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Beijing, China

The Beijing Section held a technical meeting on 1 April with 11 members in attendance. Zhang Meifeng, the head of training, introduced the Section bylaws, which are divided into nine chapters covering general provision; purpose, tasks, and scope; membership; organizational structure and elections; officers and board of directors; committees; meetings; financials; and dissolution. 

Xiang Yong, Ph.D., discussed the new SNT-TC-1A (2020) standard. Topics included the scope, definitions, NDT methods, levels of qualification, written practice, education, training and experience requirements, training programs, examinations, certifications, technical performance evaluations, interrupted service, termination, reinstatement, and referenced publications.

Connecticut Yankee

Groton, Connecticut

Four members attended the board meeting of the Connecticut Yankee Section using an online platform on 19 May. Section Chair Kari E. Slattberg Thibodeau followed the outline for the meeting per the bylaws adopted by the Section. Minutes of the last meeting, the financial report, and committee reports were reviewedfollowed by the minutes of the program, membership, scholarship, and outreach committees. Recommendations for officers for the 20212022 program year were reviewed. Receiving the required 10% votes, the officers selected for next year are Slattberg Thibodeau (chair)Rachel Hulbert (vice chair)John P. Moran (secretary/treasurer), with Aaron F. HulbertMike C. Tsao, and James R. Mitchell (directors).

Greater Houston

Houston, Texas

The Greater Houston Section met on 12 May. The meeting was held at Republic Grill at Battleground Golf Course, in Deer Park, Texas, with 40 attendees. The Section held an awards night where it recognized and celebrated past presidents, Technician of the Year winners, and scholarship winners. The scholarship recipients were Charles ColeImanuel Hill, and Chance D. Haygood. The Technician of the Year award recipients were Will E. Cripps and Ben Sanguinet (Level II) and John M. Lockhart and Kelly W. Northcutt (Level III).

Chance Haygood (left) received a Greater Houston Section scholarship from Section Chair Zachary Sebren in May.


Ames, Iowa

The Iowa Section held a virtual meeting on 21 April with 84 attendees. The speaker was Wenmeng Tian, Ph.D., an assistant professor in Mississippi State University’s Department of Industrial and System Engineering. The presentation was titled “Monitoring and Authentication for Additive Manufacturing Processes in Cyber-Physical Systems: An Integrated Knowledge-Driven Approach.”


Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minnesota Section met virtually on 15 April with 19 members and guests in attendance for a technical presentation given by Emilie Peloquin of Olympus America Inc. titled “How Not to Use TFM.” Peloquin delivered an excellent presentation outlining the proper use of the total focusing method (TFM)including its advantages and limitations, an in-depth discussion on various TFM wave sets, and their specific uses in various discontinuity types and orientations. Following the presentation, Peloquin fielded a Q&A session. The Section would like to thank Peloquin and Olympus for an extremely informative and interesting presentation on TFM.

North Atlantic

Sheffield, United Kingdom

The North Atlantic Section held a virtual meeting on 9 June with 18 attendees. The meeting was followed by a technical presentation from the ASNT Video Library titled “The Influence of Surface Roughness on Calibration and Ultrasonic Inspection” by Gregory A. Garcia.

Old Dominion

Richmond, Virginia

The Old Dominion Section held its ninth meeting of the program year on 24 May. The meeting was conducted remotely through an online platform. The technical session of the meeting included a presentation titled “Nondestructive Evaluation Methods for Deep Foundations” by Ryan Allin, P.E., vice president of Pile Dynamics Inc. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its 11th technical meeting of the program year (20202021) on 19 May. The meeting was conducted virtually through an online platform and was attended by 125 members and guests.  

This meeting was in partnership with VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, located in Germany. Jason Robbinshead of sales for VisiConsult X-ray Systems, delivered a presentation titled “NDT 4.0 – A Technology Overview.” At the end of meeting Hashem N. Al-Nasser moderated a Q&A session and held raffle drawing for the participants.

The Saudi Arabian Section learned about NDT 4.0 at its 19 May meeting via an online platform.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates Section held a board meeting on 8 May via an online platform with seven members in attendance.

Section Highlight

The Beijing Section held a technical meeting on 1 April and discussed the new SNT-TC-1A (2020) standard. Topics included the scope, definitions, NDT methods, levels of qualification, written practice, education, training and experience requirements, and more.

The Beijing Section met on 1 April to discuss the Section’s bylaws and SNT-TC-1A (2020).