Khalifah inaugurated the meeting and started with a warm welcome to everyone. He also made announcements, including about the Saudi Arabian Level III exams that took place in April.

Al Khalifah then introduced the speaker, Section Chair Fathi E. Al Qadeeb, and invited him to start his presentation on “7th Middle East NDT Conference Updates.”

After the presentation, all in attendance enjoyed an excellent buffet dinner specially prepared by the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel.

Saudi Arabian
Audience members watched a presentation at the Carlton al Moaibed Hotel on 13 April.

St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Section hosted 13 members and guests at its April meeting held at Quality Testing Services, Inc., in St. Louis, Missouri. Section Chair Steve Fults welcomed and thanked everyone for their participation. Section Secretary Anish Poudel kicked off the open board meeting with self-introductions of members and guests. The meeting agenda and previous meeting minutes were discussed, revised, and approved by board members.

The guest speaker for the evening was Mohammad Ghasr, assistant research professor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Ghasr was also the recipient of the 2015 ASNT Research Award for Innovation. Ghasr’s presentation was titled “Real-time and 3D Real-time Millimeter Wave Imaging Systems for NDT Applications.” Ghasr started his talk by providing a brief background and principle behind millimeter wave nondestructive testing (NDT). Several different techniques and their respective applications were presented, including near field imaging, lens focused mode, synthetic aperture focusing, and real-time techniques. Some of the applications presented include pitting detection and characterization, fatigue crack imaging, Space Shuttle external tank spray-on foam insulation and ceramic heat shield tiles foreign object debris detection, and porosity characterization in high density polyethylene pipes.

Ghasr’s research interests include microwave and millimeter wave radio frequency circuits, microwave and millimeter wave instrumentation and measurements, design of real-time imaging systems, antenna design, and numerical electromagnetic tools. He has more than 20 technical publications (journal articles, conference proceedings, and technical reports) in his area of expertise, in addition to two U.S. patents and two U.S. patent applications.

After the very informative and interesting presentation, OKC Section Chair Mark Stowers, one of the Section’s guests, gave meeting attendees a tour of his truck and trailer. Stowers is currently traveling the U.S. on an NDT Awareness campaign. This campaign was started on 6 April and will end on 26 October at the 2015 ASNT Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to Stowers, “The purpose of the NDT awareness campaign is to promote the world of NDT and shed light on the unsung heroes that help protect all of us from catastrophic events occurring.” The Section is thankful for the guests and members who were present during the meeting.

St. Louis
St. Louis Section April meeting attendees (from left): Kenneth Koppen, Kenneth White, Mohammad Ghasr, (guest speaker from the Missouri University of Science and Technology), Ryan Spencer, Shashi Shrestha, Steve Fults, Tyler Westholt (Quality Testing Services), Kyle Hensler, Rick Evers, and Anish Poudel. Photo Credit: Mark Stowers.

Section Highlight

The Old Dominion Section and Hampton Roads Section toured the Downtown/Midtown Tunnel project in April. The project includes the installation of a single two-lane concrete tunnel tube under the Elizabeth River, rehabilitation of three existing tubes, and construction of a limited access connector road on the south side of the river.

Old Dominion
Group photo of Old Dominion and Hampton Roads sections attendees at the tunnel mouth.