ASNT Structure: Board of Directors and Committees

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing is governed by a board of directors and national officers. The Society is organized into councils which govern issues related to 1) Technical and Education, 2) Research, 3) Section Operations and 4) Certification. These councils meet regularly to achieve the goals and objectives of the overall organization.

Those interested in becoming involved with an ASNT committee should fill out this online form. For additional questions, you may call ASNT Membership Services at 1-800-222-2768 or email

The Board of Directors is the governing body of ASNT.

The Board establishes ASNT’s mission and strategic direction. The Board authorizes policies in support of the Society’s Bylaws, and provides oversight on financial matters. The Board also monitors the performance of Society programs, and ensuring legal and ethical compliance.

The Board of Directors is composed of:

  • at least ten elected directors, four of whom are nominated by the councils,
  • the elected national officers (chair, president, vice president and secretary/treasurer,
  • the ASNT executive director (Ex Officio, without vote)

The election of ASNT directors and national officers is ratified at the Annual Business Meeting held at the ASNT Annual Conference.

ASNT Board of Director Meeting Minutes

ASNT Annual Business Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors

L Terry Clausing - Chairperson of the Board
Kevin Smith - President
David Bajula - Vice President
David Mandina - Secretary / Treasurer
Mohammed AbuFour - Director At Large
Brenda Collins - Director At Large
B Boro Djordjevic - Director At Large
Cindy Finley - Director At Large
David Hall - Director At Large
Michael McGloin - Director At Large
Robert Saunders - Director At Large
Flynn Spears - Director At Large
John Turner - Director At Large
Marwan Basrawi - Council Director
Tsuchin Chu - Council Director
William Plumstead, Jr - Council Director
David Savoy - Council Director
Arnold Bereson - Executive Director

Board of Directors Committees

Operations Committee

Standing Committees

Audit Committee
Business and Finance Committee
Exhibitors Committee
Financial Awards Committee
Governance Committee
Joint Council Committee
Non-Financial Recogntion Committee
Past Presidents Committee
Publications Review Committee
Selection Committee
Standards Development Committee
Strategic Planning Committee

Ad Hoc Committees and Task Groups


Members and nonmembers are invited to become active in a council and may do so by contacting the appropriate council chair. Council, division and committee meetings are usually held during ASNT's Research Symposium and Annual Conference.

Certification Management Council
Research Council
Section Operations Council
Technical & Education Council