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News items submitted by local sections for the month of July 2018


Boston, Massachusetts

Eleven members and guests attended the Boston Section’s meeting at the North Star Imaging facility on 24 May. The guest speaker for the evening was Zeke Millikan, lead X-ray engineer at North Star Imaging, who gave a talk and demonstration on the latest advancements in digital radiography and computed tomography technology. Millikan introduced the group to their newest technology with an enlightening presentation, followed by a live demonstration of computed tomographic volumetric reconstructed data using a North Star X5000 system. At the end of the meeting, Boston Section Secretary and host of the event Eric Gingras presented a certificate for a free computed tomography scan to Robert A. Feole, who won the North Star drawing.

Robert A. Feole (right) received a gift certificate from Boston Section Secretary Eric Gingras after winning a drawing from North Star Imaging at the Section’s 24 May meeting, which was held at the North Star Imaging facility.

Capital of Texas

Austin, Texas

The Capital of Texas Section met on 11 April at DK Maria’s Legendary Tex-Mex restaurant to host a presentation by John A. Stewart of the American Aerospace Technical Academy (AATA) of Los Angeles, California. AATA is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that trains returning veterans, women, and residents from disadvantaged communities in the high-demand field of nondestructive testing (NDT). Stewart presented AATA’s latest research on the present and future shortage of NDT technicians in various industries. He also displayed AATA’s unique approach to try to fulfill the shortage of NDT personnel. AATA offers a 40-hour course in Level I and Level II training in radiography, magnetic particle testing, penetrant, ultrasonic testing (UT), UT phased array, computed radiography, radiation safety, and visual testing, with tuition-free options for women and veterans and sliding-scale tuition for others. Stewart stressed the advantages of a diversified workforce and noted the importance of networking when looking for employment. Twenty-one members (many current NDT students) and guests attended the presentation, which was followed by a spirited question-and-answer period.

Capital of Texas
Capital of Texas Section Chair Scott D. Miller (left) thanking John A. Stewart for his presentation at the Section’s 11 April meeting.


Charlotte, North Carolina

On 9 April, the Charlotte Section joined together with the North Carolina Student Section at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) to host an annual vendors night. Vendors were invited to show their NDT equipment and services to the Charlotte-area ASNT members and their guests. Over 35 attendees came to show their support, with around 10 vendors exhibiting. The event included a dinner prepared by the students from CPCC, and all proceeds will be used to assist the soon-to-be graduating students in attending the ASNT Annual Conference in Houston, Texas this year.


Chicago, Illinois

On 9 April the Chicago Section held an educational meeting featuring Sharon D. McKnight, who is retired from Caterpillar Inc. There were 20 members and guests in attendance. McKnight reflected on her 30+ years in NDT and shared her presentation titled “A Retiree’s Top 10 Wish List for NDT.” McKnight joined Caterpillar’s Lafayette, Indiana, large engine facility in 1984, after completing the two-year NDT program at Hutchinson Vocational School in Hutchinson, Minnesota (now Ridgewater College). In 1988, she obtained ASNT NDT Level III certification in four methods—UT, magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), and and electromagnetic testing (ET)—and in 1996, she added a bachelor’s degree in business administration. McKnight served as chair of the (now inactive) Mid-Indiana Section from 1987 through 1990. Some of the interesting and pertinent items on McKnight’s wish list for the industry included the following: bridge the disconnect between NDT research and shop floor needs; advance of the science of magnetic particle inspection, and the practice of assigning equipment “ownership” to promote better care and accountability of the equipment condition; develop an NDT bachelor of science degree, ideally by partnering programs at already existing colleges and universities; employers rewarding technicians with visits to customer sites; and increase employer promotion of workforce involvement in ASNT and its leadership roles. The meeting was graciously sponsored by Circle Systems Inc.

Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson (right) thanks Sharon D. McKnight for her presentation at the Section’s 9 April meeting.


Cleveland, Ohio

On 16 April, 26 ASNT members and guests gathered at Brew Garden in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, to celebrate the Cleveland Section’s 75th anniversary. Members, along with several spouses and significant others, gathered for a festive occasion. The spouses were given free dinners and door prize tickets for this evening, and prizes totaling $275 were given away. The speaker for the evening was Regional Director for Region 11 Brenda L. Collins, who works for Sherwin Inc. Collins helped the Section celebrate its anniversary, and all in attendance were able to share stories about the Section’s history. Several longtime members shared memories of past Section events. The 75th anniversary was an enjoyable evening for all.

Regional Director Brenda L. Collins presented a plaque to the Cleveland Section to commemorate the Section’s 75th anniversary at its 16 April celebration. From left: Section Treasurer Michael R. Sparrow, Section Director Robert R. Fiala (holding banner), Section Chair Brian D. Rucker, Collins, and Deb Fiala (holding banner).


Denver, Colorado

The Colorado Section held a joint meeting with the American Welding Society (AWS) Colorado Section 039 on 8 March at Warren Tech Central located in Lakewood, Colorado. This was a one-day symposium event called the 9th Annual Welding the Rockies Symposium. The idea behind this symposium was to educate the NDT and AWS community on the relationship between welding and NDT. Both of these processes go side by side in today’s world to assure integrity, safety, and reliability of components and structures. In addition, while welding defects are not changing, the materials used to complete the welds are, and therefore the NDT technologies continue to evolve. Several ASNT members and AWS members were present during this meeting.

Nine invited guest speakers presented on various aspects of welding and NDT throughout the day. Their presentations lasted for about 50 min each. Some of the presentations included the following: “Importance of Welding Specified Welds, Design, Material, Process, Quality, NDE Personnel Certifications, Ethics, Training, and Experience” by Drew White of Wolf Robotics; “Quantification of NDE Methods for the Fusion Welded Railroad Tank Cars” by Anish Poudel of Transportation Technology Center Inc.; “Metallurgy Considerations for Service Life of Metals, HAZ, and Welds” by Stephen Liu of the Colorado School of Mines; “Processes to Preheat and Fuse Metals—Solidification, Cooling Rate, Induction Welding” by Jerry Jones of EnergYnTech Inc.; “Quality of Welds—Welder Is the First Line of Defense: Codes, Standards, Specifications, Personnel, Welding & NDT” by Richard D. Campbell of Bechtel Corporation; “Surface Inspection of Welds—Discontinuities, Defects, VT, MT, & PT Techniques, Findings, Reports: Accept & Reject Criteria” by Gregory A. Garcia of Evraz North America; and “Volumetric Inspection of Welds—Topics about Weld Discontinuities, Defects, UTT, Shear Wave UT, PAUT, RT, Reports” by Jesse A. Grantham of Welding & Joining Management Group.

The Colorado Section held the 9th Annual Welding the Rockies Symposium with the American Welding Society Colorado Section 039 on 8 March.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Twenty-nine members and guests attended the Connecticut Yankee Section meeting at the Groton Elks Lodge #2163 in Groton, Connecticut, on 16 May. In attendance were members and guests from the Section; members and faculty from Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut; members from the Narragansett Bay Section; and several members from AWS. The evening consisted of a celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Connecticut Yankee Section’s charter, the election of new officers for 2018–2019, and a presentation given by guest speaker Timothy C. Kinnaman. The Section’s new officers are Rachel L. Taylor (chair), Aaron F. Hulbert (vice chair), Marc E. Robinson (secretary), and John P. Moran (treasurer). Before the presentation, Mike C. Tsao was presented with an award for his service as treasurer over these past several years, and he was thanked for the responsible job that he performed. The guest speaker, who is a lead instructor at the New England Institute of Technology, showed the group an enlightening presentation on how a welder views the inspection process and the art and science of welding as compared to the skills of a pianist. Past Section Chair Patrick L. Shank presented a deck prism to Kinnaman in appreciation for this educational presentation. Those attending had cake for dessert in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Section’s charter on 1 June 1963.

Connecticut Yankee
Timothy C. Kinnaman (left) received an award from Connecticut Yankee Section Past Chair Patrick L. Shank for his presentation at the Section’s 16 May meeting.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section hosted 56 members and guests at its 9 May business meeting at The Republic Grill at The Battleground Golf Course of Deer Park. The executive committee meeting was also held, as well as a special host committee meeting to discuss the preparations for the 2018 ASNT Annual Conference in Houston. The May meeting sponsors were SGS S.A. and Houston Analytical Systems Company, in partnership with SciAps Inc., Magnaflux, OceanScan Ltd., and NDS Products. Tammy Wisenbaker of Mistras Group Inc. set the beach party tone for the meeting by bringing leis, beach balls, drinks, and umbrellas.

The business meeting began by introducing the night’s many great sponsors, and the first guest speaker was John T. Iman, who presented on the proposed changes to the bylaws, along with any perceived pros and cons. New officer installation was up next. Then, Roger Jordan presented the large check earned from the annual golf outing. Jordan also introduced the Section’s Technician of the Year winners for Levels I, II, and III and recognized five of 19 Section scholarship winners.

The night’s technical presentation featured a game of trivia focused on general knowledge of penetrants and ultrasonics. Rick D. Arnett, owner and president of AIP, acted as the host. The members were grouped into teams, and technical questions from ASNT Level III Study Guides (PT and UT), along with some general ASNT facts, were used to populate the 30 questions to play the game.


Tel-Aviv, Israel

On 23 May, the Israeli Section held a meeting at the Gabi Shoef Ltd. headquarters in Yavne. Eighteen participants attended the meeting, including ASNT members and nonmembers from the nondestructive testing community. The meeting began with an introduction by the newly elected Section Chair Jacky Bendayan, who discussed the requirements of reorganizing the Section and how to promote the Section’s activities. In addition, a short explanation was given on what has to be done to keep the Section active. All the members understood the significance and importance of the issue and stated that they are eager to participate in Section activities. A reelection took place and the following officers were elected: Section Chair Jacky Bendayan, Section Vice Chair Amichai Aharon Pessach, Section Secretary Yossi Shoef, and Section Treasurer Binyamin (Benjamin) Magoz.

A lecture was given by Dan Meidan from Gabi Shoef Ltd. laboratories on the monitoring of buildings and infrastructure by nondestructive testing methods during the ongoing construction/excavation of the Tel-Aviv underground metro. Amos Notea, head of quality assurance and reliability program at Holon Institute of Technology, proposed that the topic of the next lecture be about risk-based inspection. A group of Level III members was set up through an internet-based messaging app, so members can more easily stay in contact and exchange ideas.

The Israeli Section held a meeting on 23 May, during which attendees discussed the reorganization and future of the Section, reelected officers, and listened to a lecture.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Kuwait Section organized its fifth technical presentation for the program year 2017–2018 on 11 April at Kohinoor International in Fahaheel, Kuwait. The presentation was titled “High Temperature Thickness Measurement by Ultrasonic Testing & LIXI” and was delivered by Indrajit Narpatsinh Sisodia. Dhananjaya Mani Tripathi introduced the speaker to the audience. The technical presentation provided practical figures and useful knowledge for NDT professionals, and the Section appreciates Sisodia for contributing.

The Section members discussed the need to continue having similar presentations to keep up the objective of the Section. The Section officers stressed the need to encourage new ASNT memberships from oil and gas industries in order to improve the skills and knowledge of NDT professionals. The program was sponsored by the Section, and about 30 professionals attended the meeting. Shanmugom S. Murugan coordinated all the arrangements.

About 30 professionals attended the Kuwait Section’s technical presentation on 11 April.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

On 8 May the Lewis & Clark Section hosted a dinner at Shari’s Café and Pies in Salem, Oregon. John A. Stewart, executive director of the American Aerospace Technical Academy (AATA) spoke to a group of 24 members and guests. Stewart explained that the AATA is a nonprofit training organization concentrating on providing technical training for women, veterans, and disenfranchised individuals at no cost or at a reduced cost. Stewart presented a detailed study that predicts substantial job growth in the automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, and power and utility NDT fields. Technicians are always retiring, and the demand is always growing. The message was very clear that the pace of new technician placement is not keeping up with demand. Stewart stressed that if an individual wants to hustle in the NDT field, they can be very successful.

Stewart’s presentation was arranged to include several members of the Linn-Benton Community College NDT program. The students were very excited to know that the technical training they’re receiving can lead to gainful employment with growth potential.

Lewis amp Clark
John A. Stewart (left) received a small token of appreciation from Lewis & Clark Section Vice Chair David F. Harris for his presentation to the Section at its 8 May meeting.

Metro New York / Northern New Jersey

Rockville Centre, New York

Fifteen members and guests attended the 18 April meeting of the Metro NY/Northern New Jersey Section at the offices of Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC) in Elmsford, New York. The “Dig Deep, Fly High!” membership recruitment campaign was introduced to the attendees. A few meeting attendees were not members and showed interest in joining ASNT. The Section’s goal is to recruit three new members. At this meeting, Section members also agreed that the current Section officers should serve another term.

The speaker was Zhongqing You from MAC. He explained in great detail how magnetic flux leakage (MFL) nondestructive test systems are used to accurately detect surface or internal conditions such as cracks, pits, and seams in ferromagnetic tubing. He showed examples of how MFL inspection uses a DC magnetizing field to create enough flux density to bring the material to near-saturation. This flux leakage is detected by flux sensor probes with MAC-configured rotary inspection devices, which can wirelessly transmit this data to the instrumentation for processing and analysis.  The Section thanks You for his excellent presentation, and hopes he will speak again at another meeting.

Metro New York Northern New Jersey
Attendees of the Metro NY/Northern New Jersey Section’s 18 April meeting enjoyed a presentation by Zhongqing You. From left: Section Treasurer David E. Bauer, You, and Section Chair Toni Bailey.

Miami Valley

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Miami Valley Section met on 4 April with 19 guests and members in attendance at Carillon Brewing Co. in Dayton, Ohio. The guest speaker for the evening was the brewmaster for Carillon Brewing Co. She discussed the brewing processes used in the 1850s and how they currently duplicate those processes. Included in the presentation was how the Carillon Brewing Co. strives to maintain a “local” acquisition process, from the copper kettles used to develop the mash, to the wood used in the wood-fired ovens.

Miami Valley
Attendees of the Miami Valley Section’s 4 April meeting listened to the history of brewing and the processes used by Carillon Brewing Co.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minnesota Section held a meeting on 19 April at the American Legion Post 580 in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Ten members and guests attended the meeting, which featured Dianne Hillhouse from Olympus, who presented “Integrating Advanced Inspection Instrumentation and Cloud Computing to Maximize Efficiency and Productivity.” In addition to the evening’s feature presentation and buffet, the Section elected a new slate of 2018–2019 board members. The Section would like to thank Hillhouse for a glimpse into the future of advanced NDT instrumentation and cloud computing.

Attendees of the Minnesota Section’s 19 April meeting listened to a presentation by Dianne Hillhouse from Olympus.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

The Mohawk Hudson Section held a meeting on 8 May with 17 members and guests in attendance at the Van Dyck Restaurant & Lounge. The dinner presentation was given by Robert W. Bergman, a nondestructive inspection engineer who has worked at General Electric (GE) for 27 years. Bergman works for repair services and is mainly responsible for inspection system development projects involving software and robotic components to collect data, and software applications to evaluate the data acquired. The presentation was an introduction to a new inspection offering by GE, which will provide inspection coverage in the highest-stressed areas of steam turbine rotors.

Mohawk Hudson
Attendees of the Mohawk Hudson Section’s meeting on 8 May listened to a presentation by Robert W. Bergman of GE.

Narragansett Bay

Providence, Rhode Island

The Narragansett Bay Section held a meeting on 24 April at the Atwood Grill in Johnston, Rhode Island, with 24 members in attendance. Timothy C. Kinnaman, an instructor for welding and NDT at the New England Institute of Technology, gave a talk on welding for the nonwelder. He also spoke about the NDT of welds. John A. Stringer, an ASNT past president, was present at the meeting. It was announced that the last meeting for the program year would take place on 29 May, and that meeting would include officer elections for the 2018–2019 program year. In addition, it was announced that the upcoming Digital Imaging and Ultrasonics for NDT topical conference would be held 24–26 July at Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and Section members were invited to participate.

Narragansett Bay
Timothy C. Kinnaman gave a presentation at the Narragansett Bay Section’s 24 April meeting. From left: Section Chair Robert A. Feole, Kinnaman, and Section Vice Chair Robert A. MacLellan.

North Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

Eight members attended the 15 May meeting of the North Alabama Section. Ken R. Hardy, senior sales engineer with Energy Beam Systems, presented on automated defect recognition advancements.

Northern New England

Newington, New Hampshire

The Northern New England Section met on 8 April at the Great Bay Community College’s Advanced Technology and Academic Center in Rochester, New Hampshire. Ten members gathered to listen to Section Treasurer Lindsay A. Warner speak about the ballistic impact performance of three-dimensional woven composites in comparison to two-dimensional composites. This presentation was initially presented by Warner’s Albany Engineered Composites (AEC) team member at the 2017 Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) conference in Seattle, Washington. These materials are employed by AEC and Safran in the fabrication of aerospace turbine blades, fan cases, and landing strut braces.

In addition, Section Director William Hinton, who is also the website administrator, provided a tour and a status update on content and plans for the Northern New England Section’s website expansion Hinton requested members to submit photos of education outreach events, unique NDT situations, or photos that highlight NDT in action for posting on the Section website. Hinton was requested to post or link to awards and points assignments on the Section’s website.


Muscat, Oman

The Oman Section held a board meeting on 13 May, which was attended by Region 19 Regional Director Marwan F. Basrawi. Basrawi welcomed all members and thanked all newcomers, including Ahmed Al Ghafri and Niyant Mehta, who came all the way from Sohar, Oman. A special thanks was given to Bhagwant Singh of Singh & Co. for hosting the meeting at his office. Basrawi explained that the reason for calling the meeting was to assist the Section in helping to publicize ASNT in Oman. Ideas discussed included promoting training and garnering the support of local NDT companies. Basrawi noted that after the Gulf Nondestructive Testing Expo in Dubai, he plans to arrange a symposium in Oman and invite the majority of oil and gas companies and mechanical contractors.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest Section held its 9 April meeting at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Tukwila, Washington. Twenty-eight members and guests attended to hear Stuart A. Kleven, of Alloyweld Inspection Co. Inc., speak about fabrication and inspection of hardware for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which consists of two interferometers located in Hanford, Washington and Livingston, Louisiana. They were designed to study cosmic gravitational waves and measure them. These waves are caused by collapsing supernovas and the collision of black holes in space. The only information available from space has been obtained by studying electromagnetic waves. This will open a new window for the future for scientists and ultimately lead to finding out more about the Big Bang theory and the beginning of the universe. Alloyweld supplied the weldments that hold the laser mirrors in place in a vacuum. The requirement for items to work in a vacuum added extra welding requirements and tolerances that had to be met. In addition, full penetration open root welds had to be made and inspected to ensure proper strength and resonance. The talk discussed the special requirements and the means used to perform the weld root inspections.

Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Section Vice Chair Trey Gordon (left) presented Stuart A. Kleven with a speaker gift for his presentation at the Section’s 9 April meeting.


Greenville, South Carolina

The Piedmont Section held a meeting on 8 May. The speaker was Regional Director for Region 5 Hussein M. Sadek. The Section also honored E. Barry Garber for his 50+ years in the NDT business.

The Piedmont Section held a meeting on 8 May. From left: Regional Director Hussein M. Sadek; Section Treasurer Bill Plumstead, Sr.; E. Barry Garber; and Section Chair Thomas P. Dunn.

Rockford Stateline

Rockford, Illinois

On 8 May, the Rockford Stateline Section held a technical meeting with 10 in attendance. The presentation was given by Stuart A. Kleven and was titled “Fabrication and Inspection of Caustic Pump Skid Systems.”

Rockford Stateline
Attendees of the Rockford Stateline Section’s 8 May meeting were (from left): Arvid A. Casler, Derek R. Coleman, Stuart A. Kleven, Chuck Johnson, Jeremy Statham, Randall R. Counselman, Timothy P. Hughes, Joel A. Mohnacky, and Steve Kupitz (not pictured: Gregory J. Goldhagen).

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 1 May, the San Diego Section hosted its eighth Section technical meeting of the 2017–2018 program year. The meeting was held at the Best Western Seven Seas with 28 members and guests in attendance. The speakers for this meeting were the San Diego Section’s winners from the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair (GSDSEF).

Christopher Do is a seventh-grade student at The Rhoades School, and his advisor is Roxanne Hunker. His project was titled “Exploring a Novel Application of Ferrofluid for Structural Stability.” He received a GSDSEF Junior Division Second Place Categorical Place Award: Physics and Astronomy, along with an award from the San Diego Section of ASNT.

Nadia Salah is an eighth grade student at the Islamic School of San Diego, and her advisor is Arwa Alkhawaja. Her project was titled “Which Oil Makes the Best Ferrofluid.” She received a GSDSEF Junior Division First Place Categorical Place Award: Chemistry, and also received awards from the American Chemical Society, the Society of American Military Engineers, and the San Diego Section of ASNT. She was also a GSDSEF Junior Division Physical Sciences Sweepstakes runner-up.

Shreya Ranganath is an eleventh grade student at Bonita Vista High School, and her advisor is Michelle Mardahl. Her project was “Boron Carbide Coated In Situ Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite.” She received a GSDSEF Senior Division Second Place Categorical Placement Award: Engineering – Materials and Bioengineering. She also received awards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the San Diego Chapter of the Association for Women in Science, the San Diego Chapter of ASM International, the San Diego Section of ASNT, the United States Navy Office of Naval Research (Science and Technology)/Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP), and San Diego County Section of the Society of Women Engineers.

The students presented very detailed presentations on their projects and were subjected to several questions from the Section members. Each student was presented with a Certificate of Achievement, personalized pen from the Section, journals from Larry G. Olsen and Sarah Olsen, and a scholarship check from the Section.

The Section presented Certificates of Appreciation and gift cards to Rachel Paige Gilmore and Peter E. Pelayo for their time as instructors of the Level I/II magnetic particle testing course recently completed. The evening concluded with the customary monthly raffle. Prizes were sponsored by Larry G. Olsen of Northrop Grumman, Michael V. McGloin of NDT Enterprises, and the San Diego Section. The year-end attendance cash raffle was won by Rachel Paige Gilmore.

San Diego
The San Diego Section recognized student winners from the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. From left: Nadia Salah, San Diego Section Chair Denise L. McKay, Shreya Ranganath, and Christopher Do.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its tenth technical dinner meeting for the program year 2017–2018 on 30 April at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel Dammam – Khobar Highway. The meeting was attended by 73 members and nonmembers, including guests from the Bahrain Society of Engineers. Nine Section officers and board members also attended a board meeting on 22 April, led by Regional Director Marwan F. Basrawi.

Saudi Arabian
The Saudi Arabian Section held a board meeting on 22 April. Seated (from left): Section Secretary Mohammed A. Al Salih, Regional Director Marwan F. Basrawi, Section Past Chair Fathi E. Al-Qadeeb, and Section Director Taher L. Aljundi. Standing (from left): Section Director Abdullah M. Al-Zahrani, Section Chair Abdullah Mohammed Al Khalifah, Section Treasurer Mohammed A. AbuFour, and Section Director N.M. Pathan.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Southern Africa Section had a well-attended meeting on 17 April at the School of Applied Non Destructive Examination in Impala Park. Twenty people arrived to hear the talk about the new radiation safety regulations in South Africa. It was presented by Garth D. Appel from the South African Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (SAINT) Professional Body for NDT in South Africa. The usual pizza was well enjoyed.

Southern Africa
Attendees of the Southern Africa Section’s meeting on 17 April learned about new radiation safety regulations.

Villahermosa, Mexico

Villahermosa, Mexico

Eighteen members of the newly reorganized Villahermosa Section met on 27 April to hear a presentation given by Jose Luis Ponce Lopez from JP Inspecciones on the various industry applications of NDT testing using thermography. The group also discussed topics for future meetings and the schedule of meetings for the next six months.

Section Highlight

The newly reorganized Villahermosa Section held a meeting on 27 April to discuss future plans for the Section and hear a presentation about thermography in NDT testing.

Villahermosa Mexico
Attendees of the 27 April meeting of the newly reorganized Villahermosa Section.