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Beijing, China

The Beijing Section held a meeting on 27 May. Baker Hughes presented a seminar on new conventional ultrasonic testing products. During the meeting, attendees operated the equipment, asked questions, and evaluated the products.


Pearl City, Hawaii

The Hawaii Section’s first in-person meeting since the beginning of COVID-19 was held 5 August at the Big City Diner (Pearlridge). The meeting was called to order by new Section Chair Jayme J. Martin. Past Section Chair Jack R. Laws retired and moved to Arizona. The meeting was attended by six members and guests.

Discussions included possibly organizing code clinic workshops in hopes to gain more members or interest from the welding/inspection community. Martin expressed that during these difficult times, the Section can’t let its duties and responsibilities taper. Corrosion is still a killer, failures are still on track to happen, and it’s a matter of time before we learn of where these will happen. How do we locate these before they happen, and also how to prevent them? The Section is committed to continuing to promote ASNT and the mission of making the world a safer place.

The speaker for the meeting was Jay Zimmerman of Carestream, who presented on “Statistics in Digital Radiology.” He shared a great presentation on advances in digital radiography and discussed DICONDE (digital imaging and communication in nondestructive evaluation), metadata, and focus on the region of interest.

Edmund W. Chang received a Hawaii Section Koa Bowl in recognition for his outstanding service (1997–2021) at the Section’s August meeting.


Chennai, India

The India Section successfully conducted its first technical meeting for the 2021–2022 program year on “Online Tank Floor Plate Inspection Using Robotics” via videoconferencing on 21 August. Around 70 members attended the interactive session. The speaker was Manan Bhavesh Belani, ASNT NDT Level III.

The India Section held its first technical meeting of the program year on 21 August.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Kuwait Section organized its 12th technical presentation of the program year (July 2020 to June 2021) on 28 June via an online platform. The title of the presentation was “Case Study on Complete Health Assessment of Heat Exchangers and Steam Generator Tubes Using Eddy Current Testing and Leak Testing” by Tirumalarao Kankanala, an NDT engineer at Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Co. K.S.C. (Public) (HEISCO) in Kuwait.

The technical presentation provided a wonderful explanation of the basic concepts of eddy current testing and leak testing applications for the inspection of heat exchangers and steam generator tubes. The Section appreciated Kankanala for sharing the valuable information.

Saudi Arabian

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Section held its first technical meeting for the 2021–2022program year on 27 July. The meeting was conducted virtually and attended by 97 members and guests. Past Section Chair Fathi E. Al-Qadeeb, Section Chair Abdullah Mohammed Al Khalifah, and Section Vice Chair Mohammed A. AbuFour inaugurated the meeting with a warm welcome to all members and guests.

The meeting was held in partnership with Carestream Nondestructive Testing USA and Samir Trading & Marketing. Brian S. White, a research scientist at Carestream, delivered a presentation titled “New Era in Digital Imaging.” At the end of the meeting Section Educational Director Hashem N. Al-Nasser moderated a Q&A session and a raffle drawing for the participants. The virtual meeting was well organized by Al Khalifah and Liju Mathew.

The Saudi Arabian Section learned about new trends in digital imaging at its 27 July meeting.


Shenzen, China

The Shenzhen Section held a board meeting on 17 August via an online platform. Yan Rongming provided an introduction for the upcoming Section meeting and asked the council to summarize the work of the Section and for each committee to make plans for the next program year. He also announced the list of the Section’s officers and committees.

The Shenzhen Section held a board meeting in August and discussed upcoming plans.

Section Highlight

The Beijing Section held a meeting on 27 May where attendees operated new conventional ultrasonic testing equipment, asked questions, and evaluated the products.

Ultrasonic testing equipment was the topic of discussion at the Beijing Section’s 27 May meeting.