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December 2023

Welcome to a new month of The NDT Technician newsletter, a roundup of the latest news and resources specially curated for the nondestructive testing (NDT) inspector. Have a suggestion or feedback? Contact Haley Cowans at   

NDT Unboxed featuring Brent Moulton.

NDT Unboxed: 

Safety Glasses

You often need to protect your eyes during an inspection, but can you do it in style? In this episode of NDT Unboxed, Brent Moulton checks out two safety glasses from Heatwave to compare them to the disposable safety glasses he usually uses. Are reusable safety glasses a good addition to your toolkit, or should you stick with disposables? [watch: 5 min]


Principles of Mass Spectrometry with Helium Tracer 

for Leak Testing

This NDT Tutorial provides factors to consider when selecting helium leak testing techniques, along with some typical basic setups for leak testing with helium tracer gases. For each practical application, there is usually one helium leak testing technique that gives optimum results. This article is published in Materials Evaluation and is free to read for ASNT members. [read: 25 min]


NDT Training Tips 

from an NDT Expert

Toni Bailey of TB3 NDT Consulting LLC (who also serves as a Contributing Editor for ASNT's monthly journal, Materials Evaluation) was interviewed on Quality Magazine’s podcast regarding the future of training in the career field of nondestructive testing. [listen: 20 min]

Echo vs Angle with Paul Holloway

Echo vs Angle

In this video, Paul Holloway explains why you might need to look at a discontinuity from multiple angles to truly understand the echo you’re seeing (and why this makes phased array ultrasonic testing a great way for technicians to sharpen their skills). [watch: 5 min]

QA Quips by Eddie Pompa

QAQuipsDec23 (1)
Visual Inspection Webinar

From the Magnifying Glass to 3D Visual Inspection

This webinar, which will be held on 25 January 2024, will provide participants with a solid foundation for understanding how observation and inspection has evolved and how 3D visual inspection has transformed the way different components are analyzed in manufacturing or service. Secure your spot now; it’s free for ASNT members. [watch: 1 hour]

New NASA App

NASA Launches its First 

On-Demand Streaming Service, Updated App

NASA’s new on-demand streaming service and upgraded app are now available, ushering in a new world of original content from the space agency for the benefit of all. These new digital platforms are the landing place of original video series, live launch coverage, kids’ content, Spanish-language programming, and the latest news as NASA continues to improve life on Earth through innovation, exploration, and discovery. [read: 4 min]


The ASNT Board of Directors is looking for motivated volunteer leaders to help fill four (4) Director seats. With a three (3) year term commencing on 1 July 2024, this role offers you the chance to leave an indelible mark on the nondestructive testing industry while growing your professional journey.

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Join us online on 7 February for a recap of the top presentations from ASNT 2023: The Annual Conference, plus discover exciting new presentations, news, and updates! Registration is FREE for members, providing unlimited access to TWO sessions. Watch at your convenience. Register and relive the most captivating presentations from ASNT 2023, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in nondestructive testing (NDT).

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Development and Evaluation of Locomotive Undercarriage Thermal Inspection Systems 

Attend the upcoming ASNT Virtual Section meeting to learn about the early development and in-service assessment of Locomotive Undercarriage Thermal Inspection Systems (LUTIS), which are also known as in-track thermal detectors. If you are not a member of the ASNT Virtual Section, affiliate to attend the meeting.

CareerCenter_TNT (2)

Ready for a New Job?

Career opportunities in the NDT field are bountiful, whether you're a fresh high school graduate or a seasoned professional making a career change. Get a head start landing your next dream NDT job by visiting the ASNT Career Center


Hey, Cool Pic!

Are you out in the field performing NDT? Do you take awesome photos? We have a section in Materials Evaluation called Snapshots and are currently accepting submissions. Submit your high-res photo to for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue!

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