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June 2023
Welcome to a new month of The NDT Technician newsletter, a roundup of the latest news and resources especially curated for the nondestructive testing (NDT) inspector. Have a suggestion or feedback? Contact the editor, Jill Ross, at  
Meet the ASNT Faces of NDT
ASNT Director at Large Roger Engelbart discusses nondestructive testing and certification in aerospace composites
Meet ASNT’s New Faces of NDT
Announcing our new Faces of NDT: Annabel Sebuc Sab-it, Jose Santo, Muriel Magloire, and Eddie Pompa, who now join Brent Moulton in the role. These spokespersons will travel around the globe with the aim of promoting ASNT and NDT and motivating others to pursue careers in NDT.  
[read: 9 min]
NDT in Aerospace 
Composites Manufacturing
In this article published in Aerospace Manufacturing, ASNT Director at Large Roger Engelbart provides an overview of nondestructive testing and certification in aerospace composites manufacturing. 
[read: 6 min]
ASNT launches Navy Shipbuilders NDT Level III Specific Exam.
New Standard for Matrix Array Ultrasonic Testing
5 Questions about the Naval Shipbuilders NDT Level III Exam
In a new episode of Chat NDT with ASNT, Gary Zimak, Director of Quality Supply at Newport News Shipbuilding, and Brian Frye, ISQ Program Manager, delve into the intricacies of the recently launched Naval Shipbuilders NDT Level III Specific Exam. 
[listen: 23 min]
New Standard for Matrix 
Array Ultrasonic Testing
Matrix arrays are a leading-edge transducer technology that enables ultrafast acquisition of volumetric data utilizing elements in a grid arrangement. This article provides a summary of the new standard released this year. 
[read: 3 min]
Read the latest NDT ethics column from Materials Evaluation.
Watch the “This Is NDT” Video Series Featuring NDT Technicians at Work
NDT Ethics: What to Do about Unqualified Outside Agencies
The latest ethics column from Materials Evaluation discusses ethical scenarios regarding underqualified outside agency services and the effects that incorrect credentials and services can have on NDT.
[read: 7 min]
“This Is NDT” Video Series 
In Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Brent Moulton performs corrosion mapping on pipelines, using ultrasound to look for corrosion or erosion on the inside of the pipeline. Second in ASNT’s “This Is NDT” Technicians video series. 
[watch: 2 min]
Read more about Brent on the blog ASNT Pulse.
ASNT Webinar on NDT Inspections During Coating Projects
ASNT's Education is hosting 2 Spanish language webinars.
NDT Inspections During
Coating Projects Webinar
On 29 June, host Jorge T. Reyna will discuss three main ways to avoid or retard corrosion damage and how to maintain good nondestructive control including surface preparation, weather conditions, application, and drying/curing steps. The webinar provides an overview of some NDT techniques used during the coating process to ensure high-quality results. This webinar is the English version of the 27 June webinar presented in Spanish.
Spanish Language Webinars
ASNT is hosting two webinars in Spanish presented by Jorge T. Reyna: 27 June on NDT Inspections Anti-Corrosion Coating Inspections, and 10 October on Magnetic Particle Inspection of Coated Parts.
ASNT está organizando dos seminarios web en español presentados por Jorge T. Reyna: el 27 de Junio sobre Inspecciones de NDT Inspecciones de Recubrimientos Anticorrosión, y el 10 de Octubre sobre Inspección de Partículas Magnéticas de Partes Recubiertas.
Sign up for the radiographic testing course for levels I and  II with ASNT NDT Classroom.
Radiographic Testing Course
Radiography Testing (RT) Level I is a foundational course necessary for anyone seeking Level I certification. It addresses the required training by documents controlling the certification program, such as NAS-410, SNT-TC-1A, and NAVSEA Technical Publication T9074-AS-GIB-010/271. Course content conforms to the training subjects listed in ANSI/ASNT CP-105, Standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. Follow up the Level I course by taking the Level II course. When combined with laboratory-type hands-on training under the direction of a Level II or Level III, the course will meet the total hours of training required by the applicable certification document listed above. Both training courses meet most certification documents for RT Level I and II, such as SNT-TC-1A, and encompass the subject matter listed in ANSI/ASNT CP-105 for radiographic testing certification. 
QA Quips by Eddie Pompa
QA Quips. The NDT Technician.
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