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Personnel Training Publications Series

The Personnel Training Publications Series is created from the tradition of excellence in NDT publications and evolved from the original sources including the NDT Handbook and the General Dynamics series. 

Whether for a classroom setting or self-study, discover why these materials should be key tools in your NDT training program for Level I and Level II.

For classroom training, ASNT offers:

Classroom Training Books

Personnel Training Publications (PTP) Classroom Training Book Series in six NDT Methods. These classroom training books are clearly divided into Level I and II sections and follow the topical outlines presented in CP-105 for each method, preparing students for the next level in their NDT careers.

Instructor and Student Packages

For trainers wanting a complete training series, the Personnel Training Publications Series (PTP) Instructor and Student packages are for you. These packages provide a foundation for an NDT course that follows the guidelines in CP-105. Course materials facilitate in-depth review of Level I and II concepts and help students prepare for examinations in a method. The instructor packages include a Power Point™ presentation that reinforces the learning objectives, quizzes with keys and the latest information on critical NDT methods and techniques. Power Point™ presentations serve as an excellent springboard for lectures as well as follow-up discussions with the class. Results of quizzes can be calculated as a percentage score to be added to the student’s certificate of completion. Student packages include the method classroom training book, quizzes and an outline to the lectures.

Instructor and Student packages are available in six (6) methods:

Programmed Instruction Series – Self Study

For self-study, ASNT offers the most updated information and an easy-to-use product in the new PTP Programmed Instruction series. This is an independent study program for Level I and II that provides up-to-date material on each NDT method following the CP-105 (2016) body of knowledge and prepares Level I and II candidates for exams in the NDT method. A computer-assisted training program provides an interactive review of the material.  

Each NDT method features one or more volumes and a computer-assisted program at

Each volume includes:

  1. Chapter previews and summaries of key points
  2. Quiz questions interspersed throughout each chapter that monitor comprehension
  3. Extended explanations of right/wrong answers to quiz questions
  4. Extra review questions at the end of each chapter
  5. 50+ comprehensive multiple-choice questions per volume with reference pages for further review of missed questions

The computer-assisted training program includes:

  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Clear learning objectives per lesson
  • Streamlined content for steady progression through lessons
  • Interactive quiz questions providing immediate feedback
  • Links to previous slides allowing a quick review of material for missed questions
  • Comprehensive self-tests that give instant results along with areas missed for further study

There are six (6) different books in the Programmed Instruction series: