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November 2023

Welcome to a new month of The NDT Technician newsletter, a roundup of the latest news and resources specially curated for the nondestructive testing (NDT) inspector. Have a suggestion or feedback? Contact Haley Cowans at   

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Help ASNT Spread 

Awareness of NDT

We know that NDT work is crucial to so many aspects of life—but we also know that not enough people know about the importance of NDT and its potential as a career path. This video is designed to spread awareness of NDT and encourage the next generation of practitioners. We encourage everyone to share this video widely to help ASNT advocate for this important industry.

[watch: 5 min]


The Basics 

of PAUT Weld Inspection

The webinar delves into the principles, benefits, and real-world examples of using PAUT for weld inspection, showcasing its ability to enhance precision, efficiency, and reliability in ensuring structural integrity. The presentation will provide a solid foundation for understanding its crucial role in welding quality control.

[watch: 1 hour]

NDT and Underwater Pipeline Infrastructure

Ensuring the Sustainability 

of Crucial Underwater 

Pipeline Infrastructure

Over 190 000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines exist within the US, 40 000 miles of which rest beneath bodies of water. Ensuring their structural integrity is paramount to avoiding catastrophic environmental, safety, and economic consequences. This article, published in Tube & Pipe Technology, is written by Joshua de Monbrun, CEng, chair of ASNT’s Underwater NDT Committee. [read: 7 min]

NDT: Safeguarding Essential Dams

NDT: Safeguarding Essential Dams

As America’s reliance on dams for water management and energy generation grows, NDT emerges as the silent hero safeguarding these critical structures. In this article published on International Water Power and Dam Constructionmagazine, John Pariseau revealing the indispensable role of NDT in maintaining the resilience and safety of hydraulic structures. [read: 10 min]

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QA Quips by Eddie Pompa

Build Success by Building Soft Skills

Build Success 

by Building Soft Skills

Certified Welding Inspectors Scott Witkowski and Dustin Brungardt share their insights and point out the importance of mastering not just technical skills, but also the crucial soft skills required in welding and related industries. [read: 2 min]


Astronaut John Herrington Carried a Piece of Native American History to Space

When astronaut John Herrington made his voyage to space aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour’s STS-113 mission, he became the first Native American in space. An enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation, Herrington carried its flag on his 13-day trip to space, as well as several personal items with him. Among those items was this traditional flute. [read: 1 min]

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This year’s Giving Tuesday is November 28, and you can help support crucial NDT research and strengthen the NDT workforce by donating to the ASNT Foundation. Many employers will match Giving Tuesday donations. Thank you for your support!

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