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In-Service Assets are in Trouble: How Can We Invest in NDT?

If you’ve been paying attention to the headlines, you might be getting a little nervous. Things that have been in-service for a while are starting to show their age, and in some cases, failing altogether. Those of us in the nondestructive testing industry know there’s a problem, but how can we make sure our inspectors are ready for it—and how can we make sure other industries, and the public, know how important NDT really is? In the latest episode of Chat NDT with ASNT, we spoke with two of the directors currently serving on ASNT’s Board, Anita Gregorian and Larry Culbertson, Jr., about the challenges facing in-service assets and potential solutions we can all be a part of. Listen at or your favorite podcast platform. [listen: 27 min]

Consequences of Passing Flawed Parts

Consequences of Passing Flawed Parts

In this article, Antionette (Toni) Bailey takes a hard look at the subject of signing off on defective parts and components that were never inspected. When we read news of fraud committed by NDT personnel, we may find ourselves quite shocked and in disbelief. With so many ethics violations occurring, we must take a moment to ask ourselves what would drive an NDT technician to knowingly commit fraud. [read: 4 min]

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Test Your Knowledge!

The following Level II question is from the new edition of the ASNT Questions & Answers Book: Visual Testing (VT), available for purchase at The Source.


When using a rigid borescope, the image will be transported from the surface to be inspected to the operator’s eye by:

  1. a train of optic lenses
  2. an empty tube with reflecting inner surface
  3. an optical light guide
  4. any type of glass-fiber bundle

Answer at the bottom of the email.

Boeings quality control under scrutiny.

New Whistleblower Claims Put Boeing's Quality Control Under More Scrutiny

A Boeing quality engineer went public Tuesday with damaging allegations that the jet-maker took manufacturing shortcuts to increase production rates that leave potentially serious structural flaws on its 787 and 777 wide-body planes. [read: 10 min]

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The NDT Skills Gap

The challenges that NDT faces are no different than any other skilled trades that lack good competent people to fill the gap of an aging niche profession. The societal inclination toward four-year degrees and diverting attention from vocational education programs has reduced the enrollment across the United States. This trend has had a tremendous effect on NDT where specialized knowledge, hands-on skills, and certifications are required. Read more in this article by Eddie Pompa. [read: 3 min]

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"Test Your Knowledge" Answer: a. a train of optic lenses.

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