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ANSI-ASNT ILI-PQ Interpretations

The following interpretations of ILI-PQ were issued by the SDC Interpretation Subcommittee and approved by the SDC. These responses clarify the intent of ANSI/ASNT ILI-PQ-2005.

Inquiry 11-1

Regarding paragraph 8.2.1, is near-vision acuity to be assessed every year or every three years?


The near-vision acuity test in 8.2.1 is intended to be annual.

Inquiry 09-1

In the ANSI/ASNT ILI-PQ-2005 standard,

  1. Could you clarify the subjects to be covered to satisfy the Level III education requirements?
  2. Can experience be used in place of formal education for the qualification of Level IIIs?
  3. Is formal education mandatory for Level IIIs?


  1. Level III training should cover the subjects listed in paragraphs 5.2.3 and 5.3.3 in Section 5.0 and the topics listed in the titles of Tables A1 through 7B. More specific details on such training can be found in the documents listed in Section 2.0, Applicable References, Codes, Standards, Specifications and Regulations.
  2. No. The formal education requirements listed in the Level III Education column in Tables A1 - 7B are mandatory (the asterisks are defined in the notes on page 18).
  3. See response to (2) above.

Inquiry 05-1

Does an outside agency have the authority to certify an employee or is the employer responsible for certifying their employees?


No - An outside agency does not have the authority to certify an employee, the ultimate responsibility for certification rests with the employer. Paragraph 9.4 specifically states that "If outside agencies are used, the responsibility for certification shall be retained by employer."