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Contribute to ASNT Publications

ASNT, a leading publisher in the NDT industry, provides a wide variety of publishing opportunities and is always looking for periodical and book contributors. Whether you are interested in submitting a paper to our journals, assisting with books, or writing for our new blog, ASNT’s Publications Department is eager to hear from you.

Materials Evaluation

Materials Evaluation (ME), the flagship journal of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, is an abstracted, archival, peer-reviewed journal. Published monthly, Materials Evaluation welcomes original papers on NDT applications and on applied NDT research, as well as review papers, back to basics features, and shorter articles on standards, emerging issues, technology trends, NDT training/education, safety, NDT fundamentals, workforce development, and history. We also welcome articles geared toward NDT technicians and Level I and Level II practitioners. Subject matter may cover traditional and nontraditional areas of nondestructive testing. Click here to submit a research paper to ME.

For all other submissions, contact: Jill Ross, Periodicals Editor (

The NDT Technician

The NDT Technician (TNT) is a bimonthly curated email newsletter for NDT technicians and Level I and Level II practitioners. TNT seeks authors to write articles on emerging technology, training and education, and safety. Articles should be written in a way that introduces readers to NDT fundamentals, methods, applications, and technologies.

For article queries, contact: Jill Ross, Periodicals Editor (

Research in Nondestructive Evaluation

Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE) is the research journal of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. RNDE is published quarterly by the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offices of The Taylor & Francis Group LLC and will publish the results of original research in nondestructive evaluation.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts that cover experimental and theoretical investigations dealing with the scientific and engineering bases of NDE, its measurement methodology and a wide range of applications of materials and structures that relate to the entire life cycle, from manufacture to use and retirement.

All manuscripts should be submitted to RNDE using the journal’s online web-based submission process located at First-time users see Getting Started.

Contact: Parisa Shokouhi, RNDE Editor-in-Chief (

Educational Materials Development

Partnering with both volunteers and contracted authors, ASNT publishes a wide variety of educational materials ranging from study guides, standards, instructional materials and method-specific NDT materials. Subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge and an understanding of any of the various methods and techniques used in nondestructive testing, good communication skills and proven writing ability are encouraged to participate.

Contact: Cindi Leeman ( or Haley Cowans (

Nondestructive Testing Handbook Series

The Nondestructive Testing Handbook series and related Industry Handbook publications provide readers with basic NDT knowledge. Each handbook is the result of a collaborative effort involving dozens of contributors including chapter authors, technical editors, coordinators, reviewers and ASNT staff. The typical handbook reader can be described as someone who has completed three years of college and is working toward a degree in engineering or materials science.

Contact: Karen Balkin, NDT Handbook Editor (

ASNT Blog 

The official blog of ASNT, ASNT Pulse is a great source for information about both the NDT profession and the Society. Share your industry knowledge on a variety of topics from technical tips to career development. Writing a blog post is a unique opportunity to reach the thousands of weekly readers. Typical themes include interpretation skills, methodology, problem-solving procedures for everyday challenges, practical applications of NDT, and technology trends. Submissions requiring peer review will also earn recertification renewal points.  

Contact: Cindi Leeman, Educational Materials Supervisor (