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Section News

February 2019

News items submitted by local sections for the month of February 2019

Central Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Six members of the Central Alabama Section met on 28 November at the Regus US office in Birmingham, Alabama, to hear ASNT Director at Large John Z. Chen deliver a presentation titled “NDT of Welds in Upstream Equipment for Oil and Gas.” In addition to the presentation, attendees gathered to discuss 2019 meeting topics, synergy with other ASNT sections within the region, a new PayPal donation option, and student participation.

Central Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Three members of the Central Ohio Section, along with 26 attendees from other Columbus Technical Society (CTS) member societies, attended the CTS meeting held on 23 October at the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (CAR). The Society of Mechanical Engineers was the host society, and the meeting featured a tour of the CAR. There was a dinner/social held at Tommy’s Pizza on Lane Avenue after the event.

Two Central Ohio Section members attended another CTS meeting held on 13 November, hosted at the Upper Arlington Library by the Society of Women Engineers. The meeting featured a presentation on information system security by William Diederich and Connie Matthews, and had 16 attendees in total.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section had a good turnout for its November meeting at Technologies Consulting International Inc. (TCI) with 13 members, six students, and two guests in attendance. ASNT Past President Hussein M. Sadek gave a presentation on alternating current field measurement. The meeting was catered by Moe’s Southwest Grill and soft drinks provided by TCI.

The Charlotte Section held a meeting at TCI that included a presentation from ASNT Past President Hussein M. Sadek (second from left).


Chicago, Illinois

On 16 November, the Chicago Section took part in Technology Center of DuPage’s (TCD) career day in Addison, Illinois. TCD is the regional career and technical education high school for DuPage County. The students are juniors and seniors from any one of 26 member high schools in DuPage County.

All of the exhibitors provided the students with excellent information, a way to explore options, and potential contacts as they continue to make “life after high school” decisions. This was the first time that the Chicago Section participated in this event and represented nondestructive testing as an immediate entry or post-secondary career education option. Introductory information was provided about the necessity of NDT in our society, the various inspection methods, real-life applications of the methods, and typical career paths. It was no surprise that there was keen interest in the earning potential for a career in NDT. Presentations were made to groups of no more than 15 students per session with 12 sessions lasting 15 minutes each over the course of the day.

Chicago Section Chair Chuck Johnson (left) pictured with Monica Shackleford, career counselor at the Technology Center of DuPage (TCD). The Section participated in TCD’s career day, sharing information about NDT to the high school students in attendance.


Cleveland, Ohio

Eighteen members and guests attended the Cleveland Section’s November meeting held at the Brew Garden in Middleburg Heights on 19 November. The speaker was Valery F. Godínez-Azcuaga from MISTRAS Group, who spoke on the topic of the future of NDT and the Internet of Things (IoT). Godínez-Azcuaga gave an engaging presentation on the development and miniaturization of NDT technologies and the need to generate useful information from data in a way that a recipient who is not a technical expert can take necessary actions. After his presentation, Godínez-Azcuaga fielded several questions from the audience. The Cleveland Section thanks Godínez-Azcuaga for his interesting presentation.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section met on 14 November at Bechtel Welding and Applied Technology Center located in Northwest Houston, Texas. This was the first time that Greater Houston Section members were treated to a field trip to visit and tour a facility. Everyone enjoyed a BBQ dinner catered by popular local favorite Rudy’s Texas Bar-B-Q. Kyle Davidson, Bechtel Level III, gave a presentation titled “Procedures: Why Use Them and How Best to Develop and Control Them.” Davidson, Ben Fletcher, and several other Bechtel volunteers graciously gave tours of the company’s state-of-the-art welding shop. Members were captivated by the presentation and the surroundings of Bechtel’s training center, lab, and welding shop.

Several door prizes donated by AIP were given out to attendees. In addition to Bechtel, the Section would like to thank the following companies who sponsored the meeting: MISTRAS Group, Turbo NDT, and NDT Seals Inc. Their generosity and continued support to the Section is very much appreciated. The field trip was a huge success with 34 members in attendance.

Greater Houston
Attendees of the Greater Houston Section’s 14 November meeting enjoyed a tour of the Bechtel Welding and Applied Technology Center.


Ames, Iowa

Fifteen members and guests attended the Iowa Section meeting on 4 December at the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation in Ames, Iowa. Steve Jelfs, DÜRR NDT, delivered a presentation titled “Direct Radiography (DR): A Technology Update.” A number of advances have been made over the last few years in the area of DR. The presentation provided a brief history of DÜRR NDT, an overview of direct radiography, how it works, and the current state-of-the-art. A general discussion of DR technology followed the presentation.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

On 11 December, members of the Lewis & Clark Section met at Flying Pie Pizzeria in Portland, Oregon, to hear a presentation on the railroad industry by Section Chair Curt Powell, Level III from PCC Structurals Inc. He presented on the dramatic effects of NDT inspection in the railroad industry when NDT is not performed correctly. The presentation included countless examples where each railroad catastrophe costs millions, either from the need to clean up the environment due to a derailed train or from damage to property by the subsequent fires that are usually sparked by the crash. All of the examples given could have been avoided with routine NDT inspection performed properly by trained personnel. With over 230 000 miles of track, NDT inspectors have their work cut out for them in regards to NDT inspection and keeping the world a safer place.

Lewis amp Clark
Attendees of the Lewis & Clark Section’s 11 December meeting enjoyed a presentation by Section Chair Curt Powell (right), pictured here with Section Vice Chair David F. Harris.

Miami Valley

Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio

Sixteen members of the Miami Valley Section met on 7 November at Miami Valley Gaming for a presentation titled “Water Contact Angle to Predict Penetrant Wettability” by Elizabeth Kidd from BTG Labs. Kidd’s presentation discussed the importance of reliably predicting dye penetrant wettability and understanding the level of surface cleanliness prior to penetrant application. She showed that quantifying surface cleanliness is a means to ensure complete wetting of the penetrant across a substrate. For this study, surface energies of washed and unwashed aluminum parts were characterized via water break test and water contact angle measurements and subsequently correlated with penetrant wettability. Kidd is currently an R&D chemist and customs applications scientist with BTG Labs in Cincinnati, Ohio, where her work seeks to correlate surface chemistry, surface energy, and bond performance for practical adhesion applications.

Miami Valley
Miami Valley Section Past Chair Lisa M. Price (left), Sherwin Inc., presented speaker gifts to Elizabeth Kidd, BTG Labs, for her presentation at the Section’s 7 November meeting.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

The 11 December dinner meeting of the Mohawk Hudson Section was attended by 13 members and guests who came to hear a presentation titled “Residential Circuit Breakers: Some Holes in the Electrical Safety Net” by Jesse Aronstein. A recently published Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) paper reports on the performance of residential circuit breakers. Some brands have a high defect rate for both field samples and new off-the-shelf breakers. People in buildings equipped with defective breakers are exposed to an increased risk of fire and injury. This presentation delved into the background of the defective breaker problem and summarized the test methods and results. Aronstein presented an interesting story about how defective breakers get into the marketplace through our codes and standards screening and how independent testing has yielded progress toward reducing the hazards.

The meeting was coordinated by Section Vice Chair William D. Friedman.

Mohawk Hudson
Attendees of the Mohawk Hudson Section’s 11 December meeting.

Narragansett Bay

Providence, Rhode Island

The Narragansett Bay Section held a meeting on 27 November at the Atwood Grill in Johnston, Rhode Island, with 26 members in attendance. ASNT Past President Robert A. Feole spoke on ethics in NDT and a lively discussion took place. Those in attendance spoke about ethics violations that have taken place in their workplace. ASNT Past President John A. Stringer was in attendance, as was Regional Director, Region 1, John P. Moran. All attending enjoyed the talk and asked many questions.

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

The North Carolina Student Section attended the 2018 ASNT Annual Conference in Houston, Texas. The students were able to gain valuable exposure to the NDT industry as well as meet and speak with current and past industry professionals. This event was an eye-opener for the students, who got to see cutting-edge technology on display and begin networking for the beginning of their careers in NDT. The students also attended the ASNT Awards Banquet, where they were inspired by the careers and achievements of the award winners, and could envision that they may one day distinguish themselves through work or education to be one of the honorees. The students left the conference with a sense of purpose that they will soon be entering into a field that makes sure the world a safer place.

North Carolina Student Section
Members of the North Carolina Student Section found valuable experiences and inspiration at the 2018 ASNT Annual Conference. Front row (from left): Marshall Shank, Chris Scola, Jesus Nicholas, and Rodney B. Stephens. Back row (from left): Jeff Pugsley, Zachary Baze, and David G. Stuart.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

The Old Dominion Section held a technical meeting on 26 November at Calabash Seafood. Fourteen members and guests attended to hear John Andre discuss the current state of development of electric cars by Tesla. He discussed the performance and capabilities of his Tesla and the many support functions available, including charging stations around the area. He noted the cars are able to receive updates through software upgrades, allowing the cars to remain up-to-date, unlike cars with internal combustion engines, which are tied to the capabilities and design of the hardware. The Section had to elect a new vice chair, Keith E. Erk, because the previous vice chair relocated to Texas for work. The Section also discussed all the final arrangements for the Christmas Social planned for 1 December, along with plans for the upcoming year. Section Chair Thomas (Ed) Darby presented Andre with the Section’s traditional speaker’s gift at the conclusion of his presentation and invited him to send all his X-ray techs to the Section’s meetings in the future.

The Old Dominion Section held its December social meeting at the Swift Creek Mill Theatre on the evening of 1 December in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Thirty-one members and guests gathered for dinner and a play to celebrate the holidays and enjoy friends and fellowship. The play, which followed dinner, was a 1940s Radio Christmas Carol, and a welcome beginning to the busy Christmas season ahead.


Greenville, South Carolina

The Piedmont Section held a technical meeting on 27 November at the Local Cue in Greenville, South Carolina, with 10 members in attendance. The Section would like to thank the members who brought a toy to donate to the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots. A total of 10 toys were collected.

Manuel Lucas of Sonotec gave a presentation on air-coupled ultrasound. It is sometimes hard for practitioners to understand ultrasonic flaw detection without a fluid-coupling medium. Air-coupled ultrasound is finding more applications, especially in plastic structures in automotive and aerospace components. Lucas showed examples of defects detected that were smaller than one might expect.

After Lucas’s presentation, Section Chair Thomas P. Dunn thanked him. Dunn led a discussion about the development of a Section logo. Some ideas have been submitted and will be distributed for vote.

Rockford Stateline

Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford Stateline Section held a technical meeting on 11 December at the Thunder Bay Grille in Rockford, Illinois, with 30 members and guests in attendance. The guest speaker for the evening was John D. Register from R-Con NDT Inc. Register gave a presentation on the use of phased array ultrasonic inspection. He highlighted the advantages of the use of phased array and gave a primer on the technique. He described the use of the various types of probes with 16 to 64 different elements and the advantages of each configuration. He also displayed the use of the advanced programs embedded in the phased array ultrasonic units for relaying and displaying data. Stuart A. Kleven then gave a student outreach presentation to 16 students from the Rock Valley College welding program who were in attendance along with their instructor, George Bane. The presentation was titled “NDT of Welds.” Kleven reviewed the major nondestructive testing methods, including ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, radiography, and visual inspection. He showed each method’s usage in both field and laboratory environments and provided examples of discontinuities detected using the various methods.

Rockford Stateline
Rockford Stateline Section Chair Joel A. Mohnacky (right) presents a plaque of appreciation to John D. Register of R-Con NDT for his presentation at the Section’s 11 December meeting.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 4 December the San Diego Section hosted their fourth Section technical meeting of the 2018–2019 program year. The meeting was held at the Best Western Seven Seas in San Diego, California, with 24 members and guests in attendance. The speaker for the evening was Mike Grubb, director of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Regional Crime Laboratory.

The title of his talk was “A New Sheriff's Crime Lab—and an Interesting DNA Case.” Since 1994, the Sheriff’s Regional Crime Lab had been located in the old Clairemont hospital, a building that is now 55 years old. Deterioration of the building led to approval by the Board of Supervisors to construct a new crime lab at the County Operations Center in Kearny Mesa. The crime lab moved into the new building/laboratory in August 2018. Grubb provided a quick photo tour of the new lab.

Grubb then presented a couple of DNA cases that used not just conventional DNA and their associated database but also used familial DNA to solve cases. Grubb also covered the Golden State Killer and how he was caught using DNA evidence. The audience expressed its appreciation of the presentation and engaged the speaker with questions on various DNA techniques and processes used. The Section thanked Grubb for his talk and presented him with a speaker gift and certificate of appreciation.

Monthly raffle prizes were sponsored by Peter E. Pelayo of Met-L-Chek, David R. Waitt of Fujifilm, Larry G. Olsen of Northrop Grumman, and the San Diego Section. This evening was the annual Christmas event and spouses/significant others night. There was a white elephant gift exchange, and all spouses/significant others in attendance received a gift from the Section.

San Diego
San Diego Section Chair Roman Thomson (left) pictured with Mike Grubb, who was the speaker for the Section’s 4 December technical meeting.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its fifth technical dinner meeting of the program year on 12 November at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel. The meeting was attended by 114 members and nonmembers, including guests from the Bahrain Society of Engineers.

Section Past Chair Fathi E. Al Qadeeb welcomed guests to the meeting and made announcements. After the announcements, guest speaker Kengo Nomura from Fujifilm presented on the basic principles and characteristics of digital radiography technology. After the presentation, Al Qadeeb distributed door prizes to the lucky winners and invited everyone to enjoy a buffet dinner arranged by Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel.

Saudi Arabian
Saudi Arabian Section Past Chair Fathi E. Al Qadeeb presented an appreciation token to the guest speaker Kengo Nomura. From left: Mirza Salman Al Thunian, Mithi Moideen (Fujifilm), Al Qadeeb, Nomura, Ryoji Okumoto (Fujifilm), and Section Vice Chair Muhammad Jamil Anjum.


Shanghai, China

ASNT Executive Director Dr. Arnold Bereson and ASNT Immediate Past Chair David R. Bajula attended the Shanghai Section’s meeting on 16 October. Fourteen members attended the meeting, which included detailed discussions on NDT qualifications and the misuse of SNT-TC-1A in China. One of the main topics of discussion was the completion of the translation of SNT-TC-1A into Chinese, which involved 40 ASNT who helped with translation and review. Attendees also discussed the distribution and payments of the Chinese version of SNT-TC-1A. Bereson and Bajula also visited the Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing’s (ChSNDT) office. ChSNDT expressed interest in the possibility of expanding their cooperation with ASNT to include offering ACCP practical examinations as an authorized examination center. They are currently offering ISO 9712 certification under an agreement with ICNDT, so they have the facilities and equipment already in place to conduct ACCP examinations.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Southern Africa Section held their last meeting of 2018 at Fahrenheit Seafood and Grill in Benoni on 3 December. 2018 was a very good year for the Section, and the Section is aiming to earn a silver award in the President’s Award Program. Good progress is being made toward achieving that goal. New ways to expand the Section were also discussed at the meeting. The Section is sad to see Section Past Chair Simon N. Wilding leave South Africa for a move to Australia. All wished him every success in the future.

Southern Africa
The Southern Africa Section held its final 2018 meeting on 3 December, which included discussions about plans for the future of the Section. From left: Section Treasurer Gerhardus J. Coetzee, Section Vice Chair Benjamin Beetge, Section Chair Elaine Macdonald, Section Secretary Glenda Kedibone Molope (Secretary), Section Past Chair Simon Wilding, and Section Educational Director Phillip Skelton.

Section Highlight

ASNT Executive Director Dr. Arnold Bereson and ASNT Immediate Past Chairperson of the Board David R. Bajula attended the Shanghai Section’s meeting on 16 October, which focused on NDT qualifications and certification.