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News items submitted by local sections for the month of January 2018


Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Section held a meeting on 19 October 2017. Robert Mock, Senior Quality Engineer at Chromalloy, gave a presentation titled “Aviation Accident Cause Factors.” The Section kept him at least an extra hour beyond his 30-minute presentation to answer questions. The topic and presentation was so well received, the Section has asked Mock to return next year and he has accepted.

Capital of Texas

Austin, Texas

The Capital of Texas Section met on 18 October 2017 at the Flight Services section of the Aviation Division of the Texas Department of Transportation for a tour and discussion of the importance of NDT to the aviation community. The Flight Services section oversees the operation and maintenance of over 20 fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters. The fixed-wing section provides transport as well as light detection and ranging (LIDAR) and photogrammetry for the State of Texas. One airplane had just gotten back from surveying beach erosion and infrastructure damage, and measuring the volume of piles of damaged housing material, along the Gulf Coast. The tour was led by Butch Ricke, flight coordinator for the Flight Services Division of the Texas Department of Aviation. Twenty-two members and guests attended the tour, which lasted about two hours and covered the flight scheduling and various operations conducted by the Flight Services Section, along with maintenance facilities for their airplanes and helicopters as well as DPS and game warden helicopters. Sensors on the aircraft include laser measurement (LIDAR) and infrared, as well as visual capabilities. The division is also partnering with several universities to determine capabilities of drones for remote visual as well as other NDT methods.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section held a meeting on 12 October 2017 at Sticky Fingers Ribhouse (Concord Mills location). The guest speaker was Salvador Villalobos, who gave a presentation titled “NDE of Concrete Structures.”

The Charlotte Section’s 12 October 2017 meeting included a presentation by Salvador Villalobos titled “NDE of Concrete Structures.”


Chicago, Illinois

The speaker for the Chicago Section meeting on 13 November 2017 was Keith Miller, project associate in materials engineering at Sargent and Lundy, LLC in Chicago, Illinois.

Thirty-five members and guests were present at Crazy Pour in Villa Park, Illinois, to hear the talk titled, “How to Make Sense of Data That Does Not Make Sense.” Miller highlighted that many times nondestructive testing produces test data that has to be interpreted and evaluated to make proper decisions. There are a number of problems that can occur, however, when making these decisions. For instance, the discontinuity type and its detection may exceed the capabilities of the process or technology used. Screening processes may be used and may miss critical defects. Time constraints and economic pressures may cause someone to react too quickly before he or she can evaluate all the data, or force him or her to make wrong interpretations.

Three basic areas were highlighted to illustrate how to ensure that proper evaluations are performed and correct results are achieved. They involved planning the inspections and selecting the right method, proper inspection protocol, and finally interpreting and evaluating the results. If previous results were obtained, they should also be considered. Miller then reviewed six case studies that demonstrated the problems that can be encountered and errors that can occur if careful planning and analysis is not incorporated into the process. His final comment was, “Question results that do not make sense.”

Keith Miller of Sargent & Lundy, LLC (left) receives the Chicago Section Globe award from Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson of Karden Sales & Consulting.


Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Section’s October 2017 meeting was attended by 19 members and guests. Gordon Bathurst, vice president of Metafix, Inc. gave a very informative presentation on the history of silver reclamation in the X-ray industry over the years, and how companies serving that industry have had to adjust to the changing technology and the environmental demands of today’s society. There was a lively question and answer period after the presentation, as well as a number of questions during the presentation, which Bathurst seemed to enjoy.

Hampton Roads

Newport News, Virginia

On 11 October 2017, the Old Dominion and Hampton Roads Sections held a joint meeting at Rocco’s Smokehouse Grille in Williamsburg, Virginia. The focus of the evening’s program was the history of the Hampton Roads Section as relayed by charter member Roger D. Wallace, who was introduced to the gathered members by William “Bill” Via, Jr., who is a charter member of the Old Dominion Section and an ASNT regional director. Wallace shared the history of how the Section was started with a group at Newport News Shipbuilding, and included the actual original Hampton Roads Section hand-calligraphic charter dated 1963. A certificate of dedicated service and desk clock were presented to Wallace in appreciation of his service to ASNT and the Hampton Roads Section over the last 50+ years. A certificate of appreciation and a glass desk globe were presented to Via for his support of the Hampton Roads Section during the last year.

Hampton Roads
Roger D. Wallace presented on the history of the Hampton Roads Section at a joint meeting of the Hampton Roads and Old Dominion Sections on 11 October 2017.


Chennai, India

The India Section successfully conducted its second technical meeting on 29 October 2017 in Trichy. There were nearly 35 members in attendance, and the meeting was chaired by Sathya Srinivasan, the treasurer of the India Section. The secretary gave an overview of 2016–2017 activities of the India Section. The technical talk was given by Ganesh Kumar on corrosion and CMOS processors. A channel partner of GE displayed their equipment.

The India Section held a technical meeting on 29 October 2017 with 35 members in attendance. The meeting included a summary of the Section’s 2016–2017 activities and a technical talk.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

On 16 November 2017, the Lewis & Clark Section toured the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River, which defines the Oregon/Washington border. John Pariseau, the quality assurance team lead of the US Army Corps of Engineers Welding & Metallurgy Center of Expertise, led the group of 31 members and guests through the facility, focusing on the engineering and inspection of the hydroelectric facility. Members of the group were impressed with the quality assurance provisions integral to the design and maintenance of the facility.

Lewis amp Clark
Thirty-one members and guests of the Lewis & Clark Section toured the Bonneville Dam on 16 November 2017.

Metro New York / Northern New Jersey

Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The Metro NY/Northern New Jersey Section held a meeting on 18 October 2017 with 25 attendees. The speaker was Anand Desai, who gave a presentation titled “Rail Wheel Testing Using Phased Array System.”

Miami Valley

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Miami Valley Section met on 11 October 2017 at Hobart Institute of Welding Technology for a tour of the world-class welding technology institute. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is an institute dedicated to welding training and education. The Institute educates and trains individuals in the use and application of welding technologies; develops and disseminates welding training and educational materials; and conducts certification research and qualifications for the welding industry. Fifteen members came out for the tour of the campus and the massive facilities used for training and education.

Miami Valley
Miami Valley Program Chair Claudia Kropas-Hughes (left) presents a section plaque to Chip Prinz, director of corporate services (right), and Fred Henman, technical training instructor (middle), in appreciation for the tour of the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology provided to the Section.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eleven members and guests of the Minnesota Section attended the 26 October 2017 “Stump the Experts” event at The American Legion in Chanhassen, Minnesota. After a Section board meeting and delicious burger bar, the assorted experts were carefully divided into two teams according to education, experience, training, arm length, and cat-like reflexes. The competition proved to be unusually tough, and midway through the 50-question “Super Lightning Round,” the score was deadlocked. As the final round progressed, Team One slowly pulled ahead, winning the game as time ran out. The proven experts from Team One were then presented with the coveted 2017–2018 Stump the Experts “Thinker” trophy.

The Section would like to acknowledge the 20 Ridgewater College NDT students who attended this year’s ASNT Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The students attended events, met prospective employers, explored vendors and booths, displayed their résumés, manned the Ridgewater College booth, and volunteered their time assisting ASNT with a variety of conference tasks and events. In addition, this year, the students also assisted Uniwest with equipment demonstrations. 

The Ridgewater College Nondestructive Testing Program, along with the program’s NDT club, has made attending the national conference an annual event. Wade Padrnos, Ridgewater College’s NDT program director, accompanied the students during their week at the conference. Although the Ridgewater NDT Club funds a portion of the trip, the students cover a majority of their own travel expenses. Some of the student favorites were the interactive and hands-on equipment and product demonstrations (especially drones and IR), gaining face-to-face time with employers, and speaking with the different NDT sectors and businesses to help understand the work environments.

The Minnesota Section held a lively and competitive “Stump the Experts” event on 26 October 2017, in which the 11 members and guests in attendance competed for the coveted “Thinker” trophy.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

The 18 October 2017 meeting of the Mohawk Hudson Section was a tour of the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF) in Schenectady, New York. RCF was originally built by the American Locomotive Company for the purpose of entering the evolving niche market for small, portable reactor plants. Built in 1954 in Schenectady, approximately 40 minutes from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) campus in Troy, New York, RCF is one of only 25 research reactors at US universities. The RCF is currently licensed by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to operate through 26 June 2031. It is used to teach MANE-4440 Critical Reactor Laboratory—a required course for all undergraduate nuclear engineering students—and for undergraduate and graduate research projects each year at RPI.

Mohawk Hudson
Attendees of the 18 October 2017 dinner meeting of the Mohawk Hudson Section, which included a tour of the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility.

North Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

The North Alabama Section held a business meeting on 24 October 2017 at Quality Testing Services.This meeting was conducted between the four officers of the North Alabama Section, Willie G. Finney, Jr., George K. Hodges, Gene Miller, and Nathan Curtis. Topics discussed included the budget, a then-upcoming technical tour at Redstone Arsenal, membership recruitment, technical meeting details, and the ASNT Annual Conference.

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

On 19 October 2017, the North Carolina Student Section held a meeting at the NDT Open Lab at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina. A pizza lunch was provided by the Section. Twelve members were in attendance to discuss some details for the ASNT Annual Conference trip, as well as to nominate and elect a new secretary and treasurer. Zachary Herman was elected to be the secretary and Ashley Stowe was elected to be the treasurer for the remainder of the 2017–2018 school year. Hussein Sadek, president/CEO of TCI, Inc., was also in attendance as the guest speaker for the meeting. He gave a speech to the students about what to expect once they graduate, as well as some details about his professional career in nondestructive examination. He also swore in the officers and board members that were in attendance.

North Carolina Student Section
Officers and board members of the North Carolina Student Section are sworn in. From left: Section President Tondre Alexander, Section Vice President Tamra Culp, Section Treasurer Ashley Stowe, Section Board Member Franklin Uzoh, and Hussein Sadek, president/CEO of TCI, Inc.

Northern New England

Newington, New Hampshire

The Northern New England Section held a board meeting on 14 November 2017. The board discussed plans for upcoming Section meetings, ASNT reporting, and engaging members through email communication and developing a section website.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

Twenty members and guests of the Old Dominion Section attended a joint meeting with the Hampton Roads Section at Rocco’s Smokehouse Grille in Williamsburg, Virginia, on 11 October 2017. After dinner, there was a short meeting with each Section to discuss business before a presentation by Roger D. Wallace on the history of the Hampton Roads Section and how the Old Dominion Section in Richmond was split off from the Hampton Roads Section. Wallace explained the importance of NDT to the area, with Newport News Shipbuilding providing well over half the active members and a number of other industries having one or two regular members in the Section as well. Wallace was presented with a clock as a speaker’s gift from the Hampton Roads Section with thanks for his many years of service to the section and ASNT, and a hardbound copy of From Vision to Mission, a history of the first 75 years of ASNT, from the Old Dominion Section.

Old Dominion
The 11 October 2017 joint meeting of the Hampton Roads and Old Dominion sections included a presentation about the history of the Hampton Roads Section. From left: Roger D. Wallace, David Finke, Stan Meyer, and William “Bill” Via, Jr.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest Section held a meeting on 9 October 2017 at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tukwila, Washington, with 31 attendees. Bill Tapia gave a presentation titled “In-Situ NDI for Structural Test Support.” In-situ NDI is the application of a nondestructive inspection (NDI) sensor or an array of sensors on a test structure so that the sensor will maintain its position and reliably output the condition of the test structure at that location throughout the test regime. In-situ NDI is needed when exact knowledge of damage initiation is required to support structural analysis modeling, when a structural test cannot be periodically unloaded to a safe condition to allow inspection, and when the onset of a specific flaw type must be known before continuation of testing.

Pacific Northwest
Bill Tapia, the speaker for the Pacific Northwest Section’s 9 October meeting, describes how in-situ NDI UT monitors are applied.


Greenville, South Carolina

The Piedmont Section held a meeting on 10 October with six members in attendance. The speaker was Glen Chonko from Fujifilm NDT Systems. He gave a presentation on implementation of CR/DR systems into quality systems.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Section held a meeting on 19 October 2017 at TÜV Rheinland Industrial Solutions with dinner at Trenney’s Grill. The speaker was Brett Pond, principal metallurgist and manager of the metallurgical and mechanical test lab. His presentation was on galvanic corrosion, emphasizing factors that affect galvanic corrosion rates and how to minimize or prevent it. The Section would like to thank Pond for his interesting and informative presentation and brief tour.

Brett Pond (left) presented to the Pittsburgh Section at their 19 October 2017 meeting. He is pictured with Section Chair John Markanich.

Rockford Stateline

Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford Stateline Section held its first meeting as a newly chartered section on 15 November 2017. Thirteen members were in attendance to hear Stuart Kleven of Alloyweld Inspection Company deliver a presentation titled “Recovery and Restoration of the Confederate Submarine, the Hunley.” During the Civil War, the Confederacy was one of the first to use a submarine in naval warfare. The Hunley was pressed into action to break the Union blockade of Charleston harbor. It sank during a battle and was recently recovered more than 130 years later. Nondestructive testing was used to evaluate the structure prior to and during restoration. The presentation highlighted some of the NDT methods used and the progress of the work being performed on the submarine. Regional Director Yi-Cheng (Peter) Pan and Section Operations Council Chair Brenda L. Collins were in attendance at the meeting at Thunder Bay Grille in Rockford, Illinois.

Rockford Stateline
The Rockford Stateline Section had 13 members in attendance, along with Regional Director Yi-Cheng (Peter) Pan (standing, far right) and Section Operations Council Chair Brenda L. Collins (seated, left), at its first meeting as a newly chartered section on 15 November.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 7 November 2017 the San Diego Section hosted the third Section technical meeting of the 2017–2018 year. The meeting was held at the Best Western Seven Seas in San Diego, California, with 26 members and guests in attendance.

The speaker for the evening was Mark Bell. The title of his talk was “Role of NDT in Metallurgical Failure Analysis.” This talk covered the relationship of NDT with metallurgical failure analysis and its importance. The presentation discussed the use of NDT to solve problems in machinery, weldments, structures, and pipelines. The advances in NDT have made better manufacturing processes for metals, perhaps even more than advances in metallurgy.

Students from the recently completed Radiographic Testing Level I and Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I/II courses were recognized.

To close the evening, San Diego Section Chair Denise McKay presented Bell with a certificate of appreciation and a speaker’s clock from the San Diego Section. The evening concluded with the regular raffles and a 50/50 cash raffle. Raffle prizes were sponsored by the Section and Phil Fetto from Chemetall. All in attendance had a good time.

San Diego
San Diego Section Chair Denise McKay (left) presented gifts to Mark Bell for his presentation at the Section’s 7 November 2017 meeting.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its sixth technical dinner meeting for the fiscal year 2017–2018 on 20 November 2017 at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The meeting was attended by 48 members and nonmembers, including guests from the Bahrain Society of Engineers.

Saudi Arabian Section Chair Abdullah Al Khalifah inaugurated the meeting with a warm welcome and announcements about Section highlights. He announced the then-upcoming short course, “UT Practical Application,” conducted by Raymond Jim Carswell from Saudi Aramco, at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel.

After the announcements, Al Khalifah invited the guest speaker from Proceq UAE, Ahmad Abdul Qadeer, to start his presentation. After the presentation, a question/answer session was held and technical questions were answered by the guest speaker.

All attendees were requested to join the dinner, which was prepared and arranged by the hotel banquet manager at the swimming pool of the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel.

Saudi Arabian
Chris Udell from Proceq shows a UT flaw detector linked on a mobile device through Wi-Fi at the Saudi Arabian Section’s 20 November 2017 meeting.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates Section held a board meeting on 14 October 2017. Topics discussed included the GNDT Expo, the Section logo, Section delegation visits, short NDT training courses by the Section, and the next technical dinner meeting.

Section Highlight

Twenty-two members and guests of the Capital of Texas Section met on 18 October 2017 at the Flight Services section of the Aviation Division of the Texas Department of Transportation for a tour and discussion of the importance of NDT to the aviation community.

Capital of Texas
Butch Ricke, flight coordinator for the Flight Services Division of the Texas Department of Aviation, explained NDT used on the airplanes and helicopters in the maintenance hangar to members and guests of the Capital of Texas Section on their 18 October 2017 tour.