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Section News

March 2019

News items submitted by local sections for the month of March 2019

Central Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

The Central Ohio Section met as part of the Columbus Technical Societies (CTS) meeting at Columbus State Community College (CSCC) on 10 January. The 44 attendees from the CTS member societies included three ASNT members and one ASNT staff member. The American Welding Society was the host society for this meeting.

The evening included a meal and presentation by CSCC Assistant Professor Scott Laslo as well as the opportunity for hands-on welding in the CSCC weld lab. Welders had the opportunity to create a small project and practice MIG welding. During his presentation, Laslo mentioned that the demand for skilled tradespeople, such as welders, is at an all-time high. While industry is starved for talent, community colleges suffer from a lack of funding and resources. The welding faculty at Columbus State Community College, in collaboration with Lincoln Electric, uses the latest in movement-tracking technology to innovate the manner in which welders are trained. This training innovation enables welders to train remotely, making efficient use of resources while preserving the “hands-on” nature of instruction, and holds promise for many other trade disciplines.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Attendees of the Charlotte Section had a great time at the December meeting/Christmas party at Red Hill Brewing in downtown Concord, North Carolina, with 13 members, two students, and eight significant others in attendance. The Section had a delicious meal catered by Gianni’s Trattoria (an Italian restaurant in downtown Concord), followed by a Secret Santa gift exchange. Gifts ranged from a child’s toy chainsaw, to ratchet sets, umbrellas, and even a toaster oven.

The Charlotte Section held its December meeting and Christmas party at Red Hill Brewing in Concord, North Carolina.


Chicago, Illinois

On Monday, 10 December, Timothy Scott Roach of Tenaris presented to the Chicago Section. Seventeen members and guests were in attendance. Roach has worked in numerous NDT sectors, including oil country tubular goods manufacturing, construction, fabrication and welding, and NDT equipment fabrication. His presentation, “Oil Country Tubular NDT Process: Why and How” highlighted the importance and processes within the diligent inspection of the different components employed in bringing oil to the surface. Roach’s illustrations included short videos showing the extensive automation employed by Tenaris. He graphically illustrated how robotics have helped the company raise efficiencies, lower costs, and improve their ability to detect defects.

Roach is Tenaris’ US region NDT senior manager. He has been involved in NDT for more than 30 years and holds ASNT NDT Level III certification in UT, RT, ML, ET, MT, and PT. He has also been a CWI for 19 years.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Nineteen members and guests attended the Connecticut Yankee Section meeting at the Groton Elks Lodge 2163, on 15 January, in Groton, Connecticut. In attendance were members from the Connecticut Yankee and Narragansett Bay sections, and new ASNT members from Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut. Section Chair Rachel L. Taylor opened the meeting in accordance with parliamentary procedure before introducing the guest speaker, Ajay Pasupuleti from NanoArk Corp. Pasupuleti, a member of ASNT and ASTM E07, has many years of experience in image processing. He gave an interesting talk titled “Lossless Analog to Digital Radiograph Conversion and Its Retrieval System.” Digitization of existing analog X-ray collections is a means of improving radiograph access and archiving. Taylor presented an ASNT pen and pencil set and file folder to Pasupuleti in appreciation for this in-depth presentation.

Connecticut Yankee
Connecticut Yankee Section Chair Rachel L. Taylor (left) presented gifts to Ajay Pasupuleti for his presentation at the Section’s 15 January meeting.


Detroit, Michigan

The Detroit Section met at the Hunter Community Center in Clawson, Michigan, for its December meeting. The guest speaker was Aaron Steele from the Detroit Institute of Arts Conservation Department. He is an imaging specialist and described how NDT is used to research, authenticate, and date fine works of art. He also described how it is used in the conservation process. The meeting was well attended. The Section would like to thank Test Equipment Distributors for sponsoring the meeting and providing food and beverages.

The Detroit Section’s December meeting featured a presentation on how NDT is used in fine art conservation from Aaron Steele of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section held its annual casino night holiday party on 12 December 2018. The party was held at the South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference Center. The evening kicked off with members being treated to a delicious winter wonderland food buffet that included crab cakes, bacon-wrapped shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, prime rib, and pasta, to name just a few dishes. As members were enjoying their meals, raffle numbers were drawn and more than 46 beautifully wrapped gifts were given out, always a crowd favorite. Then, members enjoyed the excitement of playing blackjack, poker, and craps and spinning the roulette wheel.

As the casino tables closed and members counted their chips, the evening wrapped up with even more prizes being given out to the casino winners. These special prizes were donated by ALX Industries LLC, AccessRULES, Team Industrial Services, Turbo NDT, and OceanScan Ltd. The generosity of these companies and their continued support of the Section is always appreciated. The event was a huge success with 72 members and guests enjoying the festivities and with more than 70 toys collected and donated to the US Marine Toys for Tots program.

Arrangements committee members Rhonda Grisham-Storey and Wendy Post did a phenomenal job organizing the party. They worked countless hours getting and wrapping gifts, designing table centerpieces, and making numerous phone calls to collect donation prizes. Lastly, special thanks to Zachary Wayne Sebren, Zeki Cosku Gokce, and John Huffman for working the welcome table and then loading and delivering the donated toys.

Greater Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

On 15 December 2018 the Greater Los Angeles Section held its annual Christmas banquet. The theme was “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” and it was held at the Yanks Air Museum in Chino, California. There were approximately 135 guests in attendence, with a special appearance by Mr. and Mrs. Claus. As in previous years, the Section held a US Marine Toys for Tots drive, and two Marines were present at the banquet. It was a great event with lots of fun and great memories.


Ames, Iowa

Thirteen members of the Iowa Section met on 17 January to listen to Gary Mathias and Bryan Butsch of the Modal Shop Inc. speak about the fundamentals of the NDT resonant acoustic method. The presentation discussed how the rapid conversion of machined parts to powdered metal and cast is driving industries, especially automotive. Due to the high expectations of both primary manufacturers and end consumers, defects cannot be tolerated, even in million-piece quantities. There is, in effect, a growing requirement for zero-defect supply chain commitments. To achieve zero-defect output, manufacturers are making the commitment to move to online NDT. This type of online inspection requires accuracy, reliability, and high throughput. Resonant acoustic method NDT provides a proven technique exhibiting these pivotal performance requirements and automates economically.

Attendees of the Iowa Section’s 17 January meeting.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

On 15 January, 12 members of the Lewis & Clark Section attended a presentation by Lennart Schulenburg of VisiConsult discussing the advancements made in automated radioscopic inspection. Schulenburg explained how in-line ADR provides near real-time results and feedback to the process to enable process adjustments to be made on the fly, as compared to running several pieces, which may have shifts or drifts in their quality. Furthermore, advancements in image collection and management are permitting the practice of gathering images in one location and evaluating those images elsewhere; either in another county or, in some cases, in another hemisphere. This allows companies to be more flexible with their resources, particularly in a time where qualified NDT inspectors are in dwindling supply. Schulenburg also discussed the steps necessary to advance from manual inspection to assisted defect recognition, and finally automatic defect recognition, all of which rely heavily on the proper, responsible use of artificial intelligence. One of Schulenburg’s final comments to the group was that the world is drastically changing, and we must adapt to that changing landscape responsibly. Test Equipment Distributors generously sponsored the dinner for all attendees at Flying Pie Pizzeria in Portland, Oregon.

Lewis amp Clark
Lennart Schulenburg (left) received a small token of appreciation from Lewis & Clark Section Treasurer Michael Dunbar for his presentation at the Section’s 15 January meeting.

Miami Valley

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Miami Valley Section met on 5 December 2018 at Class Axe Throwing in West Chester Township for a combination technical and social meeting. First, the 17 members in attendance participated in a fun and exciting team-building event—axe throwing! Attendees competed for the coveted “LumberLord” title, won by Nathaniel M. Reveal from American Testing Services, with Gary Mathias from The Modal Shop in second place. After team building, Lisa M. Price of Sherwin Inc., the Section Management Division Chair of ASNT’s Section Operations Council, along with Claudia V. Kropas-Hughes, 2018 ASNT Professional Program Committee Chair, provided a review of the 2018 ASNT Annual Conference and the latest news from the International Service Center.

The Miami Valley Section met on 10 January at the Bravo Cucina Italiana restaurant in West Chester Township, Ohio, for its winter board meeting with six members in attendance. ASNT Regional Director, Region 11, Brenda L. Collins, attended and provided guidance and expertise to the Section’s board on their issues.

Miami Valley
Attendees of the Miami Valley Section’s 5 December participated in a team-building axe throwing competition.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

The 15 January dinner meeting of the Mohawk Hudson Section featured a presentation titled “Direct Radiography - A Technology Update” by Steve Jelfs of DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG. Several advances have been made over the last few years in direct radiography. Jelfs provided a brief history of DÜRR NDT and an overview of direct radiography, including how it works and the current state-of-the-art.

Jelfs has been involved in digital radiography for NDT since 2009 and has interacted with and supported innumerable computed and digital radiography users and applications worldwide. Prior to his involvement in general NDT, Jelfs spent many years using X-rays to inspect electronic solder joints, verifying their structural integrity with both computed tomography and laminography systems. Originally from England but now a resident of Massachusetts, Jelfs holds a physics degree from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Thirteen members and guests attended the meeting at The Van Dyck in Schenectady, New York, as did the Regional Director, Region 2, Lawrence E. Mullins, Sr.

Mohawk Hudson
Attendees of the Mohawk Hudson Section’s 15 January meeting.

Narragansett Bay

Providence, Rhode Island

The Narragansett Bay Section held a meeting on 18 December at the Atwood Grill in Johnston, Rhode Island, with 28 members in attendance. ASNT Past President Robert A. Feole of Feole Technologies Inc. spoke on the topic of choosing a career in NDT. In attendance were students and alumni from Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School.

Three of the students signed membership applications to become members of ASNT. The December meeting also served as the Section’s annual Christmas party, and all had a good time. ASNT Past President John A. Stringer and Regional Director, Region 1, John P. Moran, were also in attendance.

North Atlantic

Sheffield, United Kingdom

The North Atlantic Section toured the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust in Derby, England, on 20 November 2018. Section members enjoyed a tour of the museum, which displayed examples of engines dating from the early 1900s to the modern day. It was interesting to see the progression and innovation that took place over such a short space of time. Seeing the internal workings of these engines gives an appreciation of the complex technologies at work. The tour was followed by a presentation from Rolls Royce Apprentice Doug O’Hare who discussed a project he completed using phased array techniques to inspect for corrosion for in-service on-wing inspection of fuel and oil pipes.

The Section had a very good turnout of members at the meeting and discussed the current state of the Section, future events, and the new ASNT “All Aboard the MemberSHIP” membership campaign. Everyone was encouraged to participate in future activities, and Section officers asked for feedback to help improve future meetings and plan events.

North Atlantic
Attendees of the North Atlantic Section toured the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust in Derby, England, on 20 November.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

Seventeen members of the Pacific Northwest Section met on 10 December at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Tukwila, Washington. Section Chair Kathy L. Ferguson of The Boeing Company delivered a presentation titled “ASNT League of Superheroes.” Ferguson presented on the role that NDT plays in saving thousands of lives annually and said that NDT inspectors are akin to superheroes. According to the presentation, because NDT inspectors prevent catastrophes before they happen, they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Like many pop-culture superheroes, they often get lambasted by management for spending resources because management fails to recognize the billions in lawsuits that NDT prevents and the thousands of lives inspectors save. This is why it is so important to stay involved in ASNT.

Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Section Treasurer Edward L. Puckett presented Section Chair Kathy L. Ferguson with a gift for making a presentation at the Section’s 10 December meeting.

Rockford Stateline

Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford Stateline Section held a technical meeting on 8 January at the Thunder Bay Grille in Rockford, Illinois, with 14 members and guests in attendance. The guest speaker for the evening was Randall R. Counselman, senior welding specialist from TC Industries Inc. Counselman gave a very informative presentation on the visual inspection of welds. He highlighted the various types of discontinuities that can be found in welds and described the methods used for visual inspection, including all the various tools and techniques that are employed. In addition, he reviewed the in-process checks that can be performed to help improve the final welded product.

Rockford Stateline
Rockford Stateline Section Treasurer Derek R. Coleman of Scot Forge (left) presents a plaque of appreciation to Randall R. Counselman of TC Industries Inc. for his presentation at the Section’s 8 January meeting.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

After Al-Qadeeb’s discussion, Al Khalifah distributed door prizes to the lucky winners and invited everyone to enjoy the buffet dinner arranged by the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel.

The Saudi Arabian Section held its sixth technical dinner meeting on 17 December at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel – Al Khobar. The meeting was attended by 104 members and nonmembers, including guests from the Bahrain Society of Engineers. Section Chair Abdullah M. Al Khalifah opened the meeting with a warm welcome. After announcements, Al Khalifah invited the guest speaker, Section Past Chair Fathi E. Al-Qadeeb, to speak about the upcoming 8th MENDT Conference being held at Gulf Hotel Bahrain in Manama, Bahrain in 2019.

Saudi Arabian
Saudi Arabian Section Past Chair Fathi Al-Qadeeb presented about the upcoming 8th MENDT Conference, to be held in Bahrain in 2019, to the Section at its 17 December meeting.

South Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Fifteen people attended the South Texas Section’s meeting on 25 September 2018. Richard Woodward of DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG provided a comprehensive review of digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) and also discussed the DÜRR NDT DR and CR equipment. Everyone enjoyed the meeting.

South Texas
Attendees of the South Texas Section’s 25 September meeting.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates Section organized the first Gulf Nondestructive Testing Expo 2018 (GNDT EXPO), which attracted the participation of 575 delegates, 43 technical paper presentations, and 40 exhibitors from 20 countries. This conference and exhibition was successfully held at the Conrad Hotel Dubai in the United Arab Emirates over three days, 25–27 September 2018. GNDT EXPO brought ASNT to the entire Arabian Gulf region to support and advance local NDT interests, industries, vendors, businesses, and educational institutions. GNDT EXPO 2018 served ASNT’s membership by allowing its many Level IIIs in the region to earn attendance hours to maintain their certification. More details about GNDT EXPO 2018 may be accessed at

United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates Section organized the first Gulf Nondestructive Testing Expo, which was held on 25–27 September 2018.

Villahermosa, Mexico

Villahermosa, Mexico

On 14 December 2018, the Villahermosa Section held a meeting with guests from the private sector as well as representatives from the different areas of the national oil company, PEMEX, as the meeting addressed the mechanical integrity of various projects that have been carried out in many of the PEMEX facilities throughout the Mexican Republic. Víctor Manuel Nunez Ledesma delivered a presentation titled “Application of the NDT Methods for the Administration of Pipe Mechanical Integrity of Pemex, Southern Region.” The meeting was attended by more than 60 technicians involved in the field of NDT. Prior to the presentation given by Nunez Ledesma, a presentation about ASNT’s “All Aboard the MemberSHIP” member-get-member campaign was also presented to the group. Previous to the recruitment presentation, many of the attendees had been unaware of the importance and benefits that are acquired by integrating into ASNT.

Villahermosa Mexico
Attendees of the Villahermosa Section’s 14 December 2018 meeting.

Section Highlight

The Greater Houston Section held its annual casino night holiday party on 12 December 2018 at the South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference Center inside the beautiful Marina ballroom. The evening included a buffet dinner and prizes, and the Section collected over 70 toy donations for the US Marine Toys for Tots program.

Greater Houston
The Greater Houston Section held its casino night holiday party on 12 December. From left: Section Treasurer Zachary Wayne Sebren, Section Vice Chair Bonnie M. Blanchard-Witter, Section Chair John R. Huffman, Section Director Wendy Post, Zeki Cosku Gokce, Rhonda Grisham-Storey, and Samuel (Roger) Jordan.