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Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing


Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A: Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing (2016) provides guidelines for employers wishing to establish in-house certification programs. SNT-TC-1A establishes the general framework for a qualification and certification program. In addition, the document provides recommended educational, experience and training requirements for the different test methods.


SNT-TC-1A (2016) is sold as a package with ANSI/ASNT CP-105: Training Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Personnel (2016). Go to ShopASNT to purchase in hard copy.


Full text of Interpretations of SNT-TC-1A are available in Interpreting SNT-TC-1A, 2016 Edition. This publication is also accessible in the NDT Resource Center for members only. 

SNT-TC-1A Review Committee

Michael J. Ruddy, Chair
Thom Schafer, Vice Chair
Michael W. Allgaier
Alfred L. Broz
Robert E. Cameron
Eugene J. Chemma
James E. Cox
David L. Culbertson
Claude D. Davis
Nat Y. Faransso
Karl Fogleman
Darrell W. Harris
Gary Heath
R. Keith Holt
Morteza K. Jafari
Jim F. Kelly
Ronald W. Kruzic
Charles P. Longo, ex officio
Joseph L. Mackin
Walter R. Matulewicz
Michael E. McDaniel
Raymond G. Morasse
Ricky L. Morgan
William J. Norton, Jr.
Matthew L. Patience
Mark R. Pompe
Robert J. Potter
Kirit V. Smart
Marvin W. Trimm
Ray R. Tsukimura
Roland J. Valdes
David J. Vigne