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News items submitted by local sections for the month of April 2020

Central Savannah River Area

Augusta, Georgia

The Central Savannah River Area Section met on 11 February with 15 members in attendance at Red Lobster in Aiken, South Carolina. The guest speaker was ASNT NDT Level III in LT Greg Sides of Savannah River National Laboratory, who spoke about leak testing (LT) performed on thick welded vessels and the difficulty of isolating the welds for LT. Several indications were noted, and he presented slides showing the leak path and final NDT results. A brief meeting was held before the speaker’s presentation, a report from the Section’s officers was given, and upcoming speakers were discussed. The Section would like to thank Sides for his presentation.

Central Savannah River Area Section officers presented a certificate to speaker Greg Sides. From left: Vice Chair Marvin W. Trimm, Chair James B. Elder III, and Sides.


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section held their January meeting at Big Al’s Pub & Grubberia with nine members and one guest in attendance. Section Vice Chair Kirstin Groenewald presided over the meeting. Members and guests then enjoyed dinner while Ricky L. Morgan gave a fascinating presentation on the construction and inspection of the High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Section would like to thank all attendees, with a special thanks to Morgan for his presentation.

Charlotte Section Vice Chair Kirsten Groenewald presented a speaker’s award to Ricky L. Morgan.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section met on 10 February with 17 guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois. The guest speaker for the evening was David E. Kosnik, Ph.D., P.E., and senior engineer of CTLGroup in Skokie, Illinois. The title of his presentation was “Acoustic Emission Monitoring.” The discussion centered on the varied techniques and types of structures that can be tested using acoustic emission testing (AE). Kosnik reviewed several case studies involving a large bridge that crosses from Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky, and the roof closure system at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also showed the use of AE on large valves. AE is valuable for locating discontinuities on large structures, which then allows for closer examination using other NDT methods, such as ultrasonic testing, to pinpoint and characterize the discontinuity.

Chicago Section Chair Charles (Chuck) P. Johnson of Karden Sales & Consulting presented a speaker’s gift to David E. Kosnik, Ph.D., of CTL Group (right) for his interesting talk.


Cologne, Germany

The German Section met on 28 January in Hamburg, Germany. Past Chair Ralf Holstein welcomed members, including Regional Director, Region 18, Mark A. Ormrod. The state of affairs was discussed including ASNT’s new website design, information about events in 2020, and the new membership campaign “Vision in 2020.” Attendees then listened to a lecture on ASME BPVC 2019 presented by Christoph Kringe.

Golden Gate

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Section partnered with the Sacramento Valley American Welding Society (AWS) section for their January meeting. The Section would like to thank Melvin H. Johnson of the Sacramento Valley AWS section for providing a barbecue dinner to start off the event. Section Chair Joe E. Kraft and Johnson began the meeting by announcing upcoming events and meeting highlights before turning the meeting over to the scheduled guest speaker, George M. Hopman. Hopman gave a well-received presentation on “ASTM E07.03 MT-PT Subcommittee Perspective on PRI-Nadcap MT-PT Checklists.” The meeting was made possible by Edward Kroon and Mark A. Reese, who provided the meeting facility at American River College. The Section would like to send special thanks to Section Vice Chair Michael A. Preciado II for his contributions in helping to organize the event and all members who attended from both sections.

The Golden Gate Section partnered with the Sacramento Valley AWS section for their January meeting. From left: Edward Kroon, Mark A. Reese, Michael A. Preciado II, Joe E. Kraft, George M. Hopman, and Melvin H. Johnson.

Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah

On 14 January, the Great Salt Lake Section met at the Joy Luck restaurant in Bountiful, Utah, for a presentation given by James Dowd of REL Inc. Twelve members and students were in attendance to listen to his presentation about REL’s capabilities and inspection solutions, which includes process equipment for nondestructive testing, servo-driven material handling equipment, and high-strain-rate material testing. In the Northern Utah area, REL is completing an automated penetrant inspection line. The Great Salt Lake Section would like to thank Dowd and REL for their support. The Section would also like to thank the Parker Hannifin Corp., located in Ogden, Utah, for the use of their facility for the tour and presentation.

Great Salt Lake Section Chair Michael (Mike) S. Lingbloom thanked James Dowd of REL (left) for his presentation at the Section’s January meeting.

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section met on 8 January at the Republic Grill at Battleground Golf Course in Deer Park, Texas, with 65 people in attendance consisting of members, instructors, students, and guests. Bonnie M. Blanchard-Witter welcomed Jeffrey S. Monks of the Equipcon Group, who gave a presentation titled “The Glacial Rate of Acceptance in NDT Technology.” Monks has spent over 30 years serving the NDT and industrial automation markets.

The Section would like to thank the January meeting sponsors: Accu-Test Labs, D&C Inspection, Mistras, NDT Texas, Pine Environmental, and Turbo NDT. The Section meetings are successful because of the generosity and continued support of these companies.

Bonnie M. Blanchard-Witter thanked Jeffrey S. Monks for his presentation at the Greater Houston Section meeting.


Pearl City, Hawaii

The Hawaii Section’s meeting was called to order by Chair Jack R. Laws on 6 February on the patio of the Big City Diner Restaurant in Aiea, Hawaii. Six members and guests attended. Business discussions and actions followed. Treasurer Jarrett Y. Sano gave an update, and Laws reported that he was able to access the ASNT Video Library and identify two of seven videos possible for showing at a Section meeting. The Section plans on submitting a 2021 ASNT Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year candidate.

The technical speaker for the evening was Edmund W. Chang of Hawaiian Electric Co. The title of his presentation was “Hawaiian Electric NDT/NDE Requirements for Boilers, Piping, and Pressure Vessels.” The island utility faces challenges keeping units running due to incoming renewables and flexible operations. The maintenance budget may not always meet their needs, but safety and reliability top the list. NDT, such as phased array ultrasonic testing, is used to locate and size discontinuities.


Ames, Iowa

The Iowa Section met on 30 January with 17 members and guests in attendance. Technical Sales Director Zeki Cosku Gokce and Sales Manager Bruce A. Nuwash of Eddyfi Technologies were the speakers. Their presentations focused on advancements in pulsed eddy current and field applications.

The Iowa Section gathered for a meeting in January.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Kuwait Section organized their fifth technical presentation of the program year on 6 February at Safir Hotels & Resorts in Fintas, Kuwait, with 44 professionals in attendance. Ultrasonic Sales Manager Timothy S. Berry of GammaTec presented on the new Sonatest wave interactive flaw detector. The technical presentation was sponsored by GNDT. The Section thanks Berry for sharing valuable information. Section Educational Director Gunasekaran Sangili welcomed all the participants. Chair Nayef Ma’ashi Al-Enezi delivered news and updates of activities to the audience. Secretary Dhananjaya Mani Tripathi presented a vote of thanks.

Kuwait Section Chair Nayef Ma’ashi Al-Enezi delivered news and updates to the audience.

Lewis & Clark

Portland, Oregon

The Lewis & Clark Section met on 12 February to hear from Andrew Baird, a project geophysicist at Southwest Geophysics – an Atlas Company. Baird presented on geotechnical, environmental, and forensic applications of geophysics. His presentation “NDT on a Macroscopic Scale” touched upon many projects, including ground penetrating radar, seismic studies, vibration monitoring, a controlled source audio magnetotellurics/magnetotellurics survey, and many other geophysical techniques. The presentation was a huge hit, and the Section hopes he’ll come back and share the remainder of Earth’s secrets. The Section would like to thank Southwest Geophysics and Baird for his presentation, Flying Pie Pizzeria for their hospitality, and Test Equipment Distributors for sponsoring the dinner.

Andrew Baird (left) with Lewis & Clark Section Treasurer Michael Dunbar.

Mohawk Hudson

Schenectady, New York

On 21 January, the Mohawk Hudson Section met for dinner and a presentation by Vijay Nalladega, Ph.D., on infrared (IR) thermography for nondestructive evaluation (NDE). There were 16 members and guests in attendance. IR is an emerging method that has wide applications in many industries, including aviation and power. Thermography techniques are faster, noncontact, and provide a wide area of inspection for applications such as detecting delaminations in composites, inspection of coatings, detection of cracks, and quantitative measurements of wall thickness. This talk gave an overview of IR for NDE applications and discussed different applications of IR thermography within GE for both manufacturing and services. Details of different modalities of IR inspection techniques and examples of different types of discontinuities detected were provided.

Attendees of the Mohawk Hudson Section January meeting.

Narragansett Bay

Providence, Rhode Island

The Narragansett Bay Section held a meeting on 25 February at the Atwood Grill in Johnston, Rhode Island. Twenty members attended the meeting. The guest speaker was President Jeffrey S. Monks of Equipcon Group. The topic was on “The Glacial Rate of Technology Acceptance in NDT.”

North Carolina Student Section

Charlotte, North Carolina

On 30 January, the North Carolina Student Section met for the first time since returning from winter break. The agenda for the meeting included planning two main fundraisers for the semester. The Section also discussed meeting attendance and member participation. The Section announced that at the next meeting, they would vote in a new vice chair, as the previous vice chair has accepted a job out of state. The Section plans to have regularly scheduled meetings every two weeks. The guest speaker, Student Life Coordinator Anita McGill, presented the group with best practices for hosting successful fundraising events and the importance of effective communication and consistent participation within the Section to maximize the member benefits.

On 13 February, the Charlotte Section joined the North Carolina Student Section for the annual vendor wing night. The agenda included the Section’s monthly meeting and the introduction of the vendors presenting wares that evening. Charlotte Section Chair Bradley W. Brandt graciously yielded the floor to the chair of the North Carolina Student Section, Muriel Magloire. After her comments, Charlotte Section Secretary and faculty advisor to the Student Section, Rodney B. Stephens, welcomed and thanked the vendors for their continued support of the Student Section, and gave details on how to navigate the evening. After the Section meeting, members and guests enjoyed an evening of networking and unlimited chicken wings, sides, and beverages. The Section would like to thank all attendees and special guests for attending this event.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest Section met on 7 January with 10 members and guests in attendance at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tukwila, Washington. Guests listened to Michael D. Stuart of Fluke Corp. present “Fluke Acoustic Imaging: How Technology Can Be Adapted for Better Solutions".

Michael D. Stuart of Fluke Corp. presented at the Pacific Northwest Section meeting.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Section would like to thank everyone who attended their February meeting at the Springfield Grille in Mars, Pennsylvania. A special thanks to Michael (Mike) A. Kowatch of QTI Services LLC for presenting on “MAG-Renew Product Invention for MT.” The attendees found it interesting and the meeting had a great turnout.

Pittsburgh Section attendees listened to a presentation on products for magnetic particle testing.

Rockford Stateline

Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford Stateline Section met on 11 February at the Thunder Bay Grille Restaurant in Rockford, Illinois. The guest speaker for the evening was Stuart A. Kleven of Alloyweld Inspection Co. Inc. in Bensenville, Illinois. Kleven presented on “Magnetic Particle Inspection, Process, and Process Controls.” The discussion centered on the various techniques of magnetic particle inspection that are employed, and the process controls and qualification tests used to validate magnetic particle techniques including gaussmeters, shunt-ammeter/timers, centrifuge tubes, QQIs, and other devices. The use of the hysteresis curve was explained, and a number of curves were shown depicting various materials and the magnetizing force required. The SAE AS-5282 ring was displayed, and the qualification process was explained with a comparison to the results of an AS-5282 ring to the old-style ketos ring. Finally, Kleven elaborated on the new LED UV-A and the ASTM E3022 process for qualification of the lamps and how to review a lamp certification.

Rockford Stateline Section Treasurer Derek R. Coleman of Scot Forge expressed appreciation to Stuart A. Kleven of Alloyweld Inspection Co. Inc. (right) for his presentation.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 4 February, the San Diego Section hosted their fifth technical meeting of the 2019–2020 year at the Seven Seas Lodge in San Diego, California, with 18 members and guests in attendance. This meeting was the Section’s annual past chair night. There were four past chairs in attendance. Those recognized included David Suydam, Rick Riewer, Larry G.Olsen, and Hans J. Weber.

The speaker for the evening was David H. Mitchell, Jr., who presented on “Advances in Ultrasonic Testing Using Linear Arrays.” The talk provided an overview of advancements being made in the field of UT by using linear arrays to increase inspection speeds and reliability. The discussion centered on the ability of phased array UT systems to renormalize the ultrasonic beam to the entry surface without the use of mechanical means at normal scan speeds. The presentation was very interesting and well received by the audience, generating a great deal of follow-up discussion. The Section presented Mitchell with a certificate of appreciation and speaker’s gift. The evening concluded with the customary raffles and recognition of visiting vendors: David R. Waitt of Fujifilm North America, Patrick Brown of MPM Products Inc., and Clark C. Strong and Randy Jones of Baker Hughes.

San Diego Section past chairs. From left: Hans J. Weber, Larry G. Olsen, Rick Riewer, and David Suydam.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its sixth technical dinner meeting of the program year on 14 January at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel. The meeting was attended by 86 members and nonmembers. Section Chair Abdullah Mohammed Al Khalifah inaugurated the meeting by extending a warm welcome to the sponsor company Al Othman Trading & Contracting Co., guests, and members. Past Chair Fathi E. Al-Qadeeb shared the latest updates regarding the upcoming 8th Middle East NDT Conference in Bahrain 2021. After that, Section Treasurer Mohammed A. AbuFour introduced the main presenter, Andrew Simpson of Eddyfi Technologies. Simpson delivered a presentation titled “Advanced Corrosion Mapping with Phased Array and Advanced MFL Inspection for Pipelines.” The sponsor company arranged a live demonstration of the technology and equipment. The Section concluded the meeting by delivering a token of appreciation to the CEO of the sponsor company and to Simpson. 

The Section held its seventh technical dinner meeting on 27 February at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel. The meeting was attended by 54 members and nonmembers. Qadeeb and AbuFour inaugurated the meeting. Al Khalifah delivered a presentation on “Saudi Arabia NDT Future.” Al Khalifah pointed out that improved NDT capabilities are essential to increasing the quality of engineering materials and for the safety assurance of the petroleum industry and engineering structures. After the presentation, the Section distributed door prizes and invited everyone to join a buffet dinner.

Saudi Arabian Section Treasurer Mohammed A. AbuFour presented a recognition award to guest speaker Andrew Simpson of Eddyfi Technologies.

South Texas

San Antonio, Texas

The South Texas Section held their February meeting at the Yaya’s Thai restaurant with 11 members and guests in attendance. The technical presentation was on “Phased Array Evaluation of Valve Seals to Determine Valve Seal Deterioration.” The Section was honored to have ASNT Past President David R. Bajula in attendance.

Attendees of the South Texas Section meeting. Front row, from left: David R. Bajula, Martin J. Sablik, Sang Y. Kim, Zachery D. Doering, and Mary Light. Back row, from left: George Nwabueze Anyadike, Jesse Delgado, Jeremy D. Howe, Mark Towner, and Glenn M. Light.

Susquehanna Valley

York, Pennsylvania

On 20 February, the Susquehanna Valley Section held their first meeting of 2020 at the Ramada Conference Center in State College, Pennsylvania. The meeting was attended by NDE professionals from Atlanta, Virginia, Pittsburgh, and those local to the Section. The evening included two presentations on advanced NDE technology. Section Chair Nicholas Shrawder started the meeting with opening remarks and welcomed everyone. Announcements were made about future events, the new ASNT Innovation in NDT webinar series, and recognizing the Section’s own Parisa Shokouhi, Ph.D., for her amazing achievement of receiving a 2019 ASNT Fellowship Award.

Upon the conclusion of a catered dinner by the Ramada Conference Center, Richard Woodward of DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG delivered an update on the digital radiography (DR) process. Woodward presented on the benefits of DR and how much of the technology streamed from the medical industry. Some unique applications of the DR process were shared along with discoveries in the development of this process. Woodward received many interesting questions from attendees before being presented with a plaque of appreciation by Shrawder.

Jesse Groom’s presentation on how to fully utilize phased array equipment concluded the evening. Groom’s presentation included some models on how phased array data is currently being viewed and what it could look like in the future with 3D imaging and optical encoding. Many videos were shared to illustrate the advantages of these progressive techniques. Groom was presented with a plaque of appreciation by Shrawder.

Attendees of the Susquehanna Valley Section’s February meeting included NDE professionals from Atlanta, Virginia, and Pittsburgh, along with local Section members.

Section Highlight

The Hawaii Section listened to a presentation on “Hawaiian Electric NDT/NDE Requirements for Boilers, Piping, and Pressure Vessels.” The island utility faces challenges keeping units running due to incoming renewables and flexible operations. The maintenance budget may not always meet their needs, but safety and reliability top the list.

The Hawaii Section Officers. From left: Treasurer Jarrett Y. Sano, Director Jeremy Link, Chair Jack R. Laws, Secretary Edmund W. Chang, and Vice Chair Jayme J. Martin.