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September–October 2022
Welcome to the newest issue of The NDT Technician (TNT)! In this bimonthly email, we round up the latest news and resources especially curated for the NDT inspector. Have a suggestion or feedback? Contact the editor, Jill Ross, at  
NDT inspector integrity and professionalism
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
I Just Want My Certs, Bro!
Maybe it comes out as, “Can we just pass it?” or “Is it good enough to send it?” or “Does it really need the repairs?” but if you have been in the NDT industry for a while, you have probably heard some form of this phrase. What can we do when this pressure is on? 
[read: 7 min].
NDT Overview: An Introduction to Phased Array
Ultrasonic phased array (PA) testing uses multiple ultrasonic elements and electronic time delays to generate and receive ultrasound, creating beams by constructive and destructive interference. As such, PA offers significant technical advantages over conventional single-probe UT: the phased array beams can be steered, scanned, swept, and focused electronically. [read: 6 min] 
Technician Survey
Technician Survey
Please click here to complete a 4-minute survey about NDT technicians for a chance to win one of 15 Amazon gift cards worth $25.
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Aerial robotic systems and contact-based ultrasonic thickness
Solving Shielding Problems
The Rise of Aerial 
UT and Drones
Learn how aerial robotic systems are used for contact-based ultrasonic thickness measurements in the field. Drones can help inspectors perform automated exterior UT inspections of aboveground storage tank shells in hazardous locations and increase the inspector’s safety on the job. 
[watch: 52 min] 
Tech Tip: Solving 
Shielding Problems
In field radiography, shielding is an important part of a radiographer’s job. Shielding is considered to be any material that reduces the primary radiation intensity to less than what it would be without it—for example, a collimator, truck, wall, trash can, etc.—providing that there is enough of it to reduce the radiation intensity. Here’s how to know how effective your existing shielding is before setting up an exposure. [read: 3 min]
NDE 4.0 Revolution
Field Metallography Replication
Are You Ready for 
the NDE 4.0 Revolution?
One way to begin your NDE 4.0 journey is to learn as much as you can. The new book from ASNT,  The World of NDE 4.0: Let the Journey Begin, provides a great primer for inspectors to think through both the challenges and immense potential of NDE 4.0 and evaluate their readiness for the next revolution. In this episode of Chat NDT with ASNT, authors Ripi Singh, PhD, and Johannes Vrana, PhD, discuss their book and implications for the NDT community. [listen: 43 min] 
Identifying Cracks Using 
Field Metallography Replication
Once cracks are found, the next steps include making repair decisions. Yet the gap between discovering and solving the problem is often complicated by the lack of information about the damage. Whether fatigue cracks, corrosion cracks, manufacturing flaws, creep, graphitization, or high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA), each requires a different solution. Field replication can be used to nondestructively identify crack types and damage modes. 
[watch: 55 min] 
ASNT Award Nomination Deadlines
Awards and Honors Nomination Deadlines
ASNT is accepting nominations for six awards and honors with nomination deadlines occurring soon. Do not miss this chance to nominate someone you believe would be a worthy recipient of these awards and honors!
Attend a Technicians Committee Meeting
Show Off Your UT Inspection Skills in Nashville!
Attend a Technicians 
Committee Meeting
Make your voice heard! Getting involved with an ASNT committee is the best way to help contribute to ASNT’s strategic agenda, not to mention it’s a great way to network with likeminded NDT professionals. The Technicians Resource Development Committee (formerly Technicians Advisory Committee) is meeting virtually on 20 September at 1:00 p.m. ET. There is no qualification to attend or join. Help us shape the programs and service offerings for technicians like yourself!
Show Off Your UT 
Inspection Skills in Nashville!
ASNT is launching its first-ever ultrasonic inspection testing (UT) competition in conjunction with ASNT 2022: The Annual Conference with US$1000 in prize money up for grabs! Learn more and register today! 
QA Quips by Eddie Pompa
QA Quips. The NDT Technician.
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