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News items submitted by local sections for the month of February 2020


Lafayette, Louisiana

The Acadiana Section met on 10 December at Baton Rouge Community College. The guest speaker was Curtis D. Auzenne, vice president of QSA Global Inc. Auzenne presented on “Radiography Safety Equipment: Daily, Quarterly, and Annual Inspection Protocol and Regulations.”


Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte Section held its November meeting at Big Al’s Pub & Grubberia with 11 members, five students, and two guests in attendance. Section Chair Bradley W. Brandt conducted the normal business portion of the meeting, with additional input from Vice Chair Kirsten Groenewald and Treasurer Justin M. McCall. Brandt yielded the floor to North Carolina Student Section officers for a few minutes, to briefly discuss their plans to attend the then-upcoming 2019 Annual Conference as well as fundraising events planned for the next several months. Members and guests then enjoyed dinner while Regional Director, Region 11, Gary E. Mathias gave a presentation on the resonant acoustic technique. Mathias was followed by Mike Randall, who conducted a live demonstration of the technology. The Section would like to thank all attendees, with a special thanks to Mathias and Randall for their presentations.


Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Chattanooga Section held its November meeting with 18 members and guests in attendance. Vice Chair Madison Hunter welcomed everyone and then introduced guest speaker Ken Buckley. Buckley, an environmental specialist with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, gave a presentation on ambient air quality inspection.


Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Section met on 9 December with 15 guests and members in attendance at the Crazy Pour Restaurant in Villa Park, Illinois. The guest speaker for the evening was Justin Ng, manager of portable equipment from Innerspec Technologies Inc. in Forest, Virginia. The title of his presentation was “Advancements in EMAT.” The discussion centered on the varied techniques and types of waves generated using EMAT (electromagnetic acoustic transducers). A number of different applications were highlighted where the technology is used, such as the oil and gas sector for pipe inspection and in the rail industry for rail heads. Ng highlighted a new-generation instrument with medium-range UT (MRUT) guided wave software that enhances discontinuity detection with unidirectionality capability and built-in filters.

Chicago Section Chair Charles (Chuck) Johnson made mention of local members who were recognized by ASNT at the Annual Conference. Jennifer Anaya of Alloyweld Inspection was named a Fellow in the Society and Salahuddin (Sal) Razi of Moraine Valley College received the Mentoring Award. The Chicago Section also received the gold-level President’s Award.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Thirty-five members and guests attended the joint meeting of the Connecticut Yankee Section and the American Welding Society (AWS) on 19 November at the Groton Elks in Groton, Connecticut. ASNT and AWS members from Connecticut and Rhode Island along with students and a professor from Connecticut’s Three Rivers College in Norwich were in attendance. Chair Rachel L. Taylor introduced guest speaker Richard R. Hoffmann of R.A. Hoffman Engineering in Brewster, New York. The presentation concentrated on Hoffmann’s work as a metallurgist with Grumman Aircraft during the development of the Lunar Excursion Module Project/Apollo Program. Hoffmann discussed the materials needed while illustrating an overview of the metallurgical support required during its construction. Taylor presented a deck prism from Mystic Seaport to Hoffmann in appreciation for his presentation.

Greater Houston

Houst, Texas

The Greater Houston Section met on 13 November at Republic Grill at the Battleground Golf Course, in Deer Park, Texas. There were 70 people in attendance consisting of members, instructors, students, and guests. Section Chair Bonnie M. Blanchard-Witter presented past Section Chair Rick D. Arnett with a pin to thank him for his time serving the Section. Blanchard-Witter welcomed the meeting speaker Randy Jones of Baker Hughes, who gave a presentation on how ultrasonic techniques can reveal corrosion in steel, as well as how to find corrosion in aviation and nuclear applications. Jones has 36 years of experience working in NDT in engineering, inspection, and sales in varied industries including utilities, petrochemical, pulp/paper, mining, and general industrial. The Section would also like to thank their November meeting sponsors: Access RULES, Baker Hughes, Mistras, NDT Seals, NDT Texas, Olympus, and Turbo NDT.


Chennai, India

The India Section organized its third technical meeting of the program year on “Eddy Current – Fundamentals & Applications” in Chennai. The speaker was O. Prabhakar.


Ames, Iowa

The Iowa Section’s October meeting consisted of an onsite tour of the central manufacturing facility and additive manufacturing facility at the Emerson Fisher factory in Marshalltown, Iowa. Within the central manufacturing facility, the facility’s history, layout, and manufacturing process flow were discussed. The nondestructive testing section of the facility was shown next. The X-ray imaging technique, with a film imaging system, is the most used. The fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing methods are also utilized for small casted and wielded parts. At the additive manufacturing facility, several 3D printed parts were presented to demonstrate the 3D printing capabilities from the perspective of materials variety and structural construction ability. Several 3D printers capable of printing sand molds, metal powders, and thermal plastic polymers were shown. The facility manager also talked about several potential applications of AM and possible future impacts for the NDT industry.

Metro New York / Northern New Jersey

Rockville Centre, New York

The Metro NY/Northern New Jersey Section met on 4 December with 21 members and guests in attendance at Sonotec in Islandia, New York. Christopher Portelli presented on “Sonophone Equipment Line Demonstration.” Portelli explained the advantages of using the sonophone for preventive maintenance such as leak detection and classification, condition of machines, finding partial electrical discharges, and more. Additionally, a brief presentation of ultrasonic testing equipment was given by Eric Jimenez. The raffle was a great success, and the Section thanks all its members for their participation.

Miami Valley

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Miami Valley Section met on 4 December at Miami Valley Gaming in Turtlecreek Township, Ohio, for a review of the ASNT Annual Conference and holiday party. Members and guests had a fun time and enjoyed a holiday celebration with their NDT community.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

On 24 October, 19 members, students, and friends met at Squeaky’s Grill and Bar in Hutchinson, Minnesota, for a technical presentation entitled “Laser Shearography – An Out of Plane Experience,” presented by Flynn Spears of Laser Technology Inc. Spears’s presentation included theory, application, and hands-on laser shearography demonstrations. The presentation was followed up by an informative round of Q&A and discussion. Spears also gave a presentation and in-lab demonstrations for the nondestructive testing students at Ridgewater College on the Hutchinson campus. The Minnesota Section and Ridgewater College wish to thank Spears for an interesting and informative technical presentation.

Narragansett Bay

Providence, Rhode Island

The Narragansett Bay Section met on 17 December at the Atwood Grill in Johnston, Rhode Island. Twenty members attended. The guest speaker was Matthew Unger, a technical sales representative of Aquasgroup. Unger’s main topic was explaining the process of water and waste management within the NDT field.

North Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

The North Alabama Section met on 10 December with four members and guests in attendance. Sales engineer Scott Stanley of Innerspec Technologies Inc. brought EMAT test equipment, including sample pipes to inspect, and gave an informative technical presentation about the technology. With a small group of attendees due to snow, everyone was able to do some hands-on operation of the equipment, which was easy to learn. The Section thanks Stanley and Innerspec for supporting the Section meeting even during inclement weather. The Section officers would also like to thank Richard Elvin Mitchell II and Turner Construction Co. for hosting the event and providing refreshments. Having industry support like Turner Construction will allow the Section to grow and provide more activities in North Alabama for all NDT personnel.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

The Old Dominion Section met on 6 December at the Hanover Tavern in Hanover Courthouse, Virginia, to enjoy dinner and the seasonal play “Always Patsy Cline.” Thirty-three members and guests were in attendance. Chair Thomas (Ed) Darby reviewed the activities of the Section and urged the members to send in nominations for awards prior to the Section’s next meeting. Attendees enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to another successful year.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest Section met on 5 November with 21 members and guests in attendance at the Great American Casino in Tukwila, Washington. Guest speaker James S. Pellicer presented on “An Overview of the Development of Eddy Current Equipment and Inspections in Aviation from the 1950s to Today".


Greenville, South Carolina

The Piedmont Section held a technical meeting on 18 December at the Hilton in Greenville, South Carolina. Seven members were in attendance. The meeting started with networking, followed by a buffet dinner. After the dinner, Mehrshad Sanami of GE Power Generation Services presented on “Comparing NDT Qualification and Certification Systems.” Sanami’s presentation focused on how different countries and business sectors use different NDT qualification systems. A company with diverse and global vendors and contractors needs to track and understand a variety of these systems.

The presentation showed the similarities and differences between SNT-TC-1A, ISO 9712, CP-189, NAS 410, and BS EN 4179. Sanami showed that the number of methods covered by each system is different. SNT-TC-1A has 16 methods, ISO9712 has 10 methods, and CP-189 has 12, while NAS 410 and BS EN 4179 have seven each. Samani also provided comparisons in the areas of recognized levels, experience hours required per method, formal training (classroom) hours, and examinations. Large companies have to maintain documentation and renewals for a large number of qualifications. In the case of GE Power, there are about 1200 qualifications. There was discussion on how individuals should record their experience and how companies generally deal with certifications when an employee moves on. The group thanked Samani and then held a brief business meeting. The treasury is in good shape, and $1000 was donated to Wounded Warriors. The idea of settling on a logo for the Section was discussed. Members were reminded that meeting details, news, and sponsors can be found on the Section website.

Rockford Stateline

Rockford, Illinois

The Rockford Stateline Section held a technical meeting on 10 December at the Thunder Bay Grille in Rockford, Illinois. The guest speaker for the evening was Level III Stuart A. Kleven of Alloyweld Inspection Co. Kleven gave a presentation on “NDT of Friction Stir and Other Solid-State Welds.” His talk addressed solid-state welding processes, such as friction.

San Diego

San Diego, California

On 3 December, the San Diego Section hosted its fourth technical meeting of the program year. The meeting was held at the Seven Seas Lodge in San Diego, California, with 28 members and guests in attendance. This meeting was the annual Christmas event and spouse/companion/guest night.

The Section had visitors from the ASNT Board of Directors: President Michael V. McGloin and Director at Large David H. Mitchell, Sr. The speaker for the evening was Greg Hampton of the San Diego Sheriff’s Office. Hampton presented on “Rising to the Challenge: Investigations Involving Bomb/Arson Threats in San Diego County.” Hampton described the universal training conducted by the FBI that all bomb/arson personnel receive no matter the jurisdiction they work under. The presentation provided examples and demonstration articles of explosive devices that are routinely encountered including pipe bombs, active and inactive military hand grenades (common war souvenirs), and remotely activated devices (remote-controlled cars/drone helicopters). Hampton discussed past bomb events from nationwide to local events. He provided tips of what to be aware of when out in the public concerning suspicious activity.

The Section thanked Hampton for his talk and presented him with a certificate of appreciation and a speaker gift. The evening concluded with recognition of the spouses, companions, and guests attending. Each received a gift from the San Diego Section. A white elephant gift exchange followed, and the meeting concluded with the customary raffles and recognition of visiting vendors: David R. Waitt of Fujifilm, Mathew Kaparic of Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Corp., and Jim Lyttle of Test Equipment Distributors LLC.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its third technical dinner meeting of the program year on 31 October at the Al-Tanuor Restaurant in Dammam. The meeting was attended by 20 members and guests. Treasurer Mohammed A. Abufour welcomed all members. He announced the Section’s participation in the upcoming 8th Middle East NDT Conference in Bahrain, which will take place in February 2021. After the presentation, the Section distributed door prizes and invited everyone to join a buffet dinner.

The Section held its fourth technical dinner meeting on 26 November at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel in Dammam. The meeting was attended by 67 members and guests. Chair Fathi E. Al-Qadeeb and Abufour introduced the new online meeting registration platform and the importance of participating in the upcoming 8th Middle East NDT Conference. The conference brochure and annual ASNT calendar were distributed to each attendee.

South Texas

San Antonio, Texas

The South Texas Section met on 30 October at the Tandoor Palace. The speaker was Michael C. Harr of North Texas Calibration. Seven members and guests attended the meeting.

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Southern Africa Section held their last meeting for 2019 at the Adega Portuguese Restaurant on 9 December. The committee celebrated obtaining a silver-level President’s Award at the ASNT Annual Conference and a very successful year. Fundraising for 2020 was the main topic of the meeting. Plans for the annual golf day are on the way, and the Section is looking for a speaker for the AGM in May, when the President’s Award will be displayed.

Susquehanna Valley

York, Pennsylvania

In late October the Susquehanna Valley Section held a meeting at the headquarters of Sensor Networks Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. Sensor Networks Inc. is a platinum sponsor of the Section. Bruce A. Pellegrino of Sensor Networks Inc. presented on his career and how he has found fun in NDT.

In November, the Section partnered with the ASCE Central Pennsylvania Section, where attendees listened to a speech on phased array ultrasonic testing in steel bridge fabrication. There were 66 attendees with a variety of knowledge in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) ranging from students to subject matter experts. By having an attendance with a wide knowledge base, the Section continues to achieve their mission of disseminating NDE information to fellow Section members, young professionals, decision makers, and those who may not even be aware of the existence of NDE and the values/capabilities associated.

Lastly, in December the Section leadership presented at Pennsylvania State University for Parisa Shokouhi’s NDE course. This course covers all major NDE methods and is geared to students pursing degrees in mechanical engineering, materials science engineering, nuclear engineering, biomedical, and more. The presentation showed the practical use and evaluation of NDE for industrial applications.

Western New York

Buffalo, New York

The Western New York Section is up and running and looking forward to a productive 2020 with a new team of officers. The Section sends special thanks to Regional Director, Region 2, Antionette (Toni) Bailey and ASNT Sections Coordinator Debbie Segor for their efforts. On 11 December, 11 members gathered in Orchard Park, New York (a suburb of Buffalo) under the leadership of Bailey and elected five officers: Chair Douglas C. Miskell, Vice Chair (Buffalo) Mark R. O’Neill, Vice Chair (Syracuse) Richard Saxby, Secretary Kevin J. Crosby, and Treasurer John F. Nesselbush.